China Super League assists the National Football team

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The other one who lost the election due to injury is probably Li Ke. After the restart of the Chinese Super League, Li Ke has never been able to appear in the list of matches. Even if there is a shortage of national security personnel, and sometimes even unable to sign up for 23 people, Li Ke is nowhere to be seen. In this case, the national team may not be able to call him into the team.

In addition to these three,

Tan Long, Zheng Zheng, and Ji Xiang may all lose the election. It’s because of overlapping locations. And, you know, these three people are all added to the list when they played in the top 40 in June. When preparing for the top 40 in mid-May, none of these three players was included in the 26-man roster announced by the National Football Team. Zheng Zheng was added to the team when Zeng Cheng was injured and the national football team decided to recruit Wang Dalei as a replacement. Tan Long and Ji Xiang were temporarily called to the team before the national team was forced to abandon the home stadium in Suzhou and go to Sharjah for the game, and Liu Binbin was also called up at that time. The National Football team recruited them because of away games and brought them to the UAE as alternates in order to prevent accidents. Of course, accidents did occur in the following games, and they were all able to enter the bench list and get the opportunity to play.

But this time, because the national team is ready to also go to West Asia to fight, in the position of center back,

Shanghai Shenhua’s "post-00" teenager Zhu Chenjie played in the Super League. After the restart of the league, she has been playing for Shenhua continuously, and she performed well, so she was able to be called up. Therefore, Zheng Zheng had no chance. In particular, in comparison, Zhu Chenjie had already participated in the first four rounds of the top 40 matches as early as Lippi era, but he has been plagued by injuries and missed the national football team. This time he returned to the national football team with a healthy body.

At the right back position, Wang Gang from Beijing Guoan also reappeared in the Super League after returning from injury. Originally, Wang Gang performed well during the two national team training sessions at the beginning of the year. However, after returning to the Guoan Club, he was injured in training and missed the first five rounds of the first stage of the Super League, and the national football team was unable to recruit him.

Tomorrow and Tang Miao's successive injuries, Wang Gang's recovery from injury can be said to be just right.

Of course, some people may think that the right back position is relatively thin, because no one can substitute. But in fact, in this position, Zhang Linpeng, a central defender, can return to this position. On the other hand, Wang Shenchao from the Shanghai Seaport team can actually serve this position. During the top 40 games, Wang Shenchao was placed at the left-back position, but

Wang Shenchao was actually the "magic oil" on the back line. After the restart of the Chinese Super League, we can see that Wang Shenchao was first placed in the right wing position, and then changed to play the right center of the three center defenders. Of course, he can also serve as a left wing guard. As for the four-back system, both left and right are competent.

More importantly, after Guangzhou’s Micro Motion was changed from center back to left back, this year’s After the restart of the Chinese Super League, Micro Motion's performance was quite outstanding, and there were goals. His selection is actually equivalent to liberating Wang Shenchao from the left-back position. Moreover, there is Li Lei in the left-back position. Therefore, Ji Xiang's loss was expected.

As for Tan Long, his performance is still good after the restart of the Chinese Super League. However,

As a center, the National Football Team has chosen a high center forward like Guo Tianyu. In comparison, Tan Long has no advantage, especially in the likes of Exxon and Luo Guofu. Naturalized players were selected. If it is arranged on the side wing, like Wu Xinghan, Liu Binbin, and even the newly selectedButton, are all unique players. Therefore, after weighing, Tan Long, born in 1988, as a veteran, has not been selected for the time being.

It should be said that when the National Football team made this choice, it still fully considered the performance in the league and the pros and cons of various aspects, and weighed the choices made afterwards. Therefore, after the announcement of the list, it failed to arouse more controversy. In other words,

This time, the National Football Team has called everything that can and can be called into the team.

The league helps the six will return and there are two other newcomers span>

Compared with the list of the top 40, in addition to the 6 players mentioned above, this There are a total of eight people who belong to the "new players". Of course, more of them belong to the "return" category. The only new players in the true sense are Wang Qiuming and Button.

The so-called "return", of course, has previously played on behalf of the Chinese national team, but temporarily lost due to injuries and other reasons. But these players lost the election, all because of good performance in the Super League. I have to say that

The Chinese Super League has played a key role in adjusting the player's state. For example, Micro Motion has been selected and played in the East Asian Cup as early as Lippi era. However, he was a central defender at the time. After Li Tie took office, Gao Zhunyi was not selected, but this time he returned to the national team to play in the top 12 matches, but he was a left back.

