Fan Zhiyi’s 1995 was the best year for Chinese football ever

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Author: We invited the author Yang Jining

Recently, once Fan Zhiyi, the iconic figure of Chinese football, once again fought for the national football team on a certain entertainment program. He steadily educates several national basketball players, but it has also attracted a lot of heated discussions.

As an old football fan who started to watch football in the early days of the professional league, we must say, Fan Zhiyi is right, this matter is controversial, but the vitality and domineering shown in his show is really not controversial. Look at him jumping around and playing with all kinds of stalks in the show. How can he look like a person over fifty? Some people believe that twenty-five and sixty.

Suddenly, many fans seemed to pull their memories back-that "General Fan" became famous and reached its first peak in 1995.

1. The legendary undefeated workmanship

In 1995, the second year of professionalization of Chinese football, Fan Zhiyi was also brilliant The year of 2016: Won the top scorer, established the status of the national team's "boss", led a group of National Olympic team members, Shanghai Shenhua, fought a "snatch" and won the A championship and the Super Cup championship, if it weren't for the Football Association Jinan Taishan played a sap in the Cup final, and that 1995 was perfect. Regarding Fan Zhiyi's personal performance that year, ninety points is definitely not a problem.

So speaking of Fan Zhiyi's golden age, as long as he is a fan, he will definitely treasure the story of 1995. But if you are an old fan, you may sigh with emotion:

1995 was really the best year of Chinese football.

For the national football team, although there was no World Series in 1995, the national football team did not have official competition tasks, but after all The runner-up at the 1994 Asian Games supported the field. This result is enough to make fans proud. What everyone is looking forward to is the performance of the National Football Team in 1995. On the main court of the Beijing Workers Stadium, the National Football Team really killed all sides.

In fact, the previous year, the Chinese national team’s record in the industrial sports team was already very impressive, and it even directly led to the historic breakthrough of the Chinese team’s 1995 world ranking to 37. This and future changes The ranking of 70 to 80 is quite impressive.

Sampdoria, who lost in the Workers’ Stadium the previous year, took the initiative to play with the Chinese team in June of this year. I hope To save some face, the result was again disappointed by a two-goal gap. It was also the summer of the same year when the national football team had one win and one draw against Penarol, and a certain legendary Asian forward was also spotted. And this winter, the National Football team defeated the visiting American third runner-up Colombia in Beijing. Of course you can say that Colombia didn't try its best, don't worry about how much effort, can beat the third place in the America's Cup at home, how beautiful is the picture today?

Speaking of national titles, women's football must be mentioned this year. In the Swedish Women's World Cup in the summer of 1995, the Chinese women's football made history and avenged Sweden to win the semi-finals. A year later, the Chinese women's football team once again stepped on Sweden to enter the Olympic semifinals, and four years later they stepped on Sweden all the way to reach the US Women's World Cup finals, creating the myth of sonorous roses. So when it comes to the performance of Guozihao in one year, it is not an exaggeration to describe it as "full bloom".

Second, the league has created a "youth storm"

Of course, while the "National Brand" brings us joy. In 1995, more importantly, there was a promising professional league. It was definitely a year of "new star blowout" rare in Chinese football. Looking back now, there is a high probability that the age of the "stars" in the 1995 league will be staggering.

That year, Xie Hui was only 20 years old and was promoted by Xu Genbao to the position of the main striker. As a result, he kicked his head and scored goals at the beginning of the league and even dominated the league's scorer list. First name for a long time. andThere are so many new stars from the Shanghai Shenhua team that year. Qi Hong is only 19 years old. He is full of aura and is the main champion of the championship. At that time, he was called the "Three Musketeers" together with Fan Zhiyi and Xie Hui. The 20-year-old Wu Chengying has been galloping on the left side of the League A, madly rushing forward. In the next 20 years, the domestic arena did not produce a second such excellent left attacker. Nineteen and twenty-year-old youngsters are now playing the main force. What about the older players?

