Evergrande "giving up foreign aid" broke out last night! The Russian Super League made 2 goals: become Russia's naturalization target! _ Mobile NetEase

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Due to the impact of the epidemic, the five major European leagues have all been suspended. This weekend has become the "quiet weekend" in European football. However, not all leagues have been suspended. The Russian Premier League, which is going on as scheduled, has become The event that fans are most concerned about. In a key game last night, the 23-year-old former Chinese Super League foreign aid finally ushered in a big outbreak, passing shots and making two goals! He is also the current naturalization target of the Russian national football team. The Chinese Super League has lost another naturalizable star!

This is the Brazilian international Malcolm who previously played for Barcelona. Although Malcolm was selected for the Brazilian national team, But like the current Evergrande naturalized player Goulart, he has not represented the Brazilian national team in the A-level official competition, which also allows him to still have the qualifications to switch the association and play on behalf of other national teams. This naturalized player was once very close to the Chinese Super League Guangzhou Evergrande, but now he has become Russia's naturalized target!

As early as the beginning of last year, Guangzhou Evergrande tried its best to introduce strong foreign aid that Cannavaro wanted in Europe. Barça's unhappy Brazilian talented star Malcolm wanted to leave the team. Brazil's "Foss Sports" once pointed out that Evergrande had already set aside 50 million euros for the introduction of Malcolm. This has also aroused widespread concern among fans. The Spanish media "Marca" also stated that Malcolm rejected the offer from Everton in the Premier League. What he wants most to wait for is the official offer from Evergrande!

However, the "World Sports Daily" subsequently reported that Evergrande had disagreements on the introduction of Malcolm, and Kashuai wanted He was quickly signed, but the club hoped to bring in the 9th player. In the end Malcolm joined the Russian super giant Zenit in the summer transfer window! The transfer fee reaches 40 million euros! In the 22nd round of the Russian Super League last night, Malcolm finally ushered in a big explosion, sending a goal and an assist for the team to help the team beat the Urals 7-1!


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