Remembrance│ Witnessing the glory and disgrace of Chinese football, Chi Shangbin leaves football players with more thinking _ Its guide

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Original title: Commemorative│Witness to the glory and disgrace of Chinese football, Chi Shangbin leaves football players with more thoughts

Chi Shangbin used to be the coach of the Chinese professional league. Image source CFP

If it weren't for the news of Chi Shangbin's death on March 6, perhaps many Chinese fans have gradually forgotten the veteran of Chinese football. According to The Paper News reporter learned from Dalian football related people that Chi Shangbin unfortunately passed away due to a heart attack.

From serving as the captain of the Chinese national team and leading the team to the World Cup, to studying abroad and Japan immersed in youth training, and then taking charge of Dalian as the overlord of Class A, and then as a member of the coaching staff leading the national football into the World Cup in Korea and Japan, Chi Shangbin's football His career is full of stories, and he is precisely the witness of the ups and downs of Chinese football over the years.

Being a coach fulfilled the World Cup dream of the player era

Chi Shangbin was a famous national football player in the 1970s and 1980s. He represented the national football team in two Asian Cups in 1976 and 1980; three Asian Games football matches in 1974, 1978 and 1982; Major events such as the 23rd Olympic qualifiers. In the 1982 World Cup preliminaries, as the captain of the Chinese team, Chi Shangbin led the team to the World Cup, but unfortunately he failed to qualify.

Lost to New Zealand in the two rounds of play-offs and missed the World Cup. As the captain of the national football team, Chi Shangbin has always been brooding, "We really don't have enough experience."

Until 2001 as a member of the coaching staff to lead the national football team into the World Cup, he could not help but feel sad about his player era: "As a coach, I have participated in the World Cup as a coach. It is very honorable. Being an athlete At that time, it fell short and stabbed me and the people across the country."

Chi Shangbin. Image source CFP

It should be said that as a coach, Chi Shangbin has already written his name in the history of Chinese football. In addition to leading the team to the World Cup as a coach, he is also one of the most successful local coaches in the history of Chinese professional football.

In 1994, the Chinese Football Professional League opened. Chi Shangbin was the most representative head coach in the initial stage of the A League. In 1995, he took over the Dalian Wanda team and led the team to win the third place in the league. In 1996 and 1997, Chi Shangbin led the Dalian Wanda team to win the League A championship, and set a remarkable record of 55 unbeaten games in Dalian Wanda. , Chi Shangbin himself also won the title of "Best Coach" in the A League in those two consecutive seasons.

Such a brilliant coach is actually an unsmiling northeastern guy. When many reporters interviewed him back then, he did not want to say much, and even often referred the interview to club officials or players. Even if the fans talked a few words when they met him, he would mostly switch to the topic of football.

"Many people say that I don’t know how to speak. I’m not that I don’t speak, but I don’t want to. How was it before.” Later, Chi Shangbin once explained his reticence.

In fact, the players who spend time with him know the coach’s qualities best. In the eyes of many disciples, Chi Dao is not the kind of person who has a flamboyant personality, and he is not good at words. On the contrary, he is somewhat dull.

Chi Shangbin took the flowers from the fans. CFP map

The joy and anger are invisible, creating an unbeaten invincible division in 55 games

Sun Jihai once in his autobiographyChina talked about Chi Shangbin's low-key perseverance. "At the welcome party, Director Chi didn't say any rhetoric, just a few polite words, and then sat there quietly, listening to other people's speeches. I rarely saw Chi Dao having great sadness, joy and anger, often joy. Anger has no appearance."

In the eyes of Sun Jihai, "a man is not angry and self-prestige" is the most appropriate way to describe Chi Shangbin. "The character of Ji Dao, in a sense, has gradually penetrated into the Dalian team. Introverted, from domineering to a kind of kingly, not impatient, self-esteem and self-confidence, Wanda later became an invincible teacher, to a large extent, benefited from this kind of personality edification by the late guidance. ."

