Inventory of Chinese football players who changed positions, many full-backs became famous for this

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Deng Zhuoxiang has disappeared from the fans’ sight for a long time. People's memories of him mostly remain in breaking the South Korean team’s gate and his shocking free kick. In fact, Deng Zhuoxiang played a full-back position when he debuted. In the 2005 World Junior Championships, Deng Zhuoxiang was selected as the final list. At the time, he was still a left-back in the World Junior Championships. In the game against Peru, he relied on a long shot to break through Peru's gate. With this ball, China defeated Peru 1-0 and eventually qualified for the group. At that time, he was also called "Chinese Carlos" by the media.

In 2006, in the league, Deng Zhuoxiang began to change to the front midfielder position, and his technical and visual advantages began to gradually play out. In 2009, after Gao Hongbo took office as the national team, he gave him the No. 10 jersey, but Deng Zhuoxiang lived up to his expectations. In the East Asian semi-finals against South Korea, Deng Zhuoxiang scored a goal with three of them and then played against France. In the game, he asked the coach to postpone his replacement, and freed a lift ball to break through the gate of Lloris. In that game, China beat France 1-0.

Tao Wei-full-back changed to play midfielder

In addition to this, there are many changes from full-back An excellent example of playing midfield, Tao Wei of Beijing Guoan, he was the main left-back when Jianlibao was studying in Brazil. After returning to China, when Peter led the team in the early days of Guoan, Tao Wei even played the left center of the three-back. The defender, but with his excellent technical and organizational skills, in 2003, Tao Wei changed to play the midfielder, and since then became the core of the midfielder of Guoan.

Xie Feng--forward changing to full back This is one example. Originally in Guoan, Xie Feng played as a forward. He scored 11 goals in the first year of the league in 1994. In the commercial game Guoan defeated AC Milan, Xie Feng also scored a goal. The following year, with Gao Hongbo's return to Guoan, Jin Zhiyang decided to change Xie Feng to full-back in order to give full play to his speed characteristics. This change did allow Xie Feng to show his advantages and ran 50 in the match against Tianjin. Mi scored a goal and is still a man. Since then, he entered the national team for the first time at the age of 30.

Wang Gang--forward changes to full-back

In the history of Beijing Guoan, in addition to Xie Feng, Wang Gang is also one of the models for forwards to play as defenders. At first he was a forward when he was studying abroad in Portugal and the National Olympics. Due to his tall stature and excellent physical fitness, Blazevic recruited him to the Olympic qualifying game against Oman and made him a single center forward. However, he did not show his own abilities and characteristics. He was sent off after halftime. Since then, he has also missed the Guozihao.

After returning to China, he only played the position of winger in Shandong Luneng. During his period of playing, he began to play as a full-back, and won the favor of Guoan, who lacks full-backs. In terms of position, his fast speed and excellent physical fitness showed his characteristics to the fullest, and he completely exploded in the AFC Champions League match with Urawa Ruby. After the game Urawa coach Oliveira sighed, "Guoan’s No. 38 player (Wang Gang) almost beat Urawa, but we still held the score. It’s not easy."

Li Bing--the full-back changed to a forward

Li Bing was originally a side Defender, in the 1992 Asian Cup, Li Bing was recruited by Schlappner into the national team and participated in the event as the main left back. In the first game against Saudi Arabia, Li Bing played for the teamScore a goal. However, because it has been repeatedly broken through, in this cup, Li Bing also gained a nickname, "the left back who is most likely to be broken."

The professional league started in 1994. Li Bing was placed in the center position by the Liaoning coach Wang Hongli, but he did not expect to become famous. In the first year of the professional league, Li Bing scored 10 league goals and won that year’s Chinese footballer. In the 1998 Denas Cup East Asian Final Four, the Chinese team defeated the Japanese team 2-0 with two goals from Li Bing. This was also the last time that the Chinese national team defeated the Japanese team.

In fact, in addition to these players, there are many players who have played multiple positions and have also achieved success. Fan Zhiyi, who used to play mainly as a central defender, was in 1995 in Xu Genbao’s liberation of Fan Zhiyi’s decision. He appeared on the front line and scored 15 goals and won the best scorer. Since then, Xu Yunlong, the meritorious captain of Beijing Guoan, actually debuted as a forward and then played as a full-back. He also had a trick card in the game against Brazil in 2002. The scene of Lowes, and then with the growth of age and experience, Xu Yunlong also fixed in the position of central defender.

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