"Asian Brother" is rare to go crazy: it is as strong as the South Korean team and can't move it, and has been ridiculed by opponents fans

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This world preliminaries can be described as unpopular. From the European qualifiers France 1-1 draw with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain 1-2 Sweden, then to the Asian top 12 games, Japan lost 0-1 at home to Oman, South Korea 0- 0 was tied by Iraq, and the national football team lost 0-3 "upset" to Australia. Of course, the national team's loss can not be considered an upset, but the loss before the national football team and the fans are confident to score points, it is considered small in my heart. Little "upset". Of course, this is only the first game of the final stage of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers. For the national football and other Asian teams, there are at least 9 games to play, so a temporary loss does not mean the final result.

Compared to the loss of the national football team, the Japanese and South Korean teams should be even more annoyed. They should have won the games at their respective home courts. They have great advantages in face strength and world rankings. The South Korean team is ranked 36th in the world, with a group of five major league shooters such as Sun Xingmin and Huang Yizhu and Huang Xican. Its opponents Iraq's world ranking is 70th and the national football team is almost the same. In this game, the South Korean team has always been in a state of not scoring, 60% possession rate, 11 to 2 shooting ratio, 4 to 0 shooting ratio, but the final result is a dull result.

In the second half of the game, especially in the second half, South Korea coach Paul Bento sent five major league attack combinations such as Sun Xingmin, Huang Yizhu, Huang Heecan, and Lee Jae-sung, but they had little effect. Every player put his impatience on his face. I don't know if the fans have noticed that in the first half, Sun Xingmin once became angry with his teammates because of a cooperation. In the 36th minute of the game, the South Korean team got a corner kick. Tottenham star Sun Xingmin took a corner kick to signal to his teammates. The South Korean team includes 5 players including Kim Min-jae, Kim Young-kwon, Hwang Yi-suke, Lee Jae-sung and Song Min-Ku, who were in ambush in the penalty area. Three of the five corner kicks in the team did not respond in place, which made Sun Xingmin annoyed.

After the game, the South Korean media also showed off the scene of Sun Xingmin’s anger at the time. At the same time, the former South Korean national team star Li Tongguo also said that the ball was obviously before the game. After setting up and rehearsing, Sun Xingmin also signaled to his teammates, but it seemed that most people didn't understand what he meant. It seems that a world-class star like Sun Xingmin cannot find a teammate who can cooperate with the Korean team of the Asian strong team.

Sun Xingyun’s skills have nothing to say, but he has some problems in controlling his emotions. In the Premier League, he often appears "irrational". He once retaliated against Rudiger, who kicked Chelsea with his leg, and Andre Gomez, who kicked Everton with a shovel, causing the latter to break his leg. Although the red card was finally cancelled, he received two red cards that season. In the previous season, he received another red card.

Sun Xingmin was actually under a lot of pressure, because before the game, Iraqi fans provoked Sun Xingmin and released a number of self-made posters. In the poster, either the Iraqi guard tied Sun Xingmin with a rope, or the guard stepped Sun Xingmin under his feet. After the Iraq team drew 0-0 with the South Korean team, the visiting team fans even more brazenly mocked Sun Xingmin. I am afraid that the Tottenham star was also affected by the poster before the game. He tried to prove himself in the game. The motivation to win made him very dissatisfied with the mistakes of his teammates. In fact, the gap between Sun Xingyun and his teammates is the same as the gap between Wu Lei and his teammates. I am afraid that in the national football team, Wu Lei also has the same mood as Sun Xingmin. No matter how hard he is, he will not be able to bring the other 10 players.


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