How to evaluate the 0:1 Qatar match and Peilan's on-the-spot command in China's 0:1 World Preliminary Tournament on October 8th?

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In this game, Perrin and the players each accounted for 50% of the responsibility. It is not appropriate to simply blame the coach or the players.

Let me talk about the head coach first.

1. In the away game, Qatar will start offensively. Peilan is based on defense and counterattack-Cai Huikang, Zheng Zhi, and Wu Xi are almost the three midfielders lined up. There is no problem in strategy, but big Both the roster and the starting candidates are too idealistic. In comparison between Zhang Chengdong and Ji Xiang, if they are fighting counter-revolution, their tactical execution and competition ability do not match, resulting in a low match error tolerance rate.

2. Overestimated the player's anti-counterfeiting execution ability and physical fitness allocation during the game. The substitutions were not timely, and they did not make decisive adjustments after losing the ball. This was the second serious tactical error. , Is also one of the two most fatal mistakes in this game.

The first substitution in the 64th minute was used by Han Chao to replace Zheng Long;

The second substitution in the 72nd minute, Wu Lei replaced Cai Huikang;

After losing the ball, it was used in the Han Super League to replace Zheng Long, and Wu Lei replaced Ji Xiang at the beginning of the second half. Then the physical fitness of the national football team can better support the counterattack tactics.

3. Failure to issue instructions in time to unify the team’s thinking, or the instructions are unclear and inadequate, this is the most serious tactical mistake Perrin made in this game.

22 minutes before the ball was lost, the five midfielders of Zheng Long, Zheng Zhi, Cai Huikang, Wu Xi, and Ji Xiang were very embarrassed by Qatar’s passing and running positions, relying solely on the self-adjustment of the players. It is definitely not possible to get through this stage. It is necessary to have a clear coaching intention and a unified overall thinking. The situation at this stage will be detailed in the player responsibility section.

Before and after losing the ball, the definition and implementation of the defense of the frontcourt of the national football team are not uniform-it is normal to lose a ball, and no team will not do the worst during the game. The problem is that the offense before the loss is not a clear defensive counterattack, and the overall formation is not determined to advance after the loss. The most typical scene is that Zheng Zhi, as the core of the midfield, ran to the forward position to grab the ball by himself in the overall formation recovery situation. This is not a tactical requirement for anti-counterfeiting. Perrin was watching from the sidelines and did not make any adjustments to the state of the game.

4. The requirements of the Football Association are not enough, making the pre-match preparation work insufficient.

Before this game, China and Qatar had a total of 7 clashes in the history of World Cup qualifiers. The national football team won 1 win, 3 draws and 3 losses, scored 8 goals and lost 8 goals. There is no advantage. Have a victories in Doha. After experiencing a stalemate with Hong Kong, China, this game can be said to be the most important in the first stage of the entire World Cup qualifiers, and the game mentality is very critical. It is not enough to rely on Peilan alone to act as a psychological massage therapist. There must be a special pre-match psychological intervention process. Even so, every game, before and after the game, there should be correct psychological intervention and guidance.

However, in the news of all sizes, such details have not been seen at all. The national team has a data analyst, a catering team, a masseur and a physical fitness team, and a psychological intervention team. It shouldn’t be a problem.

If Perrin doesn’t ask for it, then from Perrin to the entire coaching team, you must be responsible.

+++++++++++++++++++++I am the dividing line++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++

After talking about the coach, let’s talk about the players’ responsibilities.

1. Serious lack of knowledge of the game.

There are 12 naturalized players in Qatar, and the ones that got media reports are (the black ones are the starters of the game):


Sebastian (Uruguay),

Maksoud (Egypt), Meshal (Sudan)


Cloth Diaf (France),

Huh (Morocco), Tresol (Democratic Congo), Defender Cazorla (Ghana), Yashir (Egypt), Abucar (Sudan)


Amin (Morocco), Sophiane (Sudan), Bari (Guinea)

Source: Qatarbu strong battle against the National Football team nearly half-naturalized Players return to help

And Qatar’s Uruguayan coach Carreño said that "we have found the weakness of the Chinese team."

