Evergrande, don't rush back to China! The four finalists of the Chinese Super League and the AFC are defeated, which is also an opportunity for the national football team to enter the World Cup.

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Beijing Guoan 0-2 was eliminated by Ulsan Hyundai and missed the top 4 of the AFC Champions League. It also meant that the Chinese Super League BIG4 was wiped out. When the fans ridicule Evergrande that they can form a group to return to China, in fact, calm down and think about it. Don't rush back!

Recently, Evergrande player Wei Shihao complained in social media After being prevented from returning to China, Yang Liyu and other players also followed up with complaints, suspecting to complain that the Football Association coaxed them to play in the AFC, but now they don't care about going home. Yan Dinghao even made it clear that they were on the verge of collapse. Hengdazhong's complaint has also received sympathy from some netizens, who believes that the Football Association should coordinate the matter as soon as possible and not cause more trouble.

But judging from the current domestic epidemic prevention situation, Hengda will have to strictly abide by the rules, and it is understandable to obey the arrangements. The view of more fans is that there are so many medical staff and soldiers on duty in the country, and they also don't care about their families for the safety of the country and the nation. Constant Volkswagen will earn so much money but play so badly. What qualifications do they have to be hypocritical?

Moreover, the mission of the National Football Team to enter the World Preliminary 12 Quite severe, the coaching ability of national football coach Li Tie is far inferior to Lippi, and it is more pros than cons to arrange training for the internationals as soon as possible. The top four of the Chinese Super League were destroyed in the AFC. Actually, it is also an opportunity for Chinese football. Li Tie originally planned to conduct a training camp next year, why not start now?

After Li Tie took office, he regarded the physical fitness of the international footballers very importantly. After the winter training at the beginning of this year, the physical fitness of the players was even at the peak of their careers. Now Evergrande, Shenhua, Shanghai SIPG and Guoan are all stranded in Qatar. There are ready-made training venues. The main staff of the national football team are also relatively concentrated. Li Tie flew over with the coaching staff to arrange the meeting in advance, and everyone trains overseas in advance to prepare for the world preliminaries. , You will be able to go home, and you can save time for a good year. Wouldn’t it kill two birds with one stone?

Maybe some fans will think that players are physically and mentally Exhaustion is not a good time for training, but after experiencing this year’s sudden challenges, we should all realize the importance of "predict everything before it is not foreseen, then waste". If we miss this good opportunity, the international team will be out of the world preliminaries. It's too late to regret! I usually say to fight for the country, but now I have food and drink, so what's the matter if I'm tired?

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