My most in-depth youth training interview since my career: Exploring the Guangzhou Gu Guangming Football Club

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Exploring the Guangzhou Gu Guangming Football Club, General Manager Gu Guangjian: "Hengda-style management" is also effective when used in youth training. The docking of the elite training has formed a connection effect, not seeking fame and wealth Do a solid job of conveying to the bottom of the pyramid

(All real shots in this article are provided by team photographer Gan Yuxuan)

Author: Cong Shuoming

The new season of the Chinese Super League has not yet started, due to the postponement of the admission list As well as a series of accidents, it is still unknown whether the originally scheduled 420 will start. However, as the anti-epidemic situation in China has gradually improved, the new media team of Mingchao Sports did not stop, but used this time to prepare for the hot topics of Chinese football and the interviews and reports we have been focusing on, and cherish every An opportunity to continue to make the report bigger and stronger.

This time I visited the headquarters of Gu Guangming Football Club in Huangpu Sports Center, Guangzhou The first is to understand the development model and philosophy of its youth training, and to see whether it can play a positive role in the current environment of Chinese football; the second is to evaluate the ten outstanding male athletes selected for the 70th anniversary of Guangdong football in the future. An interview with Mr. Gu Guangming, play an outpost! After all, only by having an in-depth understanding of the cause that he has been working hard to develop, can he ask targeted questions, and finally it will be a high-quality report. Mr. Gu Guangming works and lives in Germany all year round. He used to return to Guangzhou frequently to handle related affairs. However, due to the severe epidemic situation in Europe, he cannot return to his country, so the interview can only be postponed. However, if the preliminary work is done well, it will naturally be of great help in the future. This is also the original intention of the team for this exploration.

At the Huangpu Sports Center on Fengle Road, Guangzhou, the club’s general manager Gu Guangjian The gentleman received us cordially and guided him warmly. He introduced us to the relevant departments of the club and their functional attributes one by one. In addition, they showed their brilliant achievements in the honor room one by one in the past few years. Then they sat down in the office. , Conducted an hour-long Q&A exchange; finally, the 59-year-old brother Jian also took the children to a training class in person... The content is rich and colorful, and it can be said that he has benefited a lot after the camp. In youth football, there is even a new understanding of Chinese football as a whole.

Thanks to Mr. Gu Guangjian, who is still fighting on the front line of youth training, for his careful guidance and talkative sharing. The love for football and the affectionate expression of Chinese football are fully revealed. People admire. Below, I will show you all the content of the interview.

Ming (Big Brother Ming): It is understood that Gu Guangming Football Club Established in 1998, Guangzhou Guguangming Football Club Co., Ltd. began operations in August 2012. The youth training organization has been established for more than 20 years, and the company's operation is about to reach 10 years. It can be said that the overall development has been very mature. First of all, what is the current comprehensive development status of the club and the company? Does it meet the original expectations?

Jian (Gu Guangjian): Guangzhou Gu Guangming Football Club and Gu Guangming Football Club Co., Ltd. are actually the same. The same legal person does the same thing: youth training, Later, the establishment of the company only changed the name and changed from a club to a company operation. There was a qualitative change. After all, the original club management method was extremely lacking in its own hematopoietic ability. Since the establishment of the company, everyone from the top to the bottom has changed. It is more appropriate to have a clear target directionLet the youth training career survive and develop. The comprehensive development of the club is mainly reflected in three aspects:

First of all, it is operated as a company. In the past, the club always needed financial support from relevant parties. Now it can tap its own potential and realize self-made blood. Use profit to raise coaches and maintain the development of the club. At present, in the field of youth training football clubs, it can be said that there are very few people who can completely rely on their own blood to ensure survival! In terms of operation, through our own hard work and repeated achievements, we have won the government to purchase services, and then we can naturally promote the development of campus football. After all, schools belong to the government. In addition, of course, there are paid services facing the market, which can generate income through enrollment and holding interest classes. These are also the two highlights that have contributed to our successful self-blood making and the ability to persist in business for so many years. On this basis, almost all of the club’s operations are in a state of balance. We will continue to invest them in youth training when there is a slight surplus. After all, we need to continue to expand. The profit funds are usually used as development funds to allow the club’s software and hardware Facilities become stronger!

