China National Men's Football Team-Dong Shi Xiaoping

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At 21:00 on October 11, 2016, the Chinese team ushered in the fourth match of the 2018 World Cup Asian Finals, Uzbekistan. This is almost the last chance for the Chinese team, and it can also be said to be the last opponent to face in the top 12 matches, because failing to win the opponent means saying goodbye to the 2018 World Cup in advance. At present, since the Chinese team entered the top 12 matches, the first match against South Korea gave fans a glimmer of hope. Although the match was lost, it seems that this 3:2 score gave people a sense of comfort, at least they did their best. But in fact, from the perspective of the team as a whole, whether it is the players, coaches, or the so-called tactics, there is basically no improvement, or even completely lingering, that is, the final score makes everyone ignore many obvious problems. For example, in the selection of players, including Ren Hang's selection, starting, and other positions are not the best choice. Coupled with the change of formation, I started to play 5 defenders, wanted to defend and counterattack, and learn from Italy. There are many disadvantages. Of course, we can play five-backs and learn from Italy, but the premise is that similar players must also be imitated. We are not. After Gao Hongbo took office this time, the fans gave a lot of support, because Prior to this, Gao Hongbo led the team to a good record, and it was a pity to be replaced that year. But Gao Hongbo, who came back this time, had to admit that he made a fatal mistake, which was undoubtedly exposed in the next three games. First of all, the change in the formation made the players who had performed well in their respective positions become uncomfortable due to the change of positions, and were completely at a loss. The 5311 formation made the midfield almost out of control. It can be said that there is no midfield, and it is not for a few months. The players starting the game, the front midfielder playing the back midfielder, and so on, are a series of problems that indicate the outcome of the game.

If the head coach is irresponsible, then who can bear the responsibility? Including the game against Syria that just ended a few days ago, everyone is still playing actively. With so many of our players, you played a half-time substitute goalkeeper, plus a central defender captain with a cold and fever, let Hao Junmin go. Defensively playing midfielder, Gao Lin and Zhang Yuning are two strikers with almost the same characteristics in the front. Zhang Yuning has been relatively popular recently, but now it can be seen that he is good but he really has no explosive power, no speed, his The characteristic is that the card position grabs the first point, returns to the ball, and the characteristics of a point center. You have to fight back defensively. Who will fight back for you? Gao Lin? Or Hao Junmin, or Huang Bowen? What is Wu Lei doing sitting down? You don’t even fight back against the players. As the head coach, shouldn’t you be responsible? So in the past, fans would say how the Football Association didn’t understand and how to interfere. Is Gao Hongbo responsible as the head coach this time, or is it because the Football Association forced Gao Hongbo? A team that has completely lost its combat effectiveness.

It's not about how the local coach is, but at least this time he is responsible. It may be because of the European Cup. Due to the lack of absolute stars for the Italian team than before, they began to play their own advantages, defending, making the defense to the extreme, and then using the opportunity to counterattack, and achieved good results during the European Cup. Well, the Chinese team has started a new round of learning. It has become a five-guard and also started to fight back. Then the four-back can't fight back? Can't defend? Italy’s third-centre defender is 352, which is the best way to do it. For what, because you don’t have the qualifications to play a five-back. You even changed some scientific rules to enforce your five-back system forcibly. In those few years when Barcelona was invincible, how Real Madrid dealt with it was also a defensive counterattack, but they are not five defenders, but three midfielders. On the original basis, they both increase defensive strength and still maintain offensive capabilities. Of course, we can’t ask for it. You are Real Madrid, but at least there are better options. Defensive counterattack, the first defense to be done is an impenetrable defense. As far as the Chinese players are concerned, they can't be strictly guarded at all. Just accompany 7-8 guards with you, and he will still have loopholes.Also lost an offensive opportunity. So in fact, the current Chinese team can't fully develop this defensive formation of defending and counterattacking five guards. It’s better to continue the four-backs and play by holding the ball. It may be said that the Chinese team can’t control the ball, yes, but it is much better than a five-back defensive system that has never been practiced and practiced. At least There is offense, there is overplay in the midfield. After all, few are Atletico, Italy can almost completely give up midfield control. There is factual basis for why this is said. In recent years, the best match China played should be the 2013 East Asian Cup led by Fu Bo. It was after Fu Bo temporarily lost get out of class to Camacho in Thailand, 5-1. In the three games he played in his post, he had one win and two draws against South Korea, Japan, Australia, and China, with a good record. Especially for Japan and Australia, these teams can be said to be the best in Asia. These are not important. What is important is the performance of the players in these three games. For a time, the fans felt that the Chinese team had a sense of enlightenment. It seemed that they had never seen the Chinese team play like this, with control and breakthroughs. He is imaginative and seems to have everything on the football field. Regarding how the Chinese team should play and what style, in fact, the Chinese team can control the ball more. If compared with Japan, the Chinese players seem to have better health. Japan knows its shortcomings, so they started to cooperate with the ground very early. Possessing the ball to create opportunities, while South Korea can't run to death, the impact is strong and the long pass rushes away, and the quick counterattack. Compared with South Korea, China seems to be no match between them. Isn't it possible to find a course of your own based on the combination of advantages? If China can't control the ball at all, then Fu Bo can't play such a game. What is needed to defend and counterattack like this? First, you must have players with sufficient hardness to guard against death, coupled with superior counter-attacks, fast and capable players, obviously there are none of them, they are half a catastrophe. This completely gives up the control of the midfield. There is no midfielder, no control and transition in every game. All of them intercept the ball in the backcourt and shoot directly with a big foot, without any purpose. Even the set ball loses its effect and can't be opened.

These are all personal opinions. I didn’t criticize anyone. It was just a factual analysis as a fan. Of course, there may be friends who disagree. It doesn’t matter that everyone has everyone’s thoughts, just share them. Feel. As for how the national football can develop well, this can only be left to time. But I feel that these problems of the national football, or the word national football, are basically the full expression of the entire society in China.


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