The Spanish national team striker came to Beijing Guoan with a questioning voice

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The Spanish League teams have many famous players, so many Spanish teams have performed well in the past few seasons. However, recently, the famous Spanish team Palmas Marstone decided to send Vieira to China's Beijing Guoan team to play. After this news was announced, it attracted a lot of people's attention. Many people think that the Spanish player Vieira plays completely differently from the Chinese players. If he comes to play in the Super League, Beijing Guoan's tactics and overall coordination will be disrupted. There are also many Beijing Guoan fans worried about Beijing Guoan's performance next season.

Vieira football is very unique. I noticed Vieira’s habit of dribbling the ball with his right foot, and his passing frequency is stronger than other players. With this ability, he is definitely better than many players. However, Vieira is not as famous as the other players in the Spanish team, but not as popular as other players. The game that really made Vieira's popularity rise was in the second round of La Liga, where Vieira scored three times with his own dribble, allowing his team to win.

Vieira is not only a pioneer of Beijing Guoan, but also aroused the attention of the Spanish national team fans. At first, when Beijing Guoan announced that Vieira would join Beijing Guoan, many fans were worried about Vieira's playing style. Friends who like to watch football should know that the game mechanism of La Liga and the Chinese Super League is completely different. La Liga players are not like Chinese players when they train and play. Therefore, fans of Beijing Guoan were worried about whether they would advance and retreat together with Beijing Guoan. Many problems were endless at the time.

When he played for Spain, his ability was valued by many senior La Liga clubs. Unfortunately, he was signed by the club at the time, which prevented many senior leaders from bringing Biellara into their own team. Vieira has played for many teams, but his performance in La Liga when he was in Valencia was not satisfactory. At that time, many fans who liked Valencia saw Vieira's performance on the stadium, and did not think that Vieira could bring Valencia more good results in future games. However, after Vieira entered Guoan, these voices continued.

After Biella was selected for his team, Beijing Guoan also released his training video and found him in The state of training is still very good. And Vieira has gradually become accustomed to the training method of the Chinese team, and he also said that all fans will not be disappointed in the next game.

I think if players like Biella can help Beijing and Guoan achieve better results in the future , Then the rankings of Beijing and Guoan in the Chinese Super League will definitely rise a lot. I believe that many people should have the same idea as me and look forward to his performance in the Super League


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