Cannavaro, how can you do, holding the football coach's fourth-year salary in the world, are you not ashamed?

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Today, football coaches have the highest annual salary in the entire world of football Here are these 5:

The first highest: La Liga Atletico Club coach Simeone, with an annual salary of 41 million euros

The second highest: Premier League Manchester City club coach Gua Diola, with an annual salary of 24 million euros

The third highest: La Liga FC Barcelona coach Valverde, with an annual salary of 23 million euros

Fourth highest: Super League Evergrande club coach Cana Varo, with an annual salary of 15 million euros

The fifth highest: the head coach of the Chinese Super League Dalian Club Benitez, with an annual salary of 13.4 million euros

Among the top five football coaches in the world, Simeone, Guardiola, Benítez, and Balve Although some of these four people have been controversial in their performance in recent years, it is undeniable that they are all world-class coaches with many years of coaching experience, and most of them have won extremely high honors in the world of football! And in this list of the top five high-paid coaches in world football, Cannavaro is the most inconsistent!

Although Benitez’s annual salary of 13.4 million euros is due to his Part of the premium is due to work, but Benitez’s qualifications lie there. He’s got this high salary in the Super League and I believe no one will dissatisfied it! But Cannavaro is different, because from various signs, Cannavaro entered Guangzhou Evergrande twice not because of his coaching ability, but because of various exchanges of interests and games!

Cannavaro’s coaching ability? Please, he will be the executive head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande Club in November 2014, and Lippi will be the head coach. Lippi announced his resignation in February 2015 and Cannavaro was promoted to the head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande. But before coming to Guangzhou Evergrande, Cannavaro did not have any experience as a head coach. In other words, in 2015, boss Xu handed Guangzhou Evergrande, the Asian champion team, to a rookie coach! Is there anything behind this?

It's actually very simple, everything is because of Lippi! Lippi served as the head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande in the past few years and helped the team win a lot of honors, including the supreme AFC Champion! This allowed the Guangzhou Evergrande Club to give Lippi great rights, including the right to introduce foreign aid. But after the unsuccessful season in 2014, Liu Yongzhuo, general manager of Guangzhou Evergrande Club, decided to withdraw Lippi's right to introduce foreign aid. Liu Yongzhuo's move annoyed Lippi, and Lippi immediately planned to leave him!

Guangzhou Evergrande Club didn’t expect Lippi’s reaction to be so fierce. In order not to lose the “World Cup Champion Coach”, Guangzhou Evergrande Club tried to stay, but Lippi still did not change his mind. Lippi agreed to stay as the "head coach", and at the same time gave Guangzhou Evergrande Club two executive coach candidates, one is Ferrara, the other is Cannavaro!

Guangzhou Evergrande finally chose the more famous Cannavaro Acting as the executive coach of the team, although Cannavaro has no previous experience as the head coach of any professional team! Maybe it was Lippi’s resignation in February 2015, maybe almost half of Guangzhou Evergrande’s players suffered injuries in the first half of 2015, or maybe it was because of both. Liu Yongzhuo was in 2015. Half-year secretMi went to Brazil, met with the World Cup champion coach Scolari, and quickly expelled Cannavaro in June 2015 and announced Scolari as the head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande! Scolari served as the head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande for two and a half years. He is the head coach with the most championships in the history of Guangzhou Evergrande.

On October 26, 2015, Cannavaro served as the head coach of Saudi Arabia’s powerful Alnacer. In February 2016, Alnacer fired Cannavaro. This season, Al Nasser Cannavaro’s ranking finally fell from first to eighth in Cannavaro’s hands, and in just four months, Alnacer experienced a wave of injuries like Guangzhou Evergrande, and finally couldn’t bear it. Cannavaro expelled from the Alnacer club!

In June 2016, Cannavaro served in the Tianjin Quanjian Club at a critical moment. Taking up the position of head coach, Cannavaro used his personal charm of the world footballer to unite the team in distress, and finally helped Tianjin Quanjian to succeed! However, Tianjin Quanjian Club discovered in 2017 that although Cannavaro is very good at infecting his players with his personal charm, it is nothing more than that. His coaching ability and tactical level are still not good! So Tianjin Quanjian Club secretly contacted Paulo Sosa and replaced Cannavaro with Paulo Sosa at the end of 2017!

The reason why Guangzhou Evergrande added Cannavaro at the end of 2017 Please come back, personal guess should be for Lippi! Because at that time Lippi was serving as the head coach of the Chinese national team, and most of Lippi's salary was paid by the Guangzhou Evergrande Club. Guangzhou Evergrande, please go back to Cannavaro to enter the palace for the second time. This move is full of the meaning of getting closer to Lippi! Since Liu Yongzhuo withdrew Lippi’s right to introduce foreign aid a few years ago, and Liu Yongzhuo secretly contacted Scolari, and at the same time Liu Yongzhuo fired Cannavaro, it was a “coincidence” at the end of 2017. Liu Yongzhuo resigned from the post of General Manager of Guangzhou Evergrande Club. It has been almost 2 years. Although Liu Yongzhuo still works at Evergrande, he has never touched on football-related matters.

Guangzhou Evergrande Club gave Cannavaro 15 million euros The annual salary, and signed a five-year long-term contract, and the liquidated damages are as high as 50 million euros! This contract is really confusing! Because a rookie coach who has never proved himself can get such a big contract, it is extremely abnormal! However, thinking of Lippi behind it, he can barely explain it, and it can only be explained by this.

So, does Cannavaro deserve such a high salary? Now Cannavaro has coached Guangzhou Evergrande for two and a half years. Cannavaro has not brought any substantive championship to Guangzhou Evergrande. He is the only tasteless Super Cup champion. His predecessor Scolari’s qualifications are still left. Legacy. Scolari has also coached Guangzhou Evergrande for two and a half years. In these two and a half years, Scolari has won for Guangzhou Evergrande: 3 Super Cup champions, 1 FA Cup champion, 2 Super Cup champions, 1 time AFC Champion!

Cannavaro now has only one Chinese Super League champion left to fight for, but because His stubbornness caused the previous 7-point lead of the Chinese Super League to lead the second place by only 1 point. Although he won a relegation team in the last round and got back 3 points, many people, including Evergrande fans, did not. Optimistic about Cannavaro's ability to win this year's Super League championship. If Cannavaro can't win this year's Super League championship, then he will become the head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande team who has coached for two and a half years, but has not won any substantive championship!

Cannavaro, you rookie coach He Dehe Neng, even holding it Are you ashamed of the fourth annual salary in the world? Your results are so bad, but you have no intention of resigning at all. Are you planning to get Guangzhou Evergrande Club to fire you again, and then you are so happy to get the 50 million euros of liquidated damages?


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