Hu Jianping: Mineiro also has no hole card players, the result is disappointing

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Kongka and Gao Lin celebrate

Tencent Sports News from December 22, Beijing time , In the third place of the Club World Cup, Guangzhou Evergrande (

Weibo data) lost 2-3 to the Brazilian powerhouse Atletico Mineiro. Gui Bin and former Guoan player Hu Jianping were the commentators of Tencent Video. The game commented:

Evergrande lost the ball prematurely. In Hu Jianping’s view, Evergrande wanted to fight against the opponent. "This loss of points came too early for Evergrande, and it will be more later. Difficulty, as long as the South American team scores a goal, it is likely to be crazy. Zhang Linpeng's defense is half a beat slow. This time, is it going to fight against Bayern in terms of defense than against Bayern (

Official Weibo data) may be slack."

After Evergrande’s overtake score, Hu Jianping also hailed repeatedly, hoping that Evergrande could force the opponent’s state, "Can Evergrande use the overtake to force Mineiro In the state of competition, the opponent has only four guards defending, and the midfielder does not return to the defense. Moreover, seeing Konka and Murić earn so much money in China, they will definitely not make so much money in La Liga. The game is used as a window for display." At the same time, Hu Jianping also pointed out that Atletico Mineiro did not take Evergrande seriously, which can be seen from the state after the opening.

Ronaldinho performed his stunts before half-time, and Hu Jianping also praised him, "Romania is so amazing, the ball feels very, very talented, the ball speed and distance make Li Shuai (

Weibo) has no time for action. The happiness that football brings to Ronaldinho can be seen completely, and this is not visible in Kongka."

Hu Jianping also commented on the first half, “Hengda was scored without entering the state, and this goal also made Mineiro Athletic not pay much attention to Evergrande, and Ronaldinho’s show made the two teams back. At the same starting line, the performance behind Evergrande required Atletico Mineiro to play against Evergrande."

Zhang Linpeng played two in the penalty area in the second half. Although the referee refused to issue a penalty kick, Hu Jianping was still right. Zhang Linpeng's breakthrough was appreciated. Since then, Hu Jianping also pointed out that Mineiro’s competitive state is not the best, and Evergrande still has the upper hand in this regard. The gap between Team A is not very big. In addition to Ronaldinho, Atletico Mineiro could not find a player at the level of MVP Conca."

In the 87th minute, Ronaldinho was kicked with both feet. The red card was sent off directly. Hu Jianping believed that the referee’s sentence was completely correct. “This reflects that everyone is equal before the law. Ronaldinho is a foul against sportsmanship. However, Ronaldinho leaves the Club World Cup with such a red card. Regrettably, he is still a respectable player."

After the game, Hu Jianping also regretted the 2-3 loss. "The final result is still a bit disappointing, such a good situation. Ronaldinho's sending off was a surprise to Evergrande, but Evergrande did not seize this opportunity. However, appearing on the world arena is still encouraging to Chinese football."


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