This information is very helpful to strengthen the national football's understanding of this game. Regrettably, the national football team did not adapt to the four naturalized frontcourt players of Qatar at all. In the actual game, these four players need to be physically physically, technical, and positional as well as a sense of position. This brings a strong sense of position. Tactical strangeness and seemingly huge personal advantage.

I will not talk about other naturalized players. The national football team has not fully grasped the intensity of the game based on the physical advantage alone.

What the opposing coach Carreño said is true. The "weakness of the Chinese team" he found is that

the actual game ability is too poor.

The national football team has been watching Qatar team videos these days, and has a certain understanding of the characteristics of their players. Ji Xiang said: "Their naturalized players have good personal abilities. Of course, these naturalized players are still not as good as the foreign players in the Super League. As for how they play in the game, we only know after they play. But we will strive to beat the away game. Opponents."

Source: Ji Xiang: Qatar's naturalized players won't be as good as the Chinese Super League's foreign aid to win.

This is an obvious manifestation of low awareness of the game.

In addition, the national football team as a whole failed to show the running ability to match the air-conditioned stadium.

2. During the game, the national football team's self-adjustment ability, adaptability, and interpretation are seriously insufficient, which hinders the execution of technical and tactics.

Qatar’s five midfielders No. 13 Maksoud, No. 20 Budiaf, No. 16 Huh, No. 8 Asadala, No. 10 Haydos, plus forward Sebastian Tian, ​​when he needed the support of a defender in some time periods (8 minutes, 9 minutes, 13 minutes, No. 2 Moussa pressed to the national football halftime three times), he formed a good position in the midfield and the 30-meter area of ​​our side. The passing effect and offensive quality disturbed the national football team. The opening was only 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Wu Xi's right rib and Zheng Long's left side encountered the opponent's double or even four.

As the defensive midfielder Budiaf and Maksoud, the running series between the back line is quite good;


Asadala The interaction between Sebastian and Sebastian is also in place;

Asadara and Huh’s high press and defensive strength have always existed in the first half;

Asadala The left double-teaming formed by Maksoud and Budiaf is very powerful;

At this time, you should make on-the-spot adjustments, or the avant-garde should strengthen running and increase interception. And the aggressiveness of blocking, and at the same time spread the width and depth of the field through effective transmission, alleviate the pressure of midfield contention; or reduce the width of defense, improve the quality of defense, and wait for Qatar's defense line to press forward and directly make a long pass to counterattack.

However, the national football team has no effective countermeasures against such tactics. As a result, Qatar used a strong local encirclement to counter the national football's left attack.

On the left side of Zheng Long's location, as long as he besieged Zheng Long, Zheng Zhi who supported him can be fished out;

As long as Zheng Zhi fishes out, he will cut off his contact with his teammates, Zheng Long The left attack is not a concern;

After cutting off the connection between Zheng Zhi, Zheng Long and others, adding another Sebastian to deal with Ren Hang will paralyze the left attack of the national football team. .

At this time, the national football team did not shrink enough, and the opponent's high position forced the opponent to abort the abortion with the number, movement and a large number of passes. The offense on the left side is next to the team player, and it has not formed a good shot point.

Ji Xiang's main attack on the right, No. 3 Hassan's defensive strength is quite strong (11 minutes, Wu Xi's frontal attack was hit back hard), In addition to Yasser, local defense hardly suffers. With Zhang Chengdong not pressing forward and Zheng Zhi unable to support, it is difficult to open the situation on the right side;

Hassan and Yasser look old The ball skin, all sorts of seemingly unintentional small moves are taking advantage, and No. 20 Budiav’s defensive aggressiveness is very strong, putting the national football team in the right backcourt.The offensive organization was torn apart;

At this time, the transfer speed of the national football team from the right to the left was too slow, the lateral movement was very poor, and the strain was obviously slow.

