35% of Valencia clubs in La Liga have been infected with the new crown virus

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On the 17th Beijing time, the La Liga club Valencia officially issued an announcement stating that after further testing, about 35% of the club’s employees were infected with the new crown virus.

Previously, Valencia has announced that three players and two staff members have been diagnosed. According to local reporters, at least 12 Valencia first team players have tested positive for the virus. ​​​​

Previous news:

On the evening of March 15th, Beijing time, La Liga Valencia Football Club officially issued a statement stating that there were 5 coaches and players in the first team. The human new coronavirus test was positive. Following the Serbian Football Association President Kotz, Swiss Football Association President Blanc also contracted the new crown pneumonia.

According to Valencia’s team reporters, the identities of the five confirmed cases have all been confirmed, namely the players Gare, Mangala and Gaya, as well as the team leader Camaraza and team doctor Aliaga. Gary has announced on social media that he has been diagnosed with the new crown virus, which is the first time a player has been infected in La Liga. La Liga Alaves previously announced that two members of the technical department of the club were infected.

Yesterday, the Serie A Sampdoria football team announced that as many as 7 players in the team have been diagnosed with the new crown, namely Gabriel Dini, Collet, Ekdal, Lagumina, Tosby, DePauli and Beresinski. Together with Fiorentina's Vlahović, Koutrone, Pezzera and Juventus's Rugani, a total of 11 players have been diagnosed in Serie A.

The 70-year-old Swiss Football Association Chairman Blanke tested positive for the new crown virus and is currently self-isolating at home. The Serbian Football Association officially announced yesterday that the head of the Football Association Slavisa Coates has been diagnosed and he is currently in good condition.

The current European football circle, from the football association to the club CEO, from coaches, players to staff, all have "success".

Cancel the original three warm-up matches, the Chinese football team will return home early

On March 13, the Chinese football team decided to cancel the original schedule with Chongqing Contemporary Lifan, Shenzhen Kaisa, Guangzhou For R&F’s three warm-up matches, the team will leave Dubai early and return home.

Recently the new crown pneumonia epidemic broke out all over the world. According to the data released by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention on the 10th, the UAE added 15 new crown pneumonia cases that day, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 74. The UAE has announced that the country has entered In the state of emergency, large-scale events such as domestic leagues have also been suspended. Under this circumstance, many Chinese Super League clubs that are training in the UAE are considering ending their trip early. Guangzhou Evergrande returned to Guangzhou early in the morning on March 11. The national football team, which is training in the UAE, originally planned to train in Dubai until March 25, but the situation has changed suddenly and the team has decided to end the training session in Dubai ahead of schedule. However, due to the constant changes in the entry and exit policies of domestic and foreign personnel and the tight air tickets on some international routes, it is still unknown when the national football team will be able to withdraw from Dubai. For this reason, the national football coaching staff has formulated a series of measures to ensure the health of the players. The national football team stayed at a hotel called "Palm Court". The hotel provided the hotel room for the national football team in a separate annex. This location is relatively isolated from the outside world, ensuring the national football environment to a large extent. Safety. Since the assembly for a week, the international footballers have taken their body temperature on time every day. The training venue is only 3 kilometers away from the hotel. Everyone wears masks during the ride.

Source: Comprehensive China News Network, Beijing Evening News

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