In the first few years of the A League, the Shanghai Shenhua and Dalian Wanda competition for hegemony between Shanghai and Shanghai was the most talked-about story in the league. Among them, the representative of Dalian Wanda is Chi Shangbin. At that time, the coaches of Wanda, Guoan, Shenhua, Quanxing and other teams were all local celebrities. Every meeting between Chi Shangbin, Jin Zhiyang, Yu Dongfeng and Xu Genbao would be Become a fan talk after dinner.

Chi Shangbin built Dalian Wanda into a domineering team in three years. The unbeaten record of 55 league games still makes it difficult for latecomers to beat.

In fact, many people cannot imagine that the coach who built this iron-blooded team is actually full of human touch. Whether it is for veterans or newcomers, Chi Shangbin always tempts and treats others kindly.

Dalian People's Club sent condolences.

Sun Jihai still remembers very clearly. In 1995, because of the decline in his performance, some fans scolded Xiao Wang Tao and cried, and he was so angry that Wang Tao was about to rush into the stands. "At this time, the director of Chi pulled Wang Tao and said in the tone of his brother,'Everyone on the football field has this quality, and individual people have this quality. You have a common knowledge with them, not that you have lowered your level!'"

Against the Bayi team, defender Xu Hong blamed himself for scoring his own. During the intermission, Chi Shangbin took the initiative to tell him "there is no defender who makes mistakes, just try to win the game." , Dalian Wanda really turned defeat into victory.

In the eyes of many meritorious players of Dalian Wanda, although Shenhua’s reputation for siege is far-reaching, Chi Shangbin emphasizes the control of the ball, and emphasizes the organization, passing and overall coordination of the midfield. In fact, this advanced football concept is also one of the reasons why Dalian can dominate the league.

The past grievances are gone, Li Yi sent me condolences

In the professional league, Chi Shangbin has also coached Henan Jianye, Jiangsu Shuntian and Shenzhen Jianlibao. The most classic scene of this was undoubtedly happened in 2005 when he coached Jianlibao, because he could not control the locker room. , Chi Shangbin dismissed get out of class midway through the season, and then the three most impressive Chinese football characters were born-

After the Shenzhen Jianlibao Club announced the news, Li Yi, a player of the Shenzhen team at the time, popped out three words in an interview with CCTV: "It's dawn." This has also become one of the most representative quotes in "Li Yi's Quotations" .

However, 6 years later, when Chi Shangbin led Dalian Albin back to Shenzhen, Li Yi also took the initiative to shake hands and make peace. At the appearance ceremony of the two teams, Li Yi took the lead to walk next to Chi Shangbin and said, "Director Chi, I'm sorry, I was too impulsive at the time..." Then Chi Shangbin hugged his apprentice, "It's okay. It's all gone."

The former grudges have now gone with the wind. Li Yi also wrote on Weibo after learning that Chi Shangbin had passed away: "Guide late, go all the way well." Photo of people shaking hands to relieve their suspicion.

Chi Shangbin had high hopes for the youth training. CFP map

Dalian and Northeast football need to settle down

For a long time, Dalian Football and Northeast Football have been the part of Chi Shangbin's heart.

In 2011, he served as the general manager of the Dalian Albin club and concurrently as the team leader, but only two years later, he resigned from the management post. But for hometown football, Chi Shangbin is always thinking about it.

At the beginning of the 2018 season, the once glorious Dalian football returned to the Super League after being dormant in the Chinese Premier League. When talking about Dalian football at the time, Chi Shangbin said in an interview with the Guangzhou Daily: "Dalian football has a long history. After a long period of precipitation, the A League in 1994 won the championship, and the Wanda era can be said to have reached its peak. But thenAfter the poor results, slowly the economy, manpower, and even the enthusiasm of the fans were not too good, and everyone was a little discouraged. Fortunately, I was able to settle down and summarize the shortcomings. "

As the brilliant creator of Dalian football, Chi Shangbin’s biggest wish is that Dalian football can start from scratch. “Returning to the Chinese Super League is a good thing for Dalian. After all, the foundation of Dalian football has not been lost. In the league, Dalian Football cannot say to rebuild its glory and win the championship. First of all, it must do its own business. Now it does not have the strength and environment to compete for the championship. Everything must be done from scratch. This is what Dalian Football should think of."

