The annual salary ranking of world coaches is released! Cannavaro ranks 8th in the world, a move that made Chinese fans like it_ Epidemic

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Original title: The annual salary ranking of world coaches is released! Cannavaro ranks 8th in the world, a move that made Chinese fans like it

Recently, the authoritative data network of football has announced the annual salary ranking of the world coaches. Among them, the grassroots team horse is ranked first. Competing Simeone, followed by Kong Er Lengzi and Gu Bald, coaches coaching the European giants. Surprisingly, Cannavaro from China Super League Evergrande actually squeezed into the top 10, ranking 8th with an annual salary of 14 million euros.

As the only overlord of the Chinese Super League, Evergrande is able to give the former Golden Globe defender such a generous salary, which is against the card. Maximum trust. Although many fans think that Cashuai is not worth so much money, it should be rare that football coaches can attend corporate culture courses. From this point of view, Cashuai is doing a good job. Moreover, Kashuai is a kind and righteous man, and even if he has money in his hands, he will want to help people in need. According to Spanish media, Cashuai donated 30,000 masks to his hometown of Naples to help fellow villagers fight against the new crown epidemic. Such a move was praised by the majority of Chinese fans.

Earned a lot, but donated a lot. Cannavaro can be said to be a high-quality football idol! Although Kashuai made the act of donating medical supplies, he himself is still in isolation. Based on the time he returned to Guangzhou, he should end the quarantine around March 27. Earlier, in an interview with Corbe Radio, Kashuai had praised China’s remarkable effectiveness in fighting the epidemic and a model for the world. He hoped that his motherland could follow suit and learn from it. This shows how much he cares about and cares about Italy and Naples. .

In fact, after Cannavaro had donated the mask, the Marca newspaper interviewed him. Kashuai said that people like him should reach out to help those in need. The implication is that he has made a good career as a coach in China. The epidemic situation in his hometown is so serious that he can help if he can help. I hope that the epidemic will pass soon so that normal life and work can be returned. Indeed, Kashuai is such a sincere person, worthy of learning from the players of the national football team, and also worthy of praise from the Chinese fans. What do you think about this?

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