7 consecutive victories +2:0! Is the national football proud this time? And Japanese football has already beaten Argentina _ author

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Speaking of the Japan National Football Team, we have to marvel at their amazing progress! There was a time when the national football was on par with Japanese football, and even surpassed Japanese football, but after a few moments, Japanese football has become a world-class team, and the national football is still standing still. And just recently, the Japanese U24 Men's Olympic Team won the Argentine team 3:0! Earlier, the Argentine Men's Olympic team only defeated the Japanese men's football team 1-0, but now the Japanese men's football team's performance is amazing to everyone. They defeated the Argentine football. You must know that it is the hometown of Messi!

In the author’s opinion, the gap between the national football and the Japanese men’s football can be known by just looking at the statistics. There is only one player, Wu Lei, and now Wu Lei has slowly become a drinking fountain player! There are countless players in the five major leagues of Japan’s men’s football abroad. According to the author’s understanding, there are no fewer than 15 players, including Shinji Kagawa (Dort), Keisuke Honda (Pachuca), and Yukui Abe (Barcelona B team). Not to mention the gap between Chinese football and Japanese football!

As time goes by, we are more and more able to feel the pressure brought by Japanese sports to China! Let’s talk about table tennis first. Ito Mima and Zhang Bentomo have caused a lot of trouble to the national table tennis. Moreover, Ito Mima’s winning rate against the national football team is as high as 40%. I have to say that the gap between Japanese table tennis and national table tennis is narrowing! Looking at the men's basketball team again, with the rise of their naturalized players Fezekas and NBA players Hachimura, the Chinese men's basketball team has felt the threat! There is no need to say more about the national football here, just see it as proof!

In the author’s opinion, the sports industry in Japan has been developing very rapidly in recent years, and table tennis is of course not for us. Threat, but in men's basketball and football, Japan has quietly surpassed Chinese sports. As a fan, what do you think? Welcome to leave a message!

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