Ma Dexing: U22 National Youth’s withdrawal from U23 Asian Cup qualifiers will not be conducive to the follow-up development of Chinese football

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Live it, October 25th, according to reporter Ma Dexing report, U22 national youth withdrew from U23 Asian Cup qualifiers Later, it will have many adverse effects on the development of Chinese football in the next few years.

After the U22 national youth withdrawal, the 99-year-old players have never participated in any official intercontinental competition since they participated in the final stage of the Indonesian U19 Asian Youth Championship in November 2018 . This team has not experienced any stressful formal competitions in the past four years. By the end of the Hangzhou Asian Games in the future, all walks of life will have performance requirements for this team. Can players of this age be able to withstand the pressure? test? No one can give a clear answer.

And many teams participating in the U23 Asian Cup qualifiers have recruited a large number of 01-year-old players on the basis of absorbing some 99-year-old players as their team. Many places select the next Olympic age-appropriate players to participate in the competition, or half of the Olympic age-appropriate players plus half the next Olympic age-appropriate players. Therefore, when the Chinese U22 national football team withdrew from the fifth U23 Asian Cup, it was not only the 99-year-old players who lost the opportunity to exercise. The 01-year-old, which is the age group of the Paris Olympics, lost the rare training opportunity. In the future, when the 2001-year-old players form their own teams and compete in the Asian Games, the 01-year-old players of other Asian rivals have already practiced in various intercontinental competitions, but China's 01-year-old players have almost "zero" experience in the competition.

From the perspective of the 2024 Paris Olympics men’s football match in the longer term, China’s 01-year-old teams and players have been further widened by the Asian powers. In this way, Chinese football has formed a "vicious circle" to some extent, and it seems that there will always be "debts" that are unrepayable. According to the current AFC competition rules, the qualifiers and finals of each U23 Asian Cup are the results of the previous competition, which will be used as the basis for the draw of each team. China's U22 national football team at the age of 99 has announced its retirement, which means that the Chinese team will have no results in the fifth U23 Asian Cup. In the future, the 01-year-old team will have to start from the lowest level when participating in the men's football qualifiers for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

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