The national football team still has 9 post-80s Feng Xiaoting becomes the oldest, the China Cup also needs results

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Feng Xiaoting becomes the oldest player

Source: Taishan Evening News Niu Zhiming

Taishan Evening News Niu Zhiming after the Asian Cup, the National Football Team The position of the coach has been vacant. It was not until March 15 that the Football Association announced the final answer. Evergrande coach Cannavaro also served as the national team coach, opening a new model. In the history of Chinese football, this is the first time that a club coach also serves as the coach of the national football team. Cannavaro has never had the experience of coaching the national team before, and this has also become a variable. Looking at the international football arena, Hiddink and Conte have both had concurrent experience, but the final effect is not ideal.

Cannavaro and his Evergrande team arrived in Nanning on the 15th. The official notice of the Football Association showed that Lippi will serve as the national football consultant. The news that the reporter learned shows that Lippi will not go to Nanning to supervise the battle this time. Cannavaro may communicate with Lippi in private, but in Nanning, the two will not cooperate directly. Lippi is the former coach of the national football team and he has also coached in Evergrande for many years. He knows Chinese football very well. The Football Association hired Lippi as a consultant and wanted him to advise on Chinese football.

Lippi will not be able to supervise the battle in Nanning. Cannavaro has more dominance. This is for him Said it was also a test. From the concentration to the first game, Cannavaro has only 5 days of training time, and his training schedule is also very tight. The national football training on the 16th, 17th and 18th are two trainings a day. He wants to instill his skills and tactics into the players as soon as possible. On the training ground, Cannavaro shouted loudly, which is also the way of young coaches.

From the perspective of personnel, Cannavaro only recruited 9 players who participated in the Asian Cup, namely Yan Junling, Wang Dalei, Zhang Linpeng, Feng Xiaoting, Liu Yiming, Hao Junmin, Wu Xi and Wei Shihao, Liu Yang . Liu Yang withdrew because of Jiang Zhipeng's injury, and was supplemented and recruited. Among the remaining 14 players, Lu Wenjun and Xie Pengfei are newcomers to the national team. On the whole, there are 9 players born in the 1980s among the 23 players, mainly players from 1987 and 1989. The oldest is Feng Xiaoting, who was born in 1985. There are 14 post-90s players, including 6 post-95s players, and 5 of these 6 post-95s players are from Evergrande, all of which are new aids signed by Evergrande during the winter break. From this detail, we can see that the national football team's Evergrande color is still strong, and Evergrande's intermittent signings are also very targeted.

However, the renewal of the national football team is not one size fits all, but gradual. This time the China Cup did not use all the players born in the 90s. Most of the 1989 players still play a transitional role. For the China Cup, Cannavaro has certain performance requirements. The bottom line is to defeat Thailand and qualify for the China Cup finals. In the Asian Cup, the Chinese team defeated Thailand 2-1 to enter the quarterfinals. In this campaign, Cannavaro has to lead the team to win in order to have a chance to become a regular player.


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