Secondly, we are a youth training organization. The ultimate success is not based on how much money we earn, but whether we can cultivate talents: the first is survival, and the second is talent development. In the past ten years, we have achieved a one-stop service for enrollment, training, and delivery. The three parts are completed by ourselves. As a result, talents are emerging every year, and this is already a very normal phenomenon. Our training is an echelon structure, with a pool of players for each age group. For example, the 13-year-old group graduates, then the 12-year-old group can be taken over again, so as to ensure that talents are produced every year. . When it comes to transportation, we have two goals: one is the direction of professional teams; the other is to train football special admissions for universities and middle schools. This is also the direction of player output. Now many famous high schools need high-level technical middle school players, and the proportion of their needs is increasing. Approximately 37, 30% go to professional teams and 70% go to school. In recent years, the students cultivated by our club are basically "sweet and sweet", sent to schools of various levels, but they are all rushing to ask for them. Every year, our club has special activities to promote outstanding students under its command. It has become a habit, so our output rate of success is still quite high. Our club mainly trains children from 5 to 12 years old until they go to middle school. However, in recent years, due to cooperation with many middle schools, some of our coaches will also help them lead the team, but from the perspective of real training, it is still mainly in kindergarten and elementary school.

Finally, since the establishment of the company in the past ten years, new management models and methods have been used to replace the old ones. The team management we are doing now is entirely based on the company’s mature management system and established customers Supervision mechanism. I have to mention the Evergrande team, which is now the Guangzhou Football Club. I personally admire the Evergrande team very much. It is to use the company’s management system to operate a club and a team. This is what I think they have achieved the most success. The key factor. However, these have long been commonplace in professional football clubs. Now we also learn from this set of models in the operation of youth football clubs, and also use the company's rules and regulations to put them into the club's specific management-including clear rewards and punishments, as well as incentive mechanisms. , And everything has rules to follow and laws to follow; besides, we use advanced scientific methods to give public live video classes, direct access to parents, principals, and management, and truly establish a monitoring mechanism, thereby truly improving the quality of the courses stand up. At the same time, the club has also built a capable coaching elite team! So far, the effect is very good.

To sum up, it is precisely because of these three changes and our efforts to do a good job and continue them, and finally make the Gu Guangming Football Club have earth-shaking changes.

Ming: What is the current size of the Gu Guangming Football Club? How are the grades? Did you achieve the original goal?

Jian: The club has currently developed nearly 20 schools in Huangpu District; in 2020, we will establish 8 men’s and 4 women’s teams, and all of them will enter Guangzhou. Six; so far, as many as dozens of players have been sent to professional clubs and key famous middle schools...So at present, the healthy development of the club has reached our expected goal.

Ming: The epidemic has a great impact on various industries. Will it have a big impact on the operation of your club? From last yearSo far, how have you led the club and the company to overcome difficulties and continue to develop? Does Gu Guangming from Germany have any suggestions? How is he doing?

Jian: The main audience that our club has always targeted is schools, so when the epidemic first started, the impact was very big! All schools have been suspended, and school training can only be completely stopped. We have no choice but to completely suspend it, which lasted about two months. After that, we started to open classes online, and through video teaching, we solved the training problems of some qualified children at home. Online classes have limitations. They can only practice some basic single-player projects, but they are still helpful in that special period. Later, as the epidemic situation in our country continued to improve, the club slowly resumed training, and everything is now normal.

