The best goalkeeper in the Chinese Super League "has no ball to play". He was expelled from the national football team for drunk driving. This team is afraid of relegation.

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On the morning of September 21, the Hedong Branch of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau issued a police report stating that a player surnamed Zhang in Tianjin was suspected of drunk driving and has been detained according to law; so far we have been able to confirm that this player surnamed Zhang is the country Zhang Lu, the goalkeeper of the team and Tianhai team, when the news came out, the whole network was in an uproar, and they all felt sorry for the goalkeeper. Later, the Chinese Football Association's punishment decision on Zhang Lu was also made public. In summary, it was canceled. Zhang Lu’s qualification for the training competition of the Chinese team and stopped participating in all official football activities organized by the Chinese Football Association. As soon as the result of this punishment came out, it almost "ended" Zhang Lu Guangming’s career prospects. At the same time, drunk driving violated the criminal law and was jailed Disasters are also inevitable. Ironically, Zhang Lu was just elected the best goalkeeper last month and was also selected for the national football training team. Once this happened, Zhang Lu might have to face the embarrassing situation of "no ball to play".

Zhang Lu

At the same time, Tianjin Tianhai team also imposed a suspension of pay, training and game suspension on Zhang Lu. For the team, the goalkeeper Zhang Lu missed the next few rounds of the league because of this reason. For them who are still in the relegation zone, it can be described as worse. It seems that this year is more difficult for Tianhai to relegation.

Zhang Lu

Zhang Lu’s drunk driving incident can be said to be the second incident in which a domestic player has been punished recently. Just one day ago, the Chinese Football Association officially challenged U21 The young player Guo Tianyu made a six-month ban, plus a six-month penalty decision to be banned from being transferred to the national team. The reason was that he played with his teammates on mobile phones in the audience in the U22 Huangshi game, and before he was exposed. Some irresponsible remarks angered the leaders. Taking a comprehensive look at the recent incidents of frequent violations and punishments of national football players, we can find that our players are not only inferior to humans, but more importantly, they are professionally inadequate. Whether it is teenager Guo Tianyu playing mobile phones in the stands, or Zhang Lu Drinking and drunk driving all show that players are extremely unprofessional. For Zhang Lu, first of all, professional players are unprofessional when drinking during the game. He even drunk driving. Drunk driving is classified as a criminal case in our country, which is very easy to cause serious problems. From this point of view, it is not just a matter of occupation or not. It can rise to a character issue. It will really cause casualties. Who can afford this responsibility?

Contrast our No. 1 national gate Yan Junling, who was appointed by the Shanghai Traffic Police as the Shanghai Road Traffic Safety Propaganda Ambassador this month, calling everyone to drive in a civilized and safe way. This is similar to the second or even third gate of the National Football Team, Zhang Lu In comparison, it is a wonderful irony. The reason why Zhang Lu could not reach Yan Junling's height was not only a technical problem, but also his professionalism.

Yan Junling

From this point of view, Zhang Lu and Guo Tianyu may not only have such unprofessional behavior among our players. There may be players with similar problems. Many, while we have been emphasizing technical improvement, we should also make great efforts to rectify the player’s professional awareness. In the end, Zhang Lu was fined for drunk driving, he may be "no ball to play", and Tianhai suffered heavy losses, which may be difficult. If you have any good thoughts and opinions about the incident of escaping and downgrading, please leave a message in the comment area to discuss, remember to like and follow.


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