At the left-back position, Micro Motion's performance, especially his cross after pressing the assist, is generally regarded as a "long ball". And another teenager, Zhu Chenjie, also returned after injury. Wang Gang at the right-back position does not need to say much.

As for Xu Xin, Luo Guofu, Guo Tianyu, etc., they have previously participated in the national team training organized by Li Tie. Or was selected for the training camp list, but was absent due to injury or other reasons. But in the past period of time in the Chinese Super League, they performed well and were able to return.

The real surprise is Wang Qiuming and Button, and these two are also selected because of their good performance in the recent Super League. Especially like Wang Qiuming, he looks very inconspicuous, but in fact, in the 93-year-old Olympic team, he is a good midfield organizer, and the final pass still has some foundation. As for Button, as a wide player in the 97 Olympic team, he can run without hesitating physical strength, and he can resolutely execute the coach's intentions. Although the current Tianjin Jinmen Tigers are fighting for relegation, his role on the court is still very obvious.

Fresh blood helps the National Football team complete the replacement of old and new

In fact, among the newly added players this time, a noteworthy situation is that the newly selected players are Most of the young players. During the top 40 matches, there was a lot of talk about the average age of the national football team. At that time, the youngest member of the selected team was Zhang Yuning, a 97-year-old player. And

The average age of other players, especially those in the main lineup, is almost over 30 years old. Of course, this is also a true portrayal of Chinese football to some extent, that is, the talents of Chinese football are not being picked up.

After qualifying for the top 40, the head coach Li Tie has actually realized this problem, and he also mentioned that Chinese football not only needs to consider the issue of the top 12 matches, but also needs to take into account the 2023 Asian Cup. The problem is that because the Chinese team is the host of the 2023 Asian Cup, as the host, the Chinese men’s football team cannot perform too badly anyway, and needs to have certain results. However, the achievement of results requires good players and outstanding players as support. But now the "aging" trend of the Chinese men's national team is quite serious. It is also because of this that the same winger is

Tan Long, who is 88 years old, is replaced by Barton, who is 95 years old. It is easy to understand.

From this perspective, among the eight newly selected players, Xu Xin and Wang Qiuming are both The 93-year-old National Olympic team members, together with Liu Binbin, Wu Xinghan, etc., are hoping that players of this age can grow up as soon as possible. Despite theirThey are already older compared to their age, but in Chinese football, now is the time for them to grow up. And

Button and Micro Motion are all 95-year-old players;

Zhu Chenjie and

Guo Tianyu are 99-year-old players, especially

Zhu Chenjie belongs to the first "post-00" player in the national team.

The selection of these players is conducive to the replacement of the national football team. Of course, this kind of replacement takes time, and it also requires excellent young players to provoke the mainstay.

It is precisely because of this that, under the premise of fully impacting the top 12 matches, taking into account the renewal of the national football team can be regarded as another feature of this national football team. Of course, for relatively young players, the experience itself is more important.

According to the arrangement, the Chinese men's football team is scheduled to start gathering in Shanghai on August 18. After the Australian side confirms the location of the first home court, the Chinese team will decide the time of the expedition based on the actual situation.

List of 31 national football players:

Goalkeepers: Yan Junling (Shanghai Seaport), Liu Dianzuo (Guangzhou), Wang Dalei (Shandong Taishan), Dong Chunyu (Wuhan);

Defenders: Jiang Guangtai, Zhang Linpeng, Micro Motion ★ (Guangzhou), Yu Dabao, Li Lei, Wang Gang ★ (Beijing Guoan), Wang Shenchao, Li Ang (Shanghai Seaport), Zhu Chenjie ★ (Shanghai Shenhua);

Midfielder: Zhang Xizhe, Chi Zhongguo (Beijing Guoan), Jin Jingdao, Xu Xin★, Wu Xinghan, Liu Binbin (Shandong Taishan), Wu Xi (Shenhua), Yin Hongbo, Wang Qiuming (Hebei) ●, Hao Junmin (Wuhan), Button (Tianjin Jinmen Tiger) ●;

Forwards: Exon, Alan, Wei Shihao, Luo Guofu★ (Guangzhou), Zhang Yuning (Beijing Guoan) , Guo Tianyu★ (Shandong Taishan), Wu Lei (Spanish)

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