In return from Spain, Barcelona helped China train stars and let the national football enter the World Cup.

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Barcelona’s evaluation of China:

The Barcelona club staff said: China has always been international They are all friendly countries. We have had too many misunderstandings and misunderstandings about China in the past. It is indeed a great honor for the Spaniards to receive assistance in the crisis in Spain this time and express their gratitude. In a special period, we did not get European countries. On the contrary, China has extended a helping hand to us at this time regardless of previous complaints, and let us truly understand China’s friendliness. Thanks to China

China Youth Training:

The Barcelona’s help in the youth training of Chinese football will bring huge benefits to Chinese football and bring Chinese football out of its long-stayed low tide. , Barcelona can be said to belong to the top giants in world football. Their understanding of football can be said to be the most authoritative. With the help of Barcelona, ​​our country’s football will grow very fast, and among the Barcelona clubs The La Masia youth training is the best in the world. Many superstars come out here. For example, Messi, Puyol and Iniesta have participated in the La Masia youth training. It can also be seen that youth training is the guarantee for Barcelona's football. Our country also has done too poorly in youth training, so it is difficult for players to really grow up


In the previous national football article, some fans even said: If Messi is in China, maybe he can only work in China. Although it is a joke, If the youth training is not good, it will indeed directly affect the development of Chinese football. What China lacks is not the players, but the completed youth training system. If this aspect is done poorly, an excellent player will be cultivated into a waste product. Therefore, this is also the reason why Chinese football did not enter the World Cup after 2002. The author and the fans look forward to the development of Chinese football in the future. Maybe we will see results in a few years. The editor promises that if Chinese football enters the World Cup, the editor The editor will definitely go to the scene to cheer for Chinese football. I hope that the editor can see this day, Come on China, Come on Spain

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