The most beautiful football club emblem: Evergrande ranks sixth, Barcelona Real Madrid loses the list

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Original title: The most beautiful football club emblem: Evergrande ranks sixth and Barcelona Real Madrid loses the list

On October 1, Beijing time, British media played against global football club teams The emblem made an aesthetic comparison. In the end, Ajax from the Eredivisie became the most beautiful team emblem, while Guangzhou Evergrande from the Chinese Super League became sixth. Giants like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Manchester United and other giants are not on the list.

The most beautiful club emblem: Ajax tops the list

The name of the Ajax club and The source of the team emblem is the hero "Ajax-Ajax" in ancient Greek mythology. The head portrait in the team emblem is Ajax in ancient Greek mythology, which is very meaningful. British media believe that the emblem of this Dutch giants is the most beautiful of all football clubs in the world.

The team emblem of the Lampang FC from Thailand consists of a coachman and a horse, ranking second; the German Cologne club is a goat, ranking third; followed by Sampdoria, Italy and Guarda, Mexico La Hara University Club.

The Evergrande team logo is ranked 6th.

There is a team from the Chinese Super League on this list. Guangzhou Evergrande ranked sixth. Guangzhou Evergrande is the absolute overlord of the Chinese Super League, and its team logo is also full of domineering. A roaring South China tiger jumped out of the burning flames. The periphery of the team emblem became a larger shield. The top of the shield was designed as a crown. At the same time, the shield read "BE THE BEST FOREVER. The strongest)" slogan, all of which represent the domineering and determination of Evergrande Club to sweep the football world.

Liverpool ranks among the top ten

Among the giants, Liverpool’s team logo ranks 10th, and Lee The bird is the symbol of the city emblem of Liverpool, which is very distinctive. The Club of Rome ranked 14th, marked by a wolf feeding a baby. The Inter Milan club ranks 19th. The logo in the middle is a combination of I, M, F, and C, which is the abbreviation of the club name. Giants such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Manchester United have not made the top 20.

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