Looking forward to the sports champion: Feng Xiaoting becomes a bullfighter and Li Weifeng pioneers overseas

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In the Chinese sports arena, these people themselves are very good, but in the process of fighting against strong enemies and destiny, they are more like matadors-the road ahead is full of hardships and dangers, but they all want to fight their fate through their own struggle, and ultimately Be able to laugh to the end and become a real warrior on the bullring. Although it will be difficult, and perhaps scarred, these people are already on the road with no hesitation when the Year of the Ox arrives.

Feng Xiaoting, the "Bosman" of Chinese football?

Bullfighting: The Korean K-League Daegu FC Club announced that Feng Xiaoting has successfully joined the club and has completed a medical examination for him. But at present, Feng Xiaoting is in a "missing" state. Many people who want to get in touch with clubs, media, etc., don't know where Feng Xiaoting is or what he is doing. The Shide team has flown to Kunming to start winter training, but Feng Xiaoting did not return to the team for training as promised before the Spring Festival. Feng Xiaoting's decisive approach has already declared that it is impossible for him to return to the Shide team.

Resistance: Are Chinese players really "self-employed"? Before Feng Xiaoting, the answer was yes. Although everyone knows how unreasonable the system of the Chinese Football Association is and even runs counter to the rules of FIFA, no one dares to stand up and fight. And now, Feng Xiaoting has stepped forward and became the first person to challenge the bad rules of Chinese football. Some people even predicted that Feng Xiaoting is expected to become the "Bosman" of Chinese football, prompting the reform of the Chinese Football Association's transfer system. In this sense, Feng Xiaoting can definitely be called a true bullfighter.

From the perspective of FIFA rules, Feng Xiaoting has no suspense to join Daegu FC before the start of the K-League. However, Daegu did not immediately hold an entrance ceremony for Feng Xiaoting, because the incident caused an uproar in Chinese football that the Koreans did not expect. It is reasonable for Shide Club not to let others go, because they act in accordance with the rules of the Chinese Football Association. The Chinese Football Association also tried to prevent Feng Xiaoting from moving, which puts a lot of pressure on South Korea. But what is certain is that Feng Xiaoting will not return to the Shide team. In 2009, he should be the best in the K-League.

Probability of success: The Chinese Football Association will definitely use diplomatic channels to communicate with the Korean Football Association on Feng Xiaoting's transfer. However, not every football association is as unruly as the Chinese Football Association, so the Chinese Football Association can only rely on the trick of "not giving Feng Xiaoting a transfer certificate" to try to prevent its transfer. But in accordance with FIFA's rules, even if there is no certification from the Chinese Football Association, South Korea can temporarily register Feng Xiaoting and wait for the FIFA ruling. This means that Feng Xiaoting's transfer has no suspense. Daegu announced that Feng Xiaoting will be the main player in the K-League. From the perspective of Feng Xiaoting's own strength, he is very likely to succeed in South Korea this year.

Nan Yong, it is really difficult to run the army with an iron fist

Bullfighting: Before the arrival of the Year of the Ox, Nan Yong was finally righted and became Xie Yalong's successor. Chinese football has fallen to its lowest point. The various practices of the Chinese Football Association have been criticized. What Nan Yong took over was an absolute mess. The national team has only one win and one loss in the Asian Cup qualifier group stage. Players caught in transfer disputes emerge in an endless stream. The outside world is forcing the Chinese Football Association to bid for the World Cup. A lot of trouble is waiting for Nan Yong. Before the Spring Festival, Nan Yong personally supervised the national team's home game against the Vietnam team and achieved a victory, allowing the Chinese footballers to have a good year. But the real problem is still behind, and Nan Yong has only taken a small step.

Resistance: Nan Yong is known as the "southern head of the iron fist". Because he is a rare hardliner in the Chinese Football Association, there is still a glimmer of hope for Nan Yong from the outside world. After joining the Chinese Football Association, the first thing Nan Yong has to face is the reform of the professional league.Industry Alliance" has become a major focus. At the same time, whether Nan Yong can vigorously promote the major changes in the training of young players this year is also worthy of attention.

More importantly, how to build a national team is related to Nan Yong's success or failure. But the Year of the Ox has just arrived, and he has to face the problem of choosing a coach for the national team. What's more unfavorable is that Love Fox owes a large sum of money to the Chinese Football Association and still has no money. Infront has withdrawn and no longer sponsors the "China Team". After Nan Yong went to work yesterday, he was worried about the money. In the Year of the Ox, Nan Yong must use the Super League to make money and use the money to run the national team. Whether the Chinese Super League continues to pick up is also a hard indicator to test Nan Yong's ability. At the same time, finding new sponsors for the "China Team" is also a top priority. Faced with a multitude of work, can Nan Yong become a "matador"?

Probability of success: Chinese football is gradually sinking, and the unanimous view of the outside world is: Without changing the system, no one who joins the Football Association will be able to turn things around. After Nan Yong took office, he has not yet seen any signs of a change in the system, but the good news is that the Football Congress is about to be held and a series of reform measures for Chinese football are about to be launched. From this perspective, Nan Yong has an opportunity to completely change the status quo of Chinese football after taking office. It depends on whether Nan Yong can grasp it. However, Nan Yong has been fighting with Chinese football for many years, and the interests of all parties have been entangled. Does he have the courage to be an "iron bread man"? To break through this difficulty, Nan Yong will have the possibility of success in the Year of the Ox.

