The list of national names triggers controversy

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The Times reported that six Olympic players Wang Dalei, Zhao Xuri, Hao Junmin, Chen Tao, Gao Lin, and Dong Fangzhuo were selected for the 24 national team's visit to Europe, but the Olympic team started training at the same time to prepare for June. A warm-up match with the Syrian national team on the 18th. And whether these six people will go to Europe with the national football team or stay for training and preparation, it still needs to be finalized after the internal consultation of the Chinese Football Association today.

Although the outside world defines the Toulon Cup as the first match of the 08 National Olympic Games, in the National Olympic team plan of the Chinese Football Association, the Toulon Cup is only

A preview of the 2008 Olympic Games, the team’s true flag-setting battle, will be the game against the Syrian national team in Qinhuangdao on June 18. Therefore, the Chinese Football Association attaches great importance to the game on June 18, and requires clubs to unconditionally release people for this game. The six players selected for the National Football Team can almost be said to occupy half of the Olympic team, and all of them are the main players. Players. In principle, there is no time conflict between the national team’s European training before the World Cup and the Olympic team’s first match on June 18. Extremely fatigued, in order to give them a certain amount of time to rest, the Chinese Football Association may compress the list of Olympic players for the national team to go to Europe for training.

The main focus of this controversy is that players like Chen Tao and Gao Lin who have just returned from the Toulon Cup in France, Toulon-Chinese Super League-Switzerland, repeatedly fall into jet lag. Under such circumstances, the competitive state of these players by then is conceivable. It is precisely because of this that the Olympic team considers all aspects and does not hope that these players will go with the national football team. Moreover, the Olympic team has not been fully organized so far, and it is possible to use this opportunity to prepare for the Syrian national team to recruit all the players for the first time to make full preparations. It is reported that the Chinese Football Association will convene the national team, the Olympic team and other relevant personnel today to study and solve this problem. Since the national team will not report in a centralized manner until May 30, it is still possible to adjust the personnel, but the adjustment range must be the players in the 33-man squad. (Li Yan)


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