National Football World Cup 7-0 victory over Guam: Yang Xu's "big four" and Wu Lei score

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Original title: 7-0 victory over Guam in the World Cup World Championships: Yang Xu's "big four", Wu Lei Axon scored goals

In the 6th minute, Wang Gang and Hao Junmin crossed from the wing, and Yang Xu shot the goal.

Without any suspense, the national football team ushered in a big victory in the world’s top 40 preliminaries.

On the evening of October 10, facing the Guam team, the national football team won a 7-0 victory. Yang Xu staged the "big four", Wu Lei, Wu Xi and Exon made contributions to the national football team.

For Yang Xu, who scored 4 goals in this game, he also tied the records of the two predecessors. In the history of the national team, the players with the most hat tricks are Su Maozhen and Zhang Yuning. The two scored three yuan each for three times.

Wu Lei relies on his personal ability to score goals.

Be cautious before the game, and win the game.

In this game against Guam, Lippi’s starting lineup is not suspenseful, just like the previous media disclosed. The team that defeated the Maldives 5-0 as a guest in the last game, the only change was because Beijing Guoan left back Li Lei was injured and the starting player was replaced with Dalian's Li Shuai.

The national football 4-3-3 formation is:

The goalkeeper Yan Junling, four defenders Wang Gang, Zhang Linpeng, Zhu Chenjie, Li Shuai, and the three midfielders are Chi Zhongguo, Hao Junmin and Wu Xi, Exon, Yang Xu, and Wu Lei formed an attack line trident


Yang Xu scored with a header.

Before the game, compared to the winning result, the outside world generally believed that against an opponent like Guam, the Chinese team should win by a large score, even if it scores less than double digits, it is considered a failure. , But Lippi poured cold water on this hot mood.

"The most important thing is to win, get three points, no matter who is the only goal. It is not very easy to score more goals, even if the opponent is weak.



The Guam goalkeeper made a serious mistake, and Yang Xu finished the hat trick with a big gift.

Lippi emphasized: "I have been engaged in professional football for forty to fifty years. If we think that our opponents are weak, we may encounter trouble in the game. If we can face it with the right attitude For the game, we can proceed according to our expectations."

Indeed, the national football players have also practiced Lippi's words-with Yang Xu’s "big four" and Wu Lei’s strength in the opening 30 minutes He shot 5-0 to lead his opponent, Wu Xi scored a header in stoppage time in the first half, and the national football team led 6-0.

In the second half of the game, the national football team intends to conduct technical and tactical drills, and the pace of scoring has slowed down, but the naturalized player Exxon still completed the goal as he wished.

Yang Xu was "big four" and became the second scorer in the history of the national football team with 28 goals.

Wu Xi scored with a header, 6-0 in the national football half.

Exon scored a goal and the national football team led 7-0.

Chen Xuyuan and the Chinese Super League club’s boss watched the game live

This time the national team started the first home game of the World Preliminary in Guangzhou, and it is only a short time before the end of this season’s Chinese Super League. The last five rounds are left. With the opportunity of the World Preliminaries, on the morning of the match against Guam, the Chinese Super League clubsThe third meeting of the General Managers' Joint Meeting was held in Guangzhou.

Liu Yi, Secretary-General of the Chinese Football Association, heads of related departments, and general managers of 16 Chinese Super League clubs attended the meeting. The meeting summarized the work of the first 25 rounds of the 2019 Chinese Super League, the work of referees, and the work of match style and discipline. At the same time, the meeting also asked the clubs to prevent some problems that may arise in the next five rounds.

After the meeting, the heads of the Super League club also went to the Tianhe Sports Center to cheer for the national team. This is also the practice of the national football team in these years. The last World Cup preliminaries and the Asian Cup knockout stage at the beginning of this year, the Super League club leaders will also come to the scene to watch the game.

Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Chinese Football Association, also arrived in Guangzhou at noon on the 10th. In the previous match against the Maldives, Chen Xuyuan did not go, but stayed in a hotel in Guangzhou for the whole world preliminaries oath. This was also to avoid putting extra pressure on the team.

Chen Xuyuan in the stands communicated with Xu Jiayin, chairman of Evergrande Group.

However, as the chairman of the Football Association, Chen Xuyuan will naturally come to the scene to supervise the game, and this is the first time he has come to watch the national football game-even before. As the leader of the preparatory team for the Football Congress, Chen Xuyuan did not inspect the two warm-up matches of the National Football Team in June.

At 20 o'clock on October 15th, the national football team will face away against the Philippines, the third opponent of the world preliminaries.

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