The annual salary rankings of the head coaches of the Super League teams!

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10th, Shijiazhuang Yongchang, Guterbi, 12.26 million

9th, Wuhan Zall, Jose, 24.52 million

8th, Shanghai Shenhua, Cui Kangxi, 35 million

No. 7, Shenzhen Kaisa, Donadoni, 40 million

No. 6, Jiangsu Suning, Olaruoyu, 50 million

5. Guangzhou R&F, Van Bronhorst, 60 million

Fourth, Shanghai SIPG, Pereira, 60 million

Third, Beijing Guoan, Genesio, 65 million

No. 2, Dalian, Benitez, 106 million

No. 1, Guangzhou Evergrande, Cannavaro, 114 million

At first glance, most people are familiar with foreign names with an annual salary of more than 10 million. The national football coach Li Tie has an annual salary of only more than 1 million, and the women's volleyball coach Lang Ping has an annual salary of only 2 million. I don't know how I feel about this. The imported ones are really expensive!

Several obvious characteristics can be seen in the list:

1. The top ten coaches with the highest annual salary are all foreign coaches. This is also the tradition of the Chinese Super League and the success of Evergrande. The experience is first, as long as you are willing to spend money, hire foreign coaches and foreign aid with high salaries, you will become an Asian giant. The Chinese Super League champions and the AFC Champions League are all in the pocket. Currently in the Super League, only Li Xiaopeng and Xie Feng are local coaches, and Henan Jianye is expected to hire foreign coaches;

2. The annual salary is above 10 million. Needless to say, Evergrande is also a giant that was comparable to Evergrande before. When it comes to hiring a head coach, it is natural not to lose ground. Suning and Kaisa are also rich and powerful. Other teams dare not save money on this point. The Chinese Super League has a famous saying: Don't play football without money! Looking at the previous momentum of Guangzhou Evergrande and Dalian Wanda, everyone should understand what kind of people play good football!

3. Evergrande Hengqiang! Evergrande has always been very arrogant when it comes to spending money to hire a head coach. Previously, Lippi was hired as the head coach and paid an annual salary of 150 million. After Lippi stepped down, Cannavaro of Lippi in Shicheng took over. 114 million is not too much pressure for Evergrande. After all, for a foreign aid Exxon can make an annual salary of 86 million, throwing a stone can not reveal the strength of Evergrande.

And Cannavaro’s qualifications are also here, the former captain of the Italian national team, World Cup champion, La Liga champion, The World Footballer, the European Ballon d'Or, almost occupies all the honors in the football world. However, some people questioned Cannavaro's lack of coaching experience, and it takes time to verify it!


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