The 22-year-old Shen Si has no choice. In Shenhua this year, he can only play the role of super substitute.

This situation is not unique to the Shanghai Shenhua team. In 1995, most of the clubs It is really bold to use new people, and the new people's appearance is too competitive, and they can't be described as "Hope Star" at all.

Take the Shanghai Shenhua Football Association Cup opponent Jinan Taishan as an example! Goalkeeper Zhang Pengsheng is 22 years old, defender Liu Yue and Li Ming are both 19 years old, midfielder Li Xiaopeng is 20 years old, Li Bin is 20 years old, Yu Yuanwei is 20 years old, and Song Yuming is 19 years old. The top star of the team, Su Maozhen, was only 23 years old and picked up the A-A golden boots in the second year.

In a Football Association Cup final, out of the 22 players in the last game, you can pick an 11-man lineup for the National Olympics that you feel terrifying today. If you open it up based on the u23 age standard, You can also add Dalian's Zhang Enhua, Liaoning's Qu Shengqing, Zhuang Yi, Beijing's Yang Chen, Zhouning, Guangzhou's Peng Weijun, Tan Ende...According to the current standards, they belong to u23, but they have been on the battlefield that year, and now they are playing in stoppage time to cope with the policy. The U23 is really different.

III. Jianlibao’s fantasy debut

Except for those “young and old comrades” who are famous in the league, in the summer of 1995, that team The Chinese Jianlibao Youth Team, who has been studying in Brazil for two years and has been to the CCTV Children’s Day Party, also returned to China for a short return home.

On July 24, 1995, Jianlibao, whose average age was less than 18 years old, played a fierce battle with Tianjin Samsung, the top A team of that year, at home in Tianjin, facing an average age over 5 years old. The professional opponents, these underage "high school students", did not have stage fright, and finally defeated their opponents with Li Jinyu's lore. The TV footage of Li Jinyu undressing to celebrate shocked the audience. The fantastic Brazilian cooperation and strong personal dribbling ability have made many fans have happy conjectures about the future of Chinese football.

How shocking was Jianlibao’s performance at that time? Think about it in another way. Think about it if the current U18 national football team can beat the Dalian team in the Super League. What is it like?

That's definitely a headline that has to be touted. We need to know that the current national youth, teaming up to participate in the second division league, winning a game is big news, so it seems that the "Jianlibao" in 1995 did draw us a big and round pie.

For Jianlibao, the biggest regret of many old fans is that this team finally did not participate in the professional league in the way of the whole team. The small players of Jianlibao scattered among the clubs, and they were finally lost. For everyone.

But this is just a beautiful idea. Because Chinese football has entered the professional football league, it must operate the team in accordance with the operation of professional football.

Fourth, the 12-minute run that shocked the country

Nowadays, when it comes to the professionalization of Chinese football, there is often a view that when football is not professionalized, The men's football is not bad and the national team is very strong. After the professionalization has gone backwards, it is better not to engage in it

But the fact is that from 1994 to 1995, the professionalization of Chinese football has reached the point where it cannot be avoided. The former sports team model of Chinese football has suffered an unprecedented decline. In 1994, the Chinese National Youth League lost both in the Asian Youth Championship and missed the 1995 World Youth Championship.

A direct result of the decline in the level of competition is that fans do not buy it. Maybe we can't even imagine today, what was the most feared before the Chinese Football Association became professional?

Really, I'm just afraid that no audience is willing to spend money to watch the game. In 1994, when the professionalization of Chinese football was launched, officials from the Football Association once stated boldly before the league that "the audience must be invited back", but they had no confidence in their hearts. Because the A-League of the year was shortly after the Chinese national football team's defeat in the World Cup. In the previous domestic football matches, the attendance rate was less than 30%.There were even more desolate scenes of watching the football than playing.