Gu Guangming is very anxious in Germany. After all, the club has to take on the task of competition every year. He used to run between the two places. Now that the epidemic cannot return, can he not be in a hurry? Gu Guangming, who is as far away as Germany, is very concerned about the club’s situation and has sent a large number of first-hand teaching videos to the club, which are used by our coaches for online classes and other tutorials, bringing you a lot of cutting-edge and most advanced tutorials. Advanced stuff. Mr. Gu Guangming is now old, he will not run around the stadium every day like before, but also take care of his family, but he can't leave his beloved football. Until now, he has been engaged in football-related things, including his son is also a football manager, and the father and son will often deal with some German football clubs and do some football-related work. Although far away in Germany, Gu Guangming still cares about Chinese football, the current situation of the national team, the Chinese Super League, and the Guangzhou team. Moreover, his company also has some business contacts with China, so of course he will always pay attention to the developments here.

Ming: We know that the Gu Guangming Football Club has been in China since its establishment Football has cultivated players such as Liao Lisheng, Hu Weiwei, etc. Are there any new talents that make people shine in the past two years? In your opinion, for a mature youth training organization, is it the success of the team under its command, or the training of top individuals to enter the high-level team and play an active role as success?

Jian: Since we moved to Huangpu, the training of the club has completely bid farewell to the old elements of the past. In the past, semi-finished youth training products could also be used for cultivation, but now that we are here, we all start from scratch, starting from the age of 5, we must have a time to settle, and we can't worry. We now train the largest players in 2003 and 2004. This age group is almost not well-known in China, and can only have a place in the youth team at most. As I said just now, we have people in some professional teams, including the Guangzhou team and the Guangzhou City team. We are at this stage now, and we have not yet reached the adult stage. Can these people really play out in the future? , Can only say that remains to be seen. According to statistics, in recent years, we have trained more than a dozen national teams, including men's and women's teams. Forty or fifty people who have gone to professional clubs have gone to Guangzhou Shuangxiong. , There are those who go to Wanda, even to foreign Atletico, and some clubs and teams in Brazil... They are all born and trained here. If you talk about going to prestigious schools, there are too many, countless!

Since our establishment and development, the strong support and trust of the Huangpu District Government is particularly important. Coupled with the brand effect that has gradually formed over the years, there are really many schools and teams who come to ask us to provide services. Our annual enrollment is very lively. It is still possible to look at the source of students. We will select the students who sign up. It is not that you can enter as long as you pay.

There are many organizations engaged in football youth training across the country. Each organization actually has its own positioning. Some need to produce results immediately, some are echelon-style, and the other is like us. We need to produce results as soon as possible, so our position is very clear-to cultivate talents! For more accurate and specific positioning, we are a platform for training players before sending them out. We will never hold them, but think of ways to train children from a blank sheet to a level or even top-notch. Level students, then push them out to professional clubs and their echelons. So I think talents are the most important thing. Of course, it cannot be one size fits all. After all, the development positioning of each club is different. The ultimate goal is to produce talents, but we must also win championships and pursue more wins. The reason is simple. This does not mean that we are chasing results, or that we only look at results in our eyes, but everyone should also not forget that if there is no good result, Where do excellent seedlings come from? The relationship between the two parties is complementary and there is no contradiction. We have got a lot of good results, which also means that we will be in this championship team.Many good seedlings have emerged, which is actually a reverse pursuit. Desperately getting results does not mean that we only value achievements, but it means that we have to use this method to produce many talents! Now, we have one or two championships back every year. As we all know, the selection of talents is naturally in the championship team, and we train talents by winning the championship, so that we may better understand our positioning and ultimate goal. This is the best way I think.

Ming: You have been on the front line of cultivating football talents. Can you talk about the mental process of business development these years and what is the biggest feeling in it? Can you share one of the most touching and memorable stories related to students, coaches or clubs?

