World football coaches are among the top 20 in terms of annual salary, with 4 seats in the Super League! They make 350 million in one year in China

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On April 5, "German Transfer Market" announced the annual salary list of world football coaches. Simeone topped the list, Klopp and Mourinho did not make the top three, and the Super League coaches Cannavaro and Beni Tes entered the top 10, while the top 20 Super League coaches accounted for 4 places.

According to the statistics of the "German Transfer Market", Atletico Madrid coach Simeone has an annual salary of 40.5 million euros, The Times Confirmed that Simeone will cut his salary by 30% during the suspension of La Liga.

The world's second-highest annual salary coach turned out to be Conte. It has to be said that Zhang Kangyang, the post-90s owner of China, is too generous, but Conte is indeed the best choice for Inter. Neither Klopp nor Mourinho made the top five, while Zidane ranked sixth.

Evergrande coach Cannavaro And Dalian coach Benitez ranked 8th and 10th respectively, their annual salary of 14 million euros and 13 million euros.

60-year-old world marshal Ancelotti received an annual salary of 12 million euros in Everton, and failed to enter the world. 10 people.

Top 20 highest paid coaches in the world Among the names, the Super League occupies 4 seats. In addition to Cannavaro and Benitez, SIPG coach Pereira and Guoan coach Genesio ranked 15th and 20th respectively.

The four high-paying coaches in the Super League, Cannavaro, 15 million euros, Benitez 13 million euros, Pereira 10 million euros, and Genesio 8 million euros, total 46 million euros, equivalent to RMB 352 million.


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