The top 8 full-backs in the national football team in 20 years! If there is one person, it is not a dream for the national football team to enter the World Cup

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Although Li Tieliang, the new coach of the National Football Team, expressed his welcome to the naturalized players to join the National Football Team. But it is undeniable that no matter who the national football team is naturalized, it is difficult to cover up the problem that no one is available at the full-back position. The competitive status of Li Xuepeng and Zhang Linpeng has declined significantly, while Wang Gang, Jiang Zhipeng and others are unbearable for reuse. It can be said that the short board at the full-back position is the biggest hidden danger of the national football team. I believe this is also the most helpless place for Li Tie. But if you push forward for 20 years, the national football team will still have a group of offensive and defensive full-backs. The following 8 are the representatives. It can be said that if there is still one person, it will definitely help the national football team to enter the World Cup.

NO.8 Wang Chao

Wang Chaokan Known as Luneng's forever left-wing king, Wang Chao has been Luneng's main left back from 1996 to 2007, and has won many league and FA Cup championships for Luneng. Wang Chao has good physical fitness and fast speed. He can go back and forth between the two penalty areas very easily, so much so that some fans said that he was playing on the "hot wheels". Objectively speaking, due to the fact that the full-backs represented by Sun Jihai and Wu Chengying were too strong in that era, this has led to Wang Chao not being selected for the national team, but if you compare all aspects, Wang Chao's strength is definitely better than the current national football team. There are too many players in the same position.

NO.7 Cao Yang

Cao Yang is the most famous "band knife" in the Super League. Defender". He has scored 8 goals in a single season and has scored 17 consecutive seasons. He has scored more than 60 goals throughout his career, and his number of goals is comparable to that of a striker. Cao Yang is tall but flexible, and can often give his opponent a fatal blow in the choice of attack timing. In addition to being a full-back, Cao Yang can also play as a striker, full-back, and midfielder. He is the "all-round fighter" of the national football team. Today, when his position is solidified on the field, players like Cao Yang are rare.

NO.6 Wei Xin

No doubt Wei Xin is the most comprehensive full-back in the history of national football. He has excellent offense and defense without any shortcomings. It is precisely because of this attribute that he squeezed Sun Jihai to the bench in the 2004 Asian Cup. Although the body is not dominant, Wei Xin has a good defensive selection and is very calm in handling the ball, which has made him hardly commit any low-level turnovers in his entire career. Due to injuries, Wei Xin retired very early. He took over the coach of Sichuan football at the age of 29. This is also the record of the youngest coach in the top Chinese football league.

NO.5 Yang Pu

2001 In the world preliminaries, Yang Pu turned out to make a key penalty when he appeared in the top ten for the first time on behalf of the national team. He is the kind of Mr. big scene in the true sense. The more the competition, the less stage fright. The scene of him playing Cafu in the World Cup is still fascinating. Although he is a full-back, Yang Pu is quite a leader on the court. Whenever there is a conflict, it is always Yang Pu who is the first to stand up for his teammates. In friendly matches, he almost played with Ronaldo and Ruud van Nistelrooy two world-class forwards. "Fighting", this is a good story in Chinese football.

NO.4 Xu Yunlong

Objectively speaking about Xu Yunlong is a right back who is a striker and can also be a right midfielder and midfielder.Guard. In terms of physical conditions, Xu Yunlong is physically strong and extremely fast, making him a natural full-back candidate. From a spiritual level, Xu Yunlong explained what the soul of a team is. Even if he is injured, he will still insist on finishing the game. For the victory of the team, he can make any sacrifices. Xu Yunlong is a legend in Chinese football, especially in Guo'an. He should be unprecedented, and perhaps no newcomer. His career deserves everyone's respect.

NO.3 Sun Xiang

Now, Sun Xiang has become the last outstanding player in the national football team. And for a full-back full-back, Sun Xiang needs speed, speed, consciousness and consciousness, especially with outstanding footwork, who can often pass high-quality passes. In terms of offense, Sun Xiang is very characteristic. Once he is in the offense, he can often move deadly, and at the same time he can hit a ground-breaking long shot. Sun Xiang's debut was the pinnacle. He performed well in Shenhua, Evergrande and SIPG. He also had the opportunity to play for the Dutch giants Eindhoven. In terms of ability, he had the opportunity to achieve greater achievements, but on the one hand, it was due to character reasons. On the other hand, the era he was in coincided with the darkest era of Chinese football, which virtually restricted his development.

NO.2 Sun Jihai

The feeling that Sun Jihai gives fans is not obvious The mountain is not dew, but it is an insurmountable defensive gate for the forwards. Sun Jihai has quite comprehensive skills in the position of left and right backs, strong defense and strong confrontation ability. On the offensive end, he can not only assist his teammates to score, but he can also score goals. As a flag figure of Chinese football and the first Chinese player to play a major role in the Premier League, Sun Jihai’s honours cannot be surpassed so far. In 2015, he was inducted into the England Football Hall of Fame. At that time, President Xi, who was visiting the UK, personally presented him with awards. .

NO.1 Wu Chengying

Who is China’s best full-back, personally think It is Wu Chengying, and his strong strength cannot be ignored because of his low-key personality. Wu Chengying was 19 years old to sit firmly on the Shenhua team's main force, 20 years old to win the league championship, 22 years old on behalf of the national football team to participate in the top ten matches, it can be said that in the history of the national football, no player can reach such a high level. Whether in the club or the national team, you will never remember who is Wu Chengying's substitute, because his stamina and physical quality are so good that he doesn't need a substitute at all. Wu Chengying's dedication to football and professional qualities are impressive, which is why in that era when match-fixing was prevalent, he was the only one who was able to "get out of the mud but not stain".


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