U23 monthly exam: one person accidentally loses the national title, SIPG Shenhua has the least total time

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Reported by reporter Chen Yong

On the 24th, the Chinese U23 national team and the Syrian U23 national team had a A warm-up match ended in a 1-1 draw.

A total of 29 players were recruited for the U23 national team training, including 12 players from the 95-year-old (including 96-year-old) and 17 players after the 97-year-old. In addition, U23 players Liu Yiming, He Chao, Deng Hanwen and Wei Shihao were selected for the Chinese national team.

In the three rounds of the Chinese Super League, U23 players must be one of the focuses. The match against the Syrian U23 team is the first time for the U23 national team to review after the U23 New Deal was fully implemented in the league. For the performance of U23 players in the first three rounds, data can be used to truly reflect their situation. To be sure, the effectiveness of U23 players this season is a key factor in determining the direction of league results. If you dare to use it, you must know how to use it. U23 players will always be the biggest boost for the team's progress.

Because of the more demanding U23 In the New Deal, the number of U23 players in the Super League in 2018 has greatly increased compared to the 2017 season. The U23 national team also has more room for selection, and the future Olympic team also has a more solid player base.

The current top three U23 players Gao Jiarun, Luo Hao and Long Cheng are not selected for the national team, U23 national team, but Liu Yiming, He Chao, Huang Zhengyu ranked 4th to 11th , Cao Yongjing, Huang Zichang, Yao Junsheng, Gao Zhunyi and Wei Shihao were selected for the national team or the U23 national team respectively.

In addition, among the U23 players who had a lot of overtime in the first three rounds, Gao Tianyi, Wang Jinxian, Liu Yue, Yang Fan, Liu Boyang, Chen Ji, Yang Liyu, Zhou Dadi, Cao Dong, Liu Junshuai, Xu Tianyuan, Zhang Lingfeng, Zhu Zhengyu were not selected for the national team and the U23 national team. Deng Hanwen, Liu Ruofan, Liu Yang, Hu Jinghang, Chen Binbin, Button and other 6 players were selected for the national team or the U23 national team.

Among the top 30 U23 players in playing time, a total of 14 are selected for the national team or U23 In the national team, 16 people were not selected for the national team or the U23 national team, but some of them were selected for the U21 selection team that is training and playing in Changsha.

You can use data to comprehensively evaluate the overall performance of U23 players:

Statistics on offense. In terms of the number of goals, selected Wei Shihao scored 2 goals, Suning's Huang Zichang and Renhe's Cao Yongjing each scored 1 goal, they are currently in the U23 national team, in addition to Zhu Zhengyu scored 1 goal.

The top 6 U23 shooting rankings are Cao Yongjing (7 times), Gao Jiarun (6 Times), Huang Zichang (6 times), Yao Junsheng, Gao Tianyi, Liu Yue (4 times), Gao Jiarun and Gao Tianyi were not selected for the national team or the U23 national team.

The top 5 passing rankings are He Chao (188 times), Liu Yiming (129 times), Gao Jiarun (122 times), Huang Zhengyu (104 times) and Micro Motion (98 times) , And only Gao Jiarun was not selected.

The top 6 steals are He Chao (17 times), Cao Yongjing (14 times), Long Cheng (12 times), Liu Yue (11 times), Gao Jiarun, Liu Yang ( 9 times), Long Cheng, Liu Yue and Gao Jiarun did not enter the national team or the U23 national team.

The top 5 are He Chao (31220 meters), Gao Jiarun (29493 meters), Luo Hao (29,157 meters), Cao Yongjing (29077 meters), Liu Yiming (27740 meters). Of course, this statistic is related to playing time, but He is fifth in overtime and first in total running rankings, definitely one. A model of active running and serious competition.

The top five high-intensity running rankings: Cao Yongjing (2048 meters), Yao Junsheng (1864 meters), He Chao (1827 meters), Huang Zichang (1722 meters), Deng Hanwen (1279) M), among them, Cao Yongjing, who played 7th in minutes, ranked first, and Yao Junsheng, who played 9th in minutes, ranked second, showing their personal abilities and excellent physical conditions.

In general, the selection criteria for the national team and the U23 national team are still based on the player's personal ability as the main criterion. At the same time, data is also an important criterion.

Only Gao Jiarun’s defeat is a bit surprising. He is the first in playing time and the shooting rankings. Second, the second in the passing ranking, the fourth in the stealing ranking, and the second in the total running ranking. In terms of comprehensive data, he is undoubtedly very shiny. His loss may be because of his midfielder or In the guard position, the U23 national team is full of talents. For example, in this match against the Syrian U23 national team, the partners of Yao Junsheng and Chen Zhechao performed quite well.

When it comes to individual player performance, Wei Shihao, Yao Junsheng, Huang Zichang and Cao Yongjing are the top four young players.

Needless to say, Wei Shihao has scored 2 world waves in the league and has now become the main player of the national team.

Yao Junsheng was originally the midfield organizer of the U23 national team, and more importantly, as Luneng U23 is the main starting player. He has already achieved three consecutive victories with the team. Among them, he beat Guoan 3-0, Chongqing 2-0, and China Fortune 2-1. With such a strong opponent, Yao Junsheng's performance can be circled. It’s worth noting that in the China U23 and Syria U23 match, Yao Junsheng also scored in the wonderful world wave.

Huang Zichang is the first U23 player to score goals in the 2018 season. The key is that everyone who has watched his game has a very good impression of him. He dares to fight and has good personal abilities. , The forward position is also a more troublesome position for the U23 national team, he is naturally very competitive.