Before professionalization, the team was in a sense a cultural and sports unit of "national spending, fans entertaining" . Under this system, players with fixed wages can’t be called actors who only perform football performances, but once they win the iron job, they will be paid by the state. Whether the football is played well or not, is it worthy of the fans? As far as the players are concerned, at least in terms of personal interests, there is not too much motivation and impetus. Therefore, before professionalization, the professional attitude of most athletes was far less than that of some critics now.

In 1993, when the national football team defeated Irbid, when the whole people summarized the problems and problems of men's football, the accepted one was "I want to practice" or "I want to practice."

Before professionalization, the touchstone to test the professional attitude and ability of Chinese men's football players was the 12-minute run that shocked the country in 1994. No matter how much we question the side of the 12-minute running today, at least at the beginning of the implementation, it did show that the fineness of Chinese football was really too watery.

In April 1994, the Chinese Football Association announced that 42 of the 457 A-A players had failed the physical fitness test and lost the qualification to participate in the league, including several international players. In the interview footage of a CCTV reporter at that time, the scene of a certain "top star" who fell into the physical examination and howled and crying left many fans with mixed feelings.

Let’s take a look at the origin of the 12-minute run. This 12-minute run of 3000 meters, designed by American expert Cooper, used to be the standard for American healthy men’s physical fitness, not the professional quality requirements of football players at all. . But there is no doubt that physical fitness is a necessary condition for football as a competitive sport. And our passing line has also been reduced by 100 meters, and finally set at 2,900.

Even in such a physical test, the top players in the country have a elimination rate of one-tenth, how shocking it is!

What this side of the body reflects can only be that the overall physical condition of the Chinese men’s football before professionalization is too poor, which will eventually force the Football Association to conduct physical fitness tests every year in Shanghai. , It is really helpless.

5. Turning back is definitely a dead end

From this perspective, there are indeed many problems with professionalism, which of course requires reflection. But without professionalism, it will definitely not work. With professionalism, the national football team has become a third-rate in Asia. If it didn't do it in the past, it will not enter the stream at all.

What needs to be explained is that the good results at the early stage of professionalization were immediate results in 1995. Look at the physical fitness test in 1995. Compared with 1994, the physical test results have been greatly improved. Most of the players' scores have exceeded 3100 meters, but even this is very similar to the European teams' 3400 meters. Big gap.

As the physical stamina improves, there are fewer players walking and kicking in the game, and the quality of the league has been greatly improved. This was compared with the Copa America by the media at the time: "This year’s A League teams offensive and defensive The speed of conversion has increased significantly, so that after watching the slow pace of the 30th America’s Cup group stage, someone sighed as if they had discovered a new world. South American football is nothing more than this..." Of course, there are some comments like this. Suspect, but it also shows that some fans have obvious feelings about the changes that have taken place in the A League.

And the ball market has also become unprecedentedly popular. The statistics given by the Football Association at that time were that the audience for the first eight rounds had reached 1.2 million. Maybe this number is really not a big deal later? But you must know that in the 1993 championship finals of a certain domestic championship, there were also embarrassing scenes where the number of spectators was smaller than the players.

Due to the training of professional leagues, many of the "worst national youth" and "worst national youth" players in 1994 came to the fore, not only shining in the league, but also as Chinese football rushing into the World Cup. Hero.

Also in 1995, new terms such as transfers and salary increases continued to impact Chinese football. For more players, "increased skills, higher level, better results in the game" means more bonuses and better choices. That year, Li Bing and Ma Mingyu knew for the first time that he had a value of 600,000 yuan and 400,000 yuan respectively. Of course, this kind of value was completely incomparable with the player’s transfer price ten years later and twenty years later, but at that time The first step indeed made many players full of imagination for the future.

In the words of the media at the time, the "hotness" of Chinese football in 1995 was ultimately the reform of the football management system. With more in-depth reforms and improvements, Chinese football will become more popular."Blast", more hopeful.

After looking back on the best year, I will inevitably sigh that there are too many detours after Chinese football...

There is one Facts are hard-wired: turning back is definitely a dead end, and only if you go professionally, there is hope!

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