In recent years, including Dalian football, the entire Northeast football has been in a weak position. In this regard, Chi Shangbin also objectively analyzed the reasons, "In the current professional football environment, generally strong teams are supported by powerful private companies and even state-owned enterprises, which is difficult for Northeast football. The upper-level economic foundation determines the weakness of Northeast football, because football inevitably requires funds. Although there is a player base, there is no platform for a strong club and there is no way to support the players. I understand this very well. After all, players have to find a way. , Are we going to stop them? We also hope that the players can have a better way out."

In fact, Chi Shangbin also has his own vision for many years of football in Dalian and even in the Northeast. In his view, the Northeast club can transform to train players and maintain development by selling young players.

"The important thing is the unity of thinking between the government and the investment boss. Therefore, if Northeast Football wants to change, you must change your mind. Now as a veteran, I have no obligation, but I have the responsibility to promote this change. The past brilliance and shortcomings have been turned over."

Huang Jianxiang mourns Chi Shangbin.

Those who have witnessed the World Cup, pay attention to the youth training and no longer care about the national football

If Chi Shangbin has been achieved in the professional league, then the national football team has also fulfilled his late World Cup dream.

After finishing his coaching career in Dalian, in September 1998, Chi Shangbin coached the Sichuan Quanxing team and won the fifth place in the A League that year. After that, Chi Shangbin and Jin Zhiyang served as Chinese coaches in the national football team to assist Milu coaching. The top ten of the National Football Team in 2001 qualified for the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. Chi Shangbin also contributed his strength to the only World Cup trip in the history of the national football team.

Having been in the football circle for many years, Chi Shangbin has slowly discovered that if Chinese football wants to develop, it cannot be limited to the level of the national team. So in an interview 3 years ago, he even bluntly said that he has paid little attention to the national football team.

"I devote myself to youth training and amateur football. This is the basis for the growth of the national football population and the basis for football promotion. I am now the chairman of the Staff Football Committee of the Chinese Enterprise Sports Association, mainly for organization This is also a way of amateur football for corporate employees."

"After playing football, many employees become interested in football, and even send their children to play. This shows that this is a success. Even if these employees or their children cannot become professional players in the future, but They can watch football, can provide services for football, and there may even be entrepreneurs investing in football. This is the proliferation of football population."

According to public information, Chi Shangbin’s last public appearance was at the end of November 2020, when he, Zhu Guanghu, Li Chunman and other celebrities attended the Youth Football Development Forum held in Xiamen. Chi Shangbin, who once coached in Xiamen, said in an interview with local media that this is the first time he has returned to Xiamen in 20 years.

"This forum is planned and organized by my student Zhang Lei. Xiamen is the city where I have been working for two years. I am very excited to come back here."

With regard to youth training, Chi Shangbin also has his own point of view, "My view on youth training is just four words: perseverance. Youth training should not be artificial, it must be practical. Youth training It’s not an economic issue, but an education issue. Some schools are afraid of problems, and now they don’t even let students go downstairs during the break time, let alone exercise in the playground. Students just sit on the railings and watch. Scenery, this is a phenomenon I have seen with my own eyes. If digitization is still the focus of students and students are not allowed to exercise, how can their bodies be able to do it?"

In fact, Chi Shangbin is no stranger to youth training.

As early as 1987 to 1995, he was studying and playing in the Japanese league.At that time, he coached the youth training of the Gamba Osaka Club in Japan, became the first Chinese coach of Gamba Osaka, and trained the team for the team's international players such as Miyamoto Hiroyasu, Oguro Masashi, and Inamoto Junichi.

Chi Shangbin believes that “the training of young people is getting hotter now, but the parents who send their children to play football are mainly because their parents are more open-minded and their family finances are okay.

, The fee is too high, and too low will not work. So whether it’s a sports school, training class, or campus football training, you can try to do everything, but you must do it very seriously."

It is a pity that this meritorious coach of Chinese football can no longer contribute his own strength to Chinese football, but his many ideas may be the wealth left to Chinese football.

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