Cao Yongjing was originally an excellent player in the 97-year-old group. After training in the Chinese Premier League, he is now in the Chinese Super League. At the beginning of the season, he was a hot spot for clubs to buy. His performance made him even hotter. Other U23 players such as How Chao, Liu Yiming, Deng Hanwen, and Micro Motion are all relatively stable.

For the Chinese Super League, the U23 New Deal The merits and demerits are no longer meaningful for discussion. Then in reality, look at the impact of this New Deal on the various Super League teams.

At present, the league has only gone through three rounds, and we can’t fully conclude. Now we can only base on the performance of the U23 players in each team, the impact on the team’s formation, and the ball Analysis of team points and other situations. There is no doubt that the reserve and application of U23 players in each team plays an extremely critical role in their record in the league.

Luneng, the third-ranked U23 player in playing time, is the benchmark among them. As we all know, when the league has not yet started, almost everyone is not optimistic about Luneng's prospects. The reason is simple. Luneng has not expanded its lineup, has not introduced domestic and foreign players, and has also used local coach Li Xiaopeng. This is natural. This brought more doubts. However, after the third round of the league, Luneng won three consecutive victories. There were multiple factors. However, after defeating Hebei Huaxia 2-1, Li Xiaopeng himself admitted that Luneng was used by U23 players. Advantage is an important factor in determining the outcome.

So far, Luneng has used 5 U23 players, of which Yao Junsheng and Liu Yang have always been the starters In the game against China Fortune, Liu Junshuai also started. In this game, Luneng used the starting strategy of 3 foreign aids and 3 U23 players. In the game, these three U23 players performed very well. In addition, Luneng successively in the first league4 U23 players were used.

So far, Luneng has a total of 5 U23 players including Yao Junsheng, Liu Yang, Liu Junshuai, Chen Zhechao and Li Hailong. In addition to Liu Junshuai, the other four were selected for the U23 national team.

Luneng is reaping the results brought about by their long-term adherence to the youth training, while Guangzhou Evergrande, which has introduced and implemented "usage doctrine", has encountered some problems.

At the beginning of the season, Guangzhou Evergrande has successively introduced two U23 internationals, Deng Hanwen and Yang Liyu, as well as Tang poetry. An excellent U23 player, the outside world judged that Evergrande is comfortable with U23 players, but in fact Evergrande did not benefit from it:

The first game against R&F, Evergrande started Deng Hanwen and Yang Liyu, two U23 players, replaced Hu Ruibao on the bench, and the team suffered a defeat. In the second game, Evergrande started with Yang Liyu, and Deng Hanwen and Feng Boxuan came off the bench. They played in the 71st and 78th minutes; it was the third game. , Evergrande still used a starting U23, but changed to Deng Hanwen, Tang Shi and Deng Yubiao came off the bench, playing time was in the 79th and 86th minutes.

Evergrande has become more and more cautious in dealing with U23 policies, which shows that they are stretched out in the use of U23 players. Although Evergrande won the two games, it was because of "3 (foreign aid) + 1 (U23)" starting policy, the team has very little room for adjustment. Once the record is unfavorable, Cannavaro is destined to be restrained in adjustments.

"Using the doctrine" seems good, but whether it can fit in hand or not, it's two different things. .

The previously unpopular TEDA and Renhe currently ranked 8th and 9th are also related to their relative ample use of U23 players. TEDA’s Gao Jiarun is very reassuring, human and full It is even more wise to keep Cao Yongjing.

The results are quite good, but it is the most timid in the use of young players. It is Shanghai SIPG. Shanghai SIPG, ranked first in the league, is currently ranked last in the U23 in terms of playing time. One, a total of 227 minutes, if calculated on the basis of 3 games with 9 people, each averaging 25 minutes per game, Hu Jinghang, who was so victorious last season, also "has a lot of people."

However, despite being at the bottom of the U23 player playing time, SIPG’s strong strength And the configuration of foreign aid still guarantees its results. What makes SIPG fans even more gratified is that Chen Binbin's performance in the last game may help SIPG change its embarrassing situation.

In the AFC qualification competition, in addition to Evergrande and SIPG, there are also China Fortune Land Development, Beijing Guoan, Shandong Luneng, Tianjin Quanjian and Guangzhou R&F. U23 players are also the main component of the battle. In this regard, Luneng has the strongest personnel. The other teams have a assured U23 player, namely Wei Shihao, Gao Zhunyi, Liu Yiming and Huang Zhengyu, but the situation of U23 players in other positions It's hard to be satisfied.

The key point is Tianjin Quanjian. They are ranked second in the U23 players' playing time, but their record is very bad, 1 win and 2 losses. This is related to their U23 policy being too aggressive. U23 players Ability and experience have not fully met the needs of the team and the game, resulting in the team’s current low ranking in the league. In the future, the methods used by U23 players may be adjusted to find a balance between performance and the use of young players. point.

The existence of Gao Zhunyi guarantees the strength of Huaxia U23 players, while R&F and Guoan take caution Attitude, the current U23 total playing time rankings are 12th and 14th respectively. However, this move by R&F and Guoan is a short-term effect. In order to maintain a stable record in the future, it is very important to find the second U23 player who can be used for a long time (more than 45 minutes in the first serve) as soon as possible. Otherwise, a coach will not respond to the spot on the spot. It will affect the team's performance in the second half of the game, and the record will naturally not be stable for a long time.

Shenhua is also a traditional strong team, but it is in a poor situation this season. At present, they are ranked second to last in U23, but their team strength is far inferior to SIPG. The future development is worthy of attention.


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