The top ten coaches in world football's annual salary are released, and the Super League coaches Cannavaro and Benitez are selected

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Over the years, the popularity and attention of the Chinese Super League has become higher and higher. This is related to the large investment of various clubs. As long as there are big-name foreign aids and big-name coaches in the Super League, this will invisibly greatly increase the popularity of the Super League. If Without sufficient salary, these big-name coaches will not come. Recently, a top 10 annual salary of world football coaches was released, and two coaches of the Chinese Super League were selected.

The well-known media beINSports has released the top ten head coaches in the world football’s annual salary, ranked as follows: Euro: 1 Manchester City Guardiola 23 million, 2. Tottenham Mourinho 17.5 million, 3. Atletico Madrid Simeone 15 million, 4. Dalian Ren Benitez 13.5 million, 5. Guangzhou Evergrande Cannavaro 12 million , 6. Real Madrid Zidane 12 million, 7. Inter Milan Conte 11 million, 8. Liverpool Klopp 10.5 million, 9. Paris Saint-Germain Tuchel 9 million, 10. Everton Ancelotti 800 Million, 10. Bayern Frick 8 million.

Although the level of the Chinese Super League is far lower than that of the top five European leagues, there are two head coaches of the Chinese Super League. In the list, the head coach of the Dalian Professional Club Benitez ranked fourth in the world with an annual salary of 13.5 million euros, and the head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club Cannavaro ranked fifth in the world with 12 million euros, which also made the world football see. The financial resources of the Super League have also enhanced the Super League's reputation invisibly.


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