Analysis of the national football roster: veterans are still the core post-95 performance still needs to be observed

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The national team announced the training list for preparing for the China Cup. This is a combination of old and new. Some players participating in the Asian Cup rest, but like Feng Xiaoting, Gao Lin, Players such as Hao Junmin, Yu Hanchao, Zhang Linpeng, Wu Xi still remain in the team, and also recruited Wang Yongpo. It is not difficult to see from this list that "veterans" still occupy the core position.

The 23-man roster for the National Football China Cup: Gao Lin, 8 of Evergrande, was defeated by Kashuai and Lippi as a consultant.

The veterans will still occupy the core position

Judging from the veterans recruited by the national team, Feng Xiaoting, Gao Lin, Hao Junmin, Yu Hanchao, Zhang Linpeng, and Wu Xi all participated in the Asian Cup. Li Xuepeng and Zeng Cheng also followed the team to prepare before, and they are still present. The core strength of this national team. If the main lineup is arranged, I believe most of these people can enter the starting 11 people.

The veterans still occupy this irreplaceable position in the National Football Team

In addition to these veterans, Wang Yongpo was also re-elected. He has been away from the national team for a while, and he did not join the team during the last training session of the Asian Cup.

Wang Yongpo was able to come back mainly because of Cannavaro's respect. He was introduced by Cannavaro when he joined Quanjian. For his abilities and characteristics, Lao Ka still agrees very much.

Born in 1989, Lu Wenjun was recruited into the national team because of his outstanding performance in the league. After Wu Lei left, whoever scored for SIPG has always been of concern to the outside world, and Lu Wenjun proved himself with his outstanding performance. What is the effect of being able to score for SIPG? He needs to continue to prove himself. The club has super foreign aid as support, but the national team does not, this time it will test personal ability.

Upon arrival, Lu Wenjun needs to prove himself in the national football team.

The post-95s also need to prove themselves before they take the stage.

In addition to these post-80s, the national team also recruited some 91 and 92-year-olds. Players such as Zhang Xizhe, Li Lei and Yan Junling. Naturally, Yan Junling needless to say, he must be the main goalkeeper of the national team. Zhang Xizhe and Li Lei are still very much to look forward to, especially Zhang Xizhe. The national team currently lacks a midfield organizer. Can he play a core role in this position? It depends on your performance in training and warm-up matches.

Some 93- and 95-year-old players have gradually entered the national team. For example, Li Ang, Fu Huan, Xie Pengfei and others are representatives of the 93-year-old group, and the 95-year-old representatives Gao Zhunyi, Liu Yiming, Zhang Xiuwei, Wei Shihao, etc., whether these people can become the core of the future national team, I am afraid that further observation is needed.

It’s only the first step for young people to enter the national football team

Because of the 97-98 age group players, such as Zhang Yuning , And younger players are following the Olympic team to prepare for the Olympic qualifiers, so the national team did not recruit them this time. After all, the task of the Olympic qualifiers is still more important.

Anyway, the national team has now set sail again, and will participate in the World Cup qualifiers forty rounds in half a year. It will certainly not be possible to completely let the post-95s come to the top, and some veterans will continue to stay. In the ranks.

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