Heavy! The four giants of the Chinese Super League made an important decision: the AFC Champions League was hit hard, and the national football team became a big winner

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On February 15, Beijing time, heavy news came from Chinese football. According to the domestic media "Beijing Youth Daily", considering the epidemic prevention policy and preparing for the top 40 games, the four giants of the Chinese Super League have already given up the AFC Champions League. A tacit understanding was reached, and this is obviously beneficial to Li Tie's impact on the World Cup.

"Beijing Youth Daily" wrote: "From the current situation, it is almost impossible for the East Asia Region Member Association to submit an application for the official competition. Based on various conditions, the East Asia Region events continue to be arranged in Doha, Qatar is the most likely to be held. However, considering the epidemic prevention policy and the National Football Team plans to organize a new training camp in mid-to-late March.

Preparing for the top 40 matches, if the Chinese Super League kicks off in April, the national footballers who are the absolute main players of the four clubs will naturally not be able to go overseas to participate in the AFC Champions League. Although the clubs did not publicly express their views on "abandoning the AFC", logically speaking, "BIG4" has actually reached a certain tacit understanding on this issue. "


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