Born in China but became a Korean table tennis player! Waited for 2 years in Guoping, and it is very popular in the local area.

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With the gradual development of sports, our Chinese national football team has gradually embarked on the road of looking for foreign players. Every time this topic is mentioned, many netizens must make complaints about the national football team. But our Chinese men's football team is really weak, so we have to embark on this path. In fact, this matter has long been nothing new in the Asian sports circle. Japan began to naturalize players in various fields of sports very early, and South Korea also likes to naturalize China in the field of table tennis. Athlete, Tian Zhixi is a typical example.

These naturalized athletes choose to leave their hometowns, and the reasons for joining other countries’ nationalities are often very different. Some people do it for their dreams. Some people do it for money. The reason why Tian Zhixi chose to leave the Chinese national table tennis team to join the Korean national table tennis team is very simple. She can't make the national first team in China and can only serve as a "sparring" position in the second team. In fact, she is very much like Exxon of Chinese football. Exxon was originally called Elxon. She was once a Brazilian, and it was so difficult for him to enter the Brazilian national team, and he changed to Chinese nationality. After that, Exon became the main forward of our Chinese national football team. In Brazil, Eriksson was only selected for the U20 youth team, which seemed to be similar to Tian Zhixi.

Tian Zhixi also spent two years in the Chinese National Second Team. She also understands that it is difficult to enter with her own strength. The first team represents the Chinese national team in the World Series. And Tian Zhixi was unwilling to be wasted all her skills, so she chose to recognize a Korean friend of her father as her godfather, learned Korean, and made up her mind to become a Korean citizen. In 2011, Tian Zhixi passed the naturalization exam and officially became a Korean, and she also entered the Korean national table tennis team logically.

Previously, some Korean media reported that Tian Zhixi would be very excited every time he saw the South Korean flag, hoping to defeat China on behalf of South Korea Players, get more glory for the South Korean team. In an interview with a Chinese reporter, Tian Zhixi said that she had never said anything like that. I don’t know how these South Korean media made it up. She said that her strength is indeed far from the main players in China. . Indeed, Tian Zhixi spent two years in the China National Table Tennis Team. She is too aware of the strength of the China National Table Tennis Team.

I believe that after experiencing the latest events, more of our young netizens will be able to understand one sentence more clearly," I will enter China without regrets in this life, and I am willing to be a flower planter in my next life." It will be a very lucky thing to be a Chinese. There are also many athletes like Tian Zhixi who gave up Chinese nationality for their so-called dreams. This is their own choice and we have no right to interfere.

But if you become a citizen of another country and threaten to defeat China, then our Chinese national table tennis team can also welcome you at any time challenge. Many of our main players on the Chinese women's table tennis team may have walked the same way as you at that time. They clenched their teeth to improve their skills and persevered, and gradually became the main force of the national team. And Tian Zhixi's psychological quality obviously does not have the conditions to become a main player of the Chinese national table tennis team, so since you have to choose to leave, we will never force to stay.


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