The 34-year-old Argentine star talks about Chinese football: Chinese players fight really hard!

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The Chinese Super League for the new season has a plan to start in August, and the Football Association has made a full 40-page epidemic prevention plan, but how the Chinese Football Professional League will start still needs to be waited. However, a 34-year-old Argentine star who left the Chinese Super League recently expressed his views on the Chinese Super League and even Chinese football. In an exclusive interview with the Spanish media "Aspen", he took the initiative to talk about the current status of Chinese football and introduced his experience in China to Spanish fans!

This is Augusto, who played in the Super League Beijing and played for the Argentinean Defensive midfielder, once played for Atletico Madrid in La Liga, is an excellent defensive midfielder. At the beginning of 2018, he joined the Chinese Super League Beijing Renhe for 4.5 million Euros, which caused quite a stir. However, compared with the Brazilian international Augusto of Beijing Guoan, this Augusto obviously did not perform as expected and was even troubled by injuries!

Last season, he failed to help the team succeed in relegation. Now, the Beijingers and He can only fight again League One, and Augusto also left the team. Recently, he also accepted an interview with the Spanish media. He bluntly said that he came to the Super League for money, and he did not want to make up a lie. However, he also said that the outside world does not know about Chinese football and believes that the confrontation between the Chinese Super League is not fierce and even underestimates the level of Chinese football. Augusto bluntly said that Chinese football is better than imagined!

When it comes to Chinese football, Augusto sighs sincerely that the Chinese are actually very fast and can run Fast, especially when it comes to aggressiveness, the Chinese are very strong. Later, he also seriously told reporters that if you don't believe me, you can find someone to fight with the Chinese players and see who can win in the end? Obviously, Augusto is very sure about the fighting ability of Chinese players, and believes that European players may not be able to fight. This is also the deep feeling of Augusto in the Super League!

The 34-year-old Augusto is very grateful for his experience in the Super League. He said that the Chinese Although the speed and aggressiveness are strong, the skills are a little short, so foreign players will only be respected if they show their super strength in training and competitions. My own experience in China is very precious and a wealth of life. I have to say that Augusto’s feelings are indeed different from those of other foreign players. Perhaps as a defensive midfielder, he feels more aggressive about Chinese players! (Lao Qiu Chinese Super League Ball Review)


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