Jian: If you talk about feelings from the perspective of the operator, you must produce talents for youth training. However, the most difficult thing for youth training is not to produce talents, but to survive and let the club It is the most difficult to be able to develop in a healthy way. This is the hardest thing I think. It is not easy to come down over the years. There have been losses, some have been flat, and it is hard to make a profit and then have to invest again. Like the development of football in Huangpu District, it is holistic. There are not only men, but also women. It is already difficult for men to operate, let alone women? So in Whampoa, we play the women's team for free! In this way, no matter how much you earn, half of it must be used to maintain the expenses of the women's team. Of course, this also has an advantage, because we attach importance to women's football, so we mentioned above that our men's and women's teams have entered the top six in Guangzhou, and the results are not bad. Such a comprehensive development will not be too singular.

Youth training, including campus football, has a feature that it cannot take up class time. This requires clubs to comply with requirements and can only use public holidays for training. So the holidays are used for training, and the club staff, coaches, students, parents of students, and so on, almost never rest. This is not just a few months, but after so many years, everyone can sacrifice their vacation time for this career. This is the most touching thing! With so many people's support, rain or shine, and persistence for so long, everyone understands each other, and it's really moving!

Ming: You have also had a lot of exchanges with Evergrande Football School over the years , Do you agree with its new development model of "all elites, all free"? Based on their own situation, will they have good experience to learn from in their development? Or what are the lessons to be learned? What is your comment on the "Genbao Model" and the ten-year sharpening of the sword?

Jian: I very much agree with the current development model of Evergrande Football School. Now the positioning has changed. In fact, the original positioning is similar to ours. It cannot correspond to the core points. What we should focus on is our next level of work. We are the first level, they should succeed us at this level! A child who doesn't know how to play football is put in a football school and put a lot of resources into training. I personally don't approve of this approach, but now they have changed their approach and conducted elite training, which I very much approve! Because he did the work on the apex of the youth training pyramid, and what we have to do is the work on the bottom of the pyramid, which is good for the development of the entire youth training. If there is a fault in it, it is absolutely detrimental to the cultivation of the child. Our position is to do a good job at the bottom of the pyramid, but when we do everything well, it turns out that there is no spire to take over all of this, and it will not work! If the top of the tower does not have the bottom of the tower to provide it with talents, it will not work! Although our approaches to youth training are different, they have formed a connection effect between each other. Everyone complements each other to ensure the continuity and integrity of the entire youth training system. This development is obviously on the right path. Evergrande's football school has invested heavily in all operations and is free of charge. The idea is right. At this stage, they must do this!

I personally feel that Genbao’s youth training model, which has been sharpened in ten years, is also to cultivate talents at the top of the youth training pyramid. In this regard, it is consistent with the goal of Evergrande Football School. We are the first level of the youth training, and they should be the second level. It would be better to separate them. After all, the pertinence of training, including the energy and content invested, is definitely different. This is why the youth training should pay attention to details and be refined.

Naruto: The training of a young player is very likely to reach the youth training tower The sharp level has slowly emerged in the public’s field of vision, ifThe development is smooth, and in the end, it will take a few years to become famous and talented. Maybe most people will ignore the experience of this player at the bottom of the tower. If this happened to the Gu Guangming Football Club, would you mind?

Jian: Absolutely not! Because I always think that our positioning is like this. I don't think there will be any problems in this situation. In fact, without us, there would be no them. This is understandable, people in the industry, and the players themselves! And I am very willing to see more such phenomena happen, which also shows that our initial vision and initial training are successful, and this is enough. We have always maintained our original aspirations, and we have seen too much of the eagerness of the Chinese football circle. We do all this without seeking fame and fortune. No amount of aura is as important as truly cultivating a talent.

Naruto: There are almost no Guangdong local players in the current Guangzhou team, but from Evergrande Football School has made an extraordinary entry into the first team, but the new force is increasing year by year. What do you think of this phenomenon? Are there any more promising newcomers? Do you think that the Guangzhou team needs a large number of Guangdong local reserve forces to join?

