After 95, hold up half the sky! The young national football players are really too far behind

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Tonight, Beijing time, the final two games of the Asian Cup 1/8 finals will be staged. The winning South Korean team will face the Bahrain team, which is driving high and low, and the game between Qatar and Iraq is a strong dialogue. The winners of these two games will meet in the quarter-finals.

The earlier kickoff was the match between South Korea and Bahrain. In the absence of Son Heung-min, the South Korean team defeated their opponents 1-0 in the first two games of the group stage, but the scenes only blossomed, and the many mistakes in the defense did not deserve the title of favorite to win the championship. In the third game of the group match, the Chinese team was also ahead of the game. Sun Xingyun, who was struggling, helped the team win the group top 2:0. It can be said that the Korean team is getting better and better now, but Ki Seung-yong retired due to injury, can Bento make a new tactical arrangement?

Bahrain’s first match was due to an unwarranted penalty, a 1:1 draw with the host United Arab Emirates, which is considered to be a dark horse by the outside world. After all, the opponent in the second round was Thailand, who changed coaches immediately after being defeated by India. I thought Bahrain could take it, but instead lost 0:1. The third match was also regarded as a dark horse and was found to be India. The two teams played very stalemate and finally won with a penalty kick. Squeezed into the top 16 with the third result of the group.

Analyzed from the technical and tactical level, the Bahrain team has a tough style, but its personal ability is not outstanding. Faced with the South Korean team that is ambition to win, it may be difficult to score a goal But it’s not necessarily a big defeat. The two teams have faced each other three times in history, with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss in South Korea, but the most recent match was in 2011. The three clashes were all big goals, combined with the organization to make 1.5 very strong, this game will be a 2:1 score? If you want to see expert recommendations, please clip the end: Fizardo12138.

At present, the water level is pulling up the visiting team one after another. It can be seen that the mentality of the organization is nine-nine-nine. Water and water recommendation: a steady hand Korea wins or Bahrain +1.5 wins, a little aggressive South Korea -1.5 wins or big goals.

Another game is between Qatar and Iraq Strong dialogue. Qatar, the host country of the next World Cup, won all three group matches, facing Lebanon, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia, with an overwhelming performance 10 goals without losing a goal. The top striker Almoiz Ali has already scored 7 goals in this tournament, making him a top scorer! Second place is Humorodov of Uzbekistan, who has already been eliminated, with 4 goals. Ali felt hot in the match against North Korea, and staged the only player who has completed his fourth birthday in this tournament so far. What's more frightening is that the player who shined in the Asian Cup was born in 1996 and is a proper U23 player. Think about the reserve force of the Chinese team... Well, everyone knows.

But Qatar has Ali, and Iraq also has an Ali. Iraq’s Mohammed Ali is a player from 2000. Although it is now reported that he was actually born in 1997, this does not prevent him from scoring 2 goals in three games. b>'s excellent performance, especially in the face of four Yemen defenders who got rid of the volley under a double team, the ball holding and breakthrough ability really should not be underestimated. Whether born in 1997 or 2000, it’s U23...

Nearly 10 times in the history of the two teams Clash, Qatar 6 wins 1Tie and 3 losses. From 2016 to 2018, they played once a year, and all three games played big goals. In this game, the organization drove Qatar let 0/0.5, which actually means, after all, both teams are very strong. However, the over/under goal in the first set was 2/2.5, and now it is down to 2. Do you look down on the forwards who feel hot on the feet of the two teams? Considering that Iraq’s three group matches are open and closed, unless there is a player who is absent from the field or is tactically required to defend, there is a high probability that a big score will be delivered. Shui Shui recommendation: Qatar handicap, 2 goals more.

Focus on not getting lost, experts in the group recommend sending out from time to time~


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