In return from Spain, Barcelona helped China train stars and let the national football enter the World Cup

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Fans forever Memories of 2002:

Do fans still remember the 2002 World Cup? In 2002, the national football team rushed into the World Cup under the leadership of head coach Milu and Zhang Jilong. At that time, fans across the country were very excited and became eternal glory in the hearts of fans. Unfortunately, time is gone. Now is 2020. Chinese Football Since then, I have never entered the World Cup. Not only has the Chinese football not grown, but has become worse than before. In recent years, few fans have paid attention to the national football games. It feels normal to lose and win will make fans feel. Unexpected, but now it’s different. La Liga giants Barcelona have decided to help our country’s football improve its competitive level.

Current situation in Spain:

At present, the whole world is in a special period. Sports are basically stagnant. Spain is also trying every means to overcome the difficulties. But the most annoying is that none of Spain’s friends in Europe is willing to help them, but our country is in At this time, it played the role of international powers and humanitarian aspects to assist Spain and sent millions of masks and medical supplies. This move made the Spaniards very grateful, and the Spaniards deeply remembered China’s Friendship extended a helping hand to help the Spaniards in distress. This aid from China will also leave a deep memory in Spanish history

Spanish Football Club:

In the last period of time, the Spanish FC Barcelona made a decision that made Chinese fans very happy. FC Barcelona hopes to compete with Chinese football. Several rounds of friendship football matches, and at the same time, we will observe whether there are suitable high-quality football players among Chinese players. If we find a Chinese football game with relatively good ability, we will bring them into the youth training system of Barcelona. These words can be deeply felt, because our country’s assistance has moved the Spaniards. They want to help our country through their own country’s strengths. Therefore, the fans are very happy to know the news. Many fans said that perhaps Barcelona’s help this time It will allow us Chinese football to enter the World Cup again and help our football players train more La Liga stars

FC Barcelona Evaluation of China:

The staff of the Barcelona Club said: China has always been a friendly country internationally. In the past, we have had too many misunderstandings and misunderstandings about China. It is indeed a great honor for the Spanish to receive assistance in the crisis in Spain and express their gratitude. In this special period, we did not receive help from European countries. On the contrary, China has extended a helping hand to us at this time regardless of the predecessors. Really understand China’s friendship, thank China

Chinese Youth Training:

Barcelona’s help this time The youth training of Chinese football will bring huge benefits to Chinese football, and it will make Chinese football take a step forward. During the long stagnant low tide, Barcelona can be said to belong to the top giants in world football. Their understanding of football can be said to be the most authoritative. With the help of Barcelona, ​​our country's football will grow very fast, and The La Masia youth training in the Barcelona club is the best in the world. Many superstars come out here. Marcia’s youth training, so it can be seen that youth training is the guarantee for Barcelona’s football. Our country also has done too poorly in youth training, so it is difficult for players to really grow up


In the national football article written before, some fans even said: If Messi is in China, maybe only in ChinaAlthough it’s a joke to work in the basics, the youth training does not directly affect the development of Chinese football. What my country lacks is not the players, but the completed youth training system. If this aspect is done poorly, it will A good player is cultivated as a waste product, so this is why Chinese football did not enter the World Cup after 2002. The author and the fans look forward to the development of Chinese football in the future. Maybe we will see results in a few years. The editor promises that if Chinese football enters the World Cup, the editor will go to the scene to cheer for Chinese football. I hope that the editor can see this day, cheer China, and Spain

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