Jian: I think that promoting my youth players to the first team is a way to train young players. Some people will be transferred together as a whole group, which is very popular in the past. For example, if a group of players have achieved good results in the national youth competition, they will be transferred to the first team together to replace the original group of old players. Now the Guangzhou team does this. It is also very good to promote individual outstanding players to the first team in batches. In fact, the two methods are not contradictory. The key is to see which team is suitable for you, and you can use it well. This is a means of training, and does not mean that you can become a talent immediately by doing so. The key depends on the good fortune of the players themselves.

It is very unrealistic for professional clubs to deliberately pursue players in a certain place. After all, it must strive for the best results, and it certainly cannot have geographic limitations. However, there is still a drawback here. If there is no local Guangzhou player in the Guangzhou team, this may have a negative impact on the local youth training career, as well as football construction and football development.

I think that good youth academy players do not mean that any professional club wants and has as many as they want, but that all relevant departments in the entire region pay enough attention to youth training, so that it is possible. To produce a lot of talents, this cannot be achieved by the efforts of one or two clubs. We can't put the cart before the horse, because there are a lot of good players who come first before the club will include them. It should be noted that it is useless for the club to promote without training good players. This is equivalent to promoting the seedlings, and there will be no good results. Instead, there should be excellent seedlings first, and the clubs have to grab them to be correct.

For the observation of young players, I mainly look at his basic skills and personal comprehensive abilities, but these elements are particularly good in their youth, which does not mean that they will still be as good in adulthood. So at present, it is difficult to draw conclusions on this issue. If this player does not have a good foundation in his youth, he will definitely not get better after he is in the adult team; if he has a good foundation, he can encounter a good opportunity, such as the Guangzhou team giving him a chance, then the player's success rate will naturally be high. . So at this stage of our training, I will not easily say who will become a talent. After all, there are still variables in the future and it depends on the efforts of the players themselves. Of course, there is still a right direction and it can be provided. We have always paid great attention to the training of individual foundation. At the same time, we must also put an end to the phenomenon of "injury Zhong Yong" in Chinese football! So including the newcomers like Tan Kaiyuan, Wang Shilong, Permanjiang, etc. you just mentioned, I still can't say who will become talents in the end.

Ming: What do you hope for the future of Gu Guangming Football Club ? What are the plans? What are the goals? How do you think the development can help Chinese football better?

Jian: I very much hope that the current development model of our club can continue to receive strong support from the government! This is my hope for the future. As long as they continue to support, this model can continue, and I believe that the future will be better. In addition, there are still a lot of talents we train every year, but objectively, among them, technical talents such as Rong Zhixing, Gu Guangming, and Zhao Dayu are still too few! I earnestly hope that such top talents can appear in our club! Although it is difficult, I think as long as our training model and training methods are innovated, there is still hope.

In the future,We will work hard in this direction to find and train top talents, and the more the better. Even if we are dealing with jobs at the bottom of the Youth Training Pyramid, we also hope that our coaching team, including the staff, can be more professional and have a higher level. We will continue to work hard for this. This is also the aspect that our Guangzhou Gu Guangming Football Club hopes to contribute to Chinese football in the future.

Interview experience: Thank you very much Guangzhou Gu Guangming Football Club The general manager Mr. Gu Guangjian gave the warm reception and patient explanation of the new media team of Mingchao Sports, from the introduction of the club headquarters to the office interview, and then to the training session with brother Jian personally. The training lasted for more than two hours. I am deeply aware of the true appearance of the youth football clubs belonging to the grassroots of Chinese football. Know yourself and the enemy, a hundred battles will never end! While everyone continues to praise how powerful foreign youth training, South American youth training, European youth training, and Japanese youth training are, we must also understand the real situation of our youth training so that we can better learn from each other and make ourselves stronger. At the same time, this is also a good outpost for the future interview of the famous Chinese football player, Mr. Gu Guangming. Only when you truly understand what it is currently operating, and really contact and feel it, will higher-quality reports be produced. Finally, I wish Mr. Gu Guangjian all the best in his work and all the best. I also hope that after reading this report carefully, the fans will have a more intuitive understanding and experience of the Chinese youth academy.


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