Ten talented Chinese football players

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Top Ten Talented Players in Chinese Football_Top Ten Players in Chinese Football History

Since then, he has been physically Restriction, from a genius to an ordinary player, which is very regrettable. Zhang is a very special talented player. He was once recognized by the outside world as the most outstanding player in technology and was also recognized by China's Diego Maradona. 6. Zhu: Shenhua is a talented central defender. He has participated in 4 top 40 matches and the future is promising. 7. Duan: Sean Junmin’s successor to the Luneng team, the absolute core of the Olympic team. 8. John Young: The leader of the young generation of central defenders, the core of TEDA's defense. 9. Tao: After 00.

ˇ△ˇ He is China's most successful professional player in the past 10 years. He has left the Premier League and the Soviet Union. As a 36-year-old athlete, he still runs the entire field on the court. Although he led the national team with poor results, Chinese football will remember this name anyway. 9. Ailing Liu is the "Little Dengzi" who gradually faded out of the national team after a period of high light. These six people can be said to be talented players in the history of the national football. Among them, Li Huajun, Chen Tao and Dong Fangzhuo can be compared with the world stars, but unfortunately they failed to keep up and "fallen" and eventually became Chinese football.

∪ω∪ In this case, Tao Qianglong can be called the future of Chinese football. 003010 has been selecting talented players for many years and is very authoritative. In the previous list, Chinese players Shan Huanhuan and Wang Jiahao were selected in 2016 and 2017 respectively. It can be seen that he is faster than Lu, and his body is not inferior to Ronaldo, but then the young man drifted away on the road of a superstar due to injury. Now Ronaldo is still a football superstar, and King Dong has already bid farewell to the stadium. They are talented players born in China after the 80s.

In the barren land of Chinese football, talented players will naturally attract people's attention, but to transform talent into strength, not only self-discipline, but also good opportunities and excellent luck are required. Therefore, only a handful of them are Gianni Rivera, the first talented player in football history to enjoy the nickname "Golden Boy". 14. Messi won the 20th Golden Globe Award in 2006 when he was 19 years old. In 2005, Argentina won the World Youth Championship and the 18-year-old Messi won the World Youth Championship best player.

Chinese fans have high hopes for him. He also scored the first goal on behalf of the Chinese Olympic team in the Beijing Olympics, but for some reason, such a talented player with high hopes faced a situation where there was no ball to play. It really makes Chinese fans feel a pity. [Professional] There are too many answers: In the history of national football, there have been many talented players, Dong Fangzhuo is one of the best. At the age of 19, he joined Manchester United at a high price. At the age of 21, he got more questions from China about the ten talented Chinese football players.


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