In the offensive, due to Qatar’s frontcourt press, the distance between the three lines of the national football team is too large to connect effectively with each other. There are indeed many people on our side. At half-time, our team also lacked effective team players and sufficient passing routes, so that no matter whether we chose to advance the positional attack or press on the spot to counterattack, the national football team lacked a good offensive rhythm and passing and running methods. The whole scene seems to be where each player is at a disadvantage.

After losing the ball, the national football team began to counterattack. In the 27th minute, Asadala's midfielder kicked Renhang on the right and received a yellow card; the 45th Minutes, Hu He knocked down Ren Hang on the right side of the center line and received a yellow card.

However, the two Qatar midfielders actually finished the game smoothly, and none of them was sent off because of a foul with a second yellow card. Especially in the second half of the offensive situation of the Chinese team, Qatar's two ribs defense was tight, but the national football team did not give enough attention to these two people.

In particular, Asadala, who received his first yellow card early in 27 minutes, played the entire game, highlighting the deviation of the national football team's ability to interpret the game.

3. Serious discomfort with the intensity of the competition.

To be clear, this is the intensity of the World Cup qualifiers, not the intensity of the Super League; the Qatar League has recruited and hoarded how many top European balloon stars, the media knows, the fans know, and Perrin knows, the national football It is impossible not to know.

How many naturalized players there are in Qatar, it is impossible for the national football team to not know.

Even so, the national football players still use the intensity of the Super League to measure the World Cup qualifiers, so that the running intensity, fighting intensity, defensive aggressiveness, passing and receiving accuracy, The rhythm of the game cannot match the requirements of this game at all.

The only thing that the national football team can’t estimate correctly is the opponent’s actual game ability. As a result, in the game, because the opponent's actual game ability exceeded expectations, and his own game intensity did not match, the team did not perform well, the defense was not in place, the game rhythm was messy, and the loss was expected.

Such a high intensity of the game, such a targeted local defensive quality, coupled with these naturalized old skins, currently the strongest third midfielder in China, plus Ji Xiang and Zheng Long. Can't help it, can "Zheng Zhi + Cai Huikang + Huang Bowen + Zheng Long + Hao Junmin" hold it?

Yu Dabao’s inability to hold the ball in the frontcourt has a lot to do with the huge pressure on the midfield, the invariable running position and the inefficient passing of the ball. Under such a tight game situation, he replaced Gao Lin. , Will you be able to hold the ball in the frontcourt? Don't forget, who is supporting the offensive in the frontcourt of SIPG and Evergrande-they are obviously not domestic players and will not be naturalized.

So please don’t entangle the question of who to use and not to use. Continue on the premise that the competition intensity is not matched, the overall running ability and sense of position cannot be optimized, the competition rhythm is incomplete, and the resilience is seriously insufficient. It is irresponsible to talk about organizing offenses.

Finally, Ji Xiang's ability to play is indeed unable to start in the national team, but he should not be primarily responsible for losing the ball. There are pictures as proof.

Even if Ji Xiang didn’t slap, Sebastian grabbed the ball. He forced Zhang Linpeng behind him. He could not head the ball directly to the goal, or slap it back. , Behind Zhang Linpeng, no national football defender stared at the Qatar player who suddenly advanced. In addition, please pay attention to Zhang Linpeng's elbow movements.

In the next game, if the national football team can win, it should be no problem for the team with the best score to come second. However, the national football team has no fault tolerance in the first stage of the qualifiers.

Perhaps Perrin’s dismissal from get out of class is the common voice of the media and fans, but after Perrin’s dismissal of get out of class,

the disadvantages of the national football team’s low competence, only doing homework and not taking exams, will be fundamentally resolved immediately. NS?

I don't think so.

I forgot to add a picture.


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