The hope of the national football team! Li and Tie's two post-95 loves will be born in the same year and are expected to compete for the main position

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Recently, the National Football Team announced a new list of players. The average age of players has once again been criticized by fans.

Fortunately, in the national football, there are three post-95 players. They can stand out from many young players, not only by being young, but also by their own specialties.

In addition to Xiao Zhang Yuning, the other two post-95 internationals will be born tomorrow in the same year, the same month and the same day as Wei Shihao. They will not only launch an impact on the main position of the national football team in this world preliminaries, but also the future of the national football team.

Evergrande player Wei Shihao and Wuhan Zall player will be born tomorrow on April 8, 1995. The two Aries players first served as teammates in the National Youth League, and now they have been selected for the new national football team together.

In Zheng Xiong's National Youth Team, tomorrow will be the main back line, and Wei Shihao will be the core of the offensive frontcourt.

A few years later, Wei Shihao returned to China after his unsuccessful trip to Europe, and he moved to Shanghai SIPG, Guoan and Evergrande, and finally obtained the main opportunity. In the past few years, Wei Shihao is the most improved player in the domestic frontcourt, not one of them. If it weren't for injuries, he had the opportunity to compete in the Super League Golden Boot last season.

Tomorrow is different. Watching his teammates transfer to other teams, he chose to stay behind and followed Drow to rise again and once again returned to the Super League.

It is worth mentioning that Deng Hanwen, who was in the Chinese Premier League and transferred to Evergrande tomorrow, won the title of the best U23 player.

The next World Preliminary Tournament will start after 2023. It is difficult for players before 1992 to become a national football team. Main force. Therefore, tomorrow and Wei Shihao will be the favorites of the next national football team. And what they have to do now is to launch an impact towards the position of the main force.

Wei Shihao scored a lot last season, but he suffered a lot of injuries. In the last training camp, he withdrew due to injury. Compared with other players, Wei Shihao has more room for improvement, because Evergrande is a frequent visitor to the AFC Champions League and also a favorite in league and cup matches. In the current national football team, the frontcourt strength is higher than Wei Shihao's naturalized players. Compared with other domestic players, Wei Shao's breakthrough is sharper and his ability to seize opportunities is more prominent. However, he needs to work hard to strengthen his defensive ability and control his temper.

Tomorrow will also have the opportunity to compete for the main players. The right back players in several training camps include Tang Miao, Wang Gang and Wang Shenchao. Wang Shenchao and Wang Gang made mistakes in the national football team many times before. They are under great pressure, and Wang Shenchao may be more concerned about the left position. And if Wang Gang wants to play, he needs Li Tie to dispatch the entire national security defense line. Tang Miao has been in a downturn recently. Compared with him tomorrow, the biggest advantage will be the speed of catching up.

It is difficult for the national football team to enter the World Cup, which has a lot to do with the team's poor performance in previous games. World preliminaries are a cumulative process. Whenever a team has outstanding performance for several consecutive sessions, they can always get a good sign.

The goal of the current national football team is to reach the final top 12 and get a good result in the top 12. At the beginning of the next game, the national football team will face a major problem of the replacement of the old and the new. It is an indisputable fact that the overall level of players after 95 has declined.

The only post-95s in this world preliminaries need more coach Li Tie to give more game opportunities.


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