The battle between China and Australia! Li Tie: The foreign coach has led the national football team to the top 4 three times! The local coach only qualified once on his knees

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The national football name He Xiaolong published a post late at night to talk about the national football. Reporter He said: spread a cold knowledge, foreign coaches lead the team, the national football team all qualify in the Asian Cup group, Schlapner, Milu, and Alihan have reached the semi-finals three times , This is also the only three quarterfinals record of the national football team since the 1990s.

Someone said, what is the pride of the Asian Cup team qualifying Is it difficult? Isn't it difficult? Since professionalization, the local coach led the team to play in the Asian Cup, and almost never qualified in the group. Why say almost? Because of qualifying once, Qi Wusheng led the team to lose to Japan and Uzbekistan in the group stage of the 96 Asian Cup, and then won a match against Syria. At that time, he was called "kneeling to qualify" by the media.

He Xiaolong pointed out: Kneeling to qualify, this kind of statement is very mean ! But that national team has been considered by netizens to be the strongest national football in history. The strongest national team in history, 1 win and 2 losses in the Asian Cup group stage, two goals in the knockout stage, Saudi Arabia scored 4 goals; the strongest national team in history, Iran scored 4 goals twice in the top ten matches, and Qatar only scored 1 in two encounters. Points, 1 goal lead at home, Qatar scored three goals, this is the strongest national team in history.

There is a very stupid saying that foreign coaches give China Football left a mess and left. I just want to ask a few questions. First, is it a good stall when a foreign coach takes over? When did Chinese football have a good stall? Second, which local coach left a good stall after class, and which one didn’t lose in a mess? Third, let's compare results. If foreign coaches can't lead the team, wouldn't it be even worse for the locals. Taking history as a mirror, this is not cold knowledge at all, it is just basic common sense, but many people have forgotten it.

In addition, He Xiaolong is still interacting with netizens, mentioning And two things: First, Li Tie has never proved himself in the national team. As a recruit, can he lead the team to the World Cup? Or lead the national football team? In 2002, the national football team was so strong, and he had to be accompanied by Chi Shangbin and Jin Zhiyang. Who is the coach of Li Tie? Are there any foreign teaching assistants? The coaching staff is not good, how can the media be confident that they can win Australia, drunk!

Second, there will be two major Chinese football players after 2000. Mistakes, one is that Milou was not left to bring it to 2006, the other is that Klauchen was not left to bring it to 2008!

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