Yao Ming, where is the championship ring?

Bullfighting: During the Golden Week of the Spring Festival, Yao Ming in the United States could not enjoy the joy of traditional Chinese holidays because he played three consecutive games and suffered three Lost in a row and was injured in the game. Fortunately, the injury was not serious. Yesterday he played on behalf of the Rockets and won a victory. In this game, Yao Ming performed well and has become the absolute spiritual leader of the Rockets.

Resistance: "I don't want to waste another year." When Yao Ming talked about the new season, he was full of expectations for the championship. Can Yao Ming succeed in the Year of the Ox? Judging from the current results of the Rockets, Yao Ming still has a long way to go.

Can Yao Ming become the spiritual leader of the Rockets? Many people have been arguing around this issue for a long time. This season, Tracy McGrady has gradually faded out of the Rockets’ main lineup. This is because he was injured some time ago. In addition, he and the Rockets have become dirty. The former “iron buddies” Yao Ming advocated trading Tracy McGrady. There is no place for the Rockets anymore. In the past, only Tracy McGrady could compete with Yao Ming for the position of the team's spiritual leader. Now Tracy McGrady is not there. After a short period of pain, Yao Ming soon became the absolute soul of the Rockets on the court by virtue of his strength. Especially yesterday's victory over the Warriors, highlighting Yao Ming's indispensable position in the team.

But this season is still very long, and it is difficult to say whether Yao Ming can realize his long-cherished wish to hit the championship in the Year of the Ox. If in the next game, Yao Ming always maintains the same excellent condition as yesterday, there is still a slight possibility that the Rockets will make a breakthrough in the Year of the Ox.

Probability of success: After the adjustment at the beginning of the season, the "Big Three" composed of Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady and Artest once made people look forward to this season. After waiting for many years, Yao Ming may be able to achieve a positive result. However, McGrady is no longer trusted, Artest's state has been ups and downs too much, the Rockets can only rely on Yao Ming to support. Fortunately, the overall performance of the Rockets is still very good, which gives Yao Ming confidence. But he must work harder than in any previous season in the following days of 2009 before he can wear the championship ring on his finger.

Liu Xiang, fighting with injuries and powerful enemies

Bullfighting: Liu Xiang, who has undergone surgery, is currently recuperating in the United States, where he spent an unforgettable Chinese New Year. Because of his mother's good care, Liu Xiang recovered quickly, and there were reports that his weight soared by 30 kilograms. However, Liu Xiang's father clarified this. He admitted that Liu Xiang was indeed fatter, but he only weighed about 2.5 catties. What makes Liu Xiang depressed is more than the rumors of skyrocketing weight. When talking about Liu Xiang’s retirement from the Beijing Olympics, Hong Kong movie star Wu Junru actually commented on Liu Xiang “did he eat shit”, which caused an uproar in the outside world. On the way to fight against fate, the days of the "flying man" are destined to be unstable.

Resistance: Will Liu Xiang be able to make a comeback? After the successful operation in the United States last year, the outside world began to look forward to the "flying man" returning to the game as soon as possible. But Robles is still gaining momentum, which puts a lot of pressure on Liu Xiang, and at the same time makes people wonder whether Liu Xiang can still stand on the highest podium in the 110-meter hurdles.

Currently, Liu Xiang eats well in the United States, sleeps soundly, and has good rehabilitation training. Liu Xiang's weight has remained around 87 kilograms recently, a bit fatter than in the past, but it has not reached the exaggeration of 30 kilograms. Currently, Liu Xiang trains twice a day, recovering in the morning and special training in the afternoon. The front coaching staff is very careful, the amount of training has not been very large, for fear of adversely affecting Liu Xiang's recovery. On February 5th, Sun Haiping will arrive in Houston with Liu Xiang’s junior brother Xie Wenjun. From that moment on, Liu Xiang will officially begin to set foot on the training ground for special training. It is reported that Sun Haiping has recorded the footage of Liu Xiang's rehabilitation training, and has also consulted domestic rehabilitation experts to conduct research on Liu Xiang's situation and the video in order to formulate the best training plan.

Will Liu Xiang return to his former state after he returns? At least in 2009, don't have too high expectations for Liu Xiang, the "flying man" needs to step back to the peak.

Probability of success: The process of Liu Xiang's struggle against destiny is touching. He interprets the essence of competitive sports with the spirit of not giving up. But this does not mean that Liu Xiang will definitely stand on the highest podium in the 110-meter hurdles again. In front of Robes and other experts in this project, Liu Xiang's future is not optimistic.

At the World Athletics Championships in August, Liu Xiang is likely to make a comeback, when the "flying man" will begin to attack Robes. But judging from the current situation, Liu Xiang is still unable to shake Robes’ king status in the project. A19a Chief Correspondent Chi Fengli

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