Losing to Syria 1:2, the national football goalkeeper 74 million hid the rumors of a Shanghai mansion. Which one really hurts the hearts of the fans?

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The Weibo account of national football goalkeeper Yan Junling was taken over by angry fans!

In the headline Weibo nicknamed "yanjunling_ YanJL" on Sina Weibo, in the normally inactive account, there are a few "Go on Yan" in the more than 700 posts below the top blog post. 'S fan greetings were overwhelmed by messages questioning the "full mansion".

It all stems from the unsurprising loss of the National Football Team on November 14.

After defeating Syria, they have already given up their first position in the group. In this defeat, in addition to Zhang Linpeng, who was self-defeating, the goalkeeper Yan Junling, who was dumbfounded in front of goal, also became a target of public criticism. The mainstream media sharply criticized the Xinhua News Agency as a short four-character "long sigh" as a distressed first. The old Mr. Nie Weiping is even more outspoken: "The National Football Team is now the'trash can' of the Chinese people. Everyone is under a lot of pressure in life. The National Football Team came out just to let everyone vent their depression. So I think Chinese football is now an additive to everyone's lives. "

At this time, a "big material" came. Netizen "Ryan Fannie wants a miracle" reported on Sina Weibo that on November 1, 2019, Chinese national football goalkeeper Yan Junling bought a luxury house on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. The details of this indistinguishable real estate purchase contract are really jaw-dropping.

According to the contract, the house is located in Huangpu District, Shanghai, with a total area of ​​458 square meters, and its price is as high as 74 million. Located in the core financial area of ​​the Bund, this is a set of "high-end projects" with large-sized units as the mainstay. The surrounding medical facilities are complete, the school has everything from elementary school to high school, and the resources are extremely rich.

As the defending champion of the Chinese Super League, SIPG has an average annual salary of RMB 16.6 million. As the team's main goalkeeper Yan Junling, although the annual salary can not be compared with big foreign aid such as Oscar and Hulk, the annual income of 10 million yuan is not uncommon. Without the ability to guard the gate, buying a house and keeping a family business is not a problem.

However, most netizens question whether the annual club income of the national footballers represented by Yan Junling matches their performance on the court? Especially after the national football game just lost to Syria, the news of "Yan Junling bought a mansion for 74 million yuan" touched the sensitive and fragile nerves of Chinese fans.

Many netizens quickly gathered under Yan Junling's Weibo, leaving a message to curse this Chinese national. A netizen on Weibo nicknamed "max not daydreaming" spit out: "More than 70 million yuan can block the goal!" And the netizen "martin0410" also expressed anger: "Huangpu River Mansion, there really is. Face"!

On November 16, the person who posted "Ryan Fanny wants a miracle" through his microblog Bobi Rumor stated that the information he released on the 15th was untrue and "caused Mr. Yan Junling's extremely negative social impact and reputation damage." Immediately, "Yan Junling's purchase of a luxury house was purely fabricated" news flooded from the media.

Although the speed of refuting the rumors is not as fast as the action of punting the ball, it is actually half of the body faster than Jack Ma’s reaction to refuting rumors when he bought a luxury mansion in Shanghai.


After accumulating enough disappointment again, Lippi, the famous "Silver Fox" in international football, chose to leave again.

After the game, Lippi decisively won the respect of most of the fans by disrespecting Chinese football. Before leaving, he said: I have such a high salary, I am responsible. Is it really only Lippi who is responsible?

This time, it was not the Syrian team that beat us, but our own players. In 76 minutes of the game, Syria’s No. 7 playerAppears on the wing to dribble the ball. There were 3 players on the Chinese team who participated in the defense, but at that time, from dribbling the ball to the opponent completing the pass, the 3 players of the Chinese team gave the opponent a space of up to 3 meters. Treat the Syrian offensive players politely.

Wang Gang of the Beijing Guoan team, worth 400,000 euros, wandered like sleepwalking in the penalty area. Li Ke, a naturalized Guoan player worth 2 million euros, and Wei Shihao, a Guangzhou Evergrande player worth 400,000 euros, strolled in the backcourt. Only Zhang Linpeng, a player of Evergrande who is worth 775,000 euros, is still working hard, but it is a pity that he shoots at his own goal.

Today’s headline user "Sports Vision" vomits: "Wang Gang is not here to retreat Resolute, not only wanting to block the pass, but also afraid that the opponent will pass the ball to the person who will mark him. Li Ke and Wei Shihao are even more leisurely and defensively, and they are very good at shouting to their opponents: "Come, come, and use all the skills." Meaning."

After the game, Lippi, the old coach worth 23 million euros, had a "Last Supper" with the national football players. During the meal, he didn't say anything to the players, just sent them a blessing, "Good luck!" But in the locker room before, the old coach angered the players. He accused the players of "no fighting spirit, like A pan of loose sand", unable to execute his deployment.


The Chinese Super League is the sixth-ranked professional football league in the world in terms of annual salary!

The total annual salary expenditure of the 16 Super League teams is 3.482 billion yuan, and the per capita annual salary of the Super League players is also close to 7.12 million yuan. The first place on the list is Guangzhou Evergrande, which is rich in wealth, with a per capita annual salary of 14.76 million yuan; Shanghai SIPG, where Yan Junling is located, is closely followed, with a per capita annual salary of 14.71 million yuan.

Although a few years ago, the real estate data of Fangge and Fangjie was no longer allowed to inquire, but Yan Junling's rumored receipt for a full purchase of 74 million yuan still allowed netizens to slap them a few times. According to the calculations of good things netizens, Yan Junling started playing in the Super League in 13 years and played for the national team in 15 years. Buying this house with the full amount of 75 million, the club's annual income is 10 million, and the six-year Super League career is 60 million. The family can still achieve the goal of buying a house with a total of 14 million.

According to the data provided in the report of the sports consulting company Sporting Intelligence, in 2018, the number of local players in the Super League exceeded 80%, and the average salary of all players reached US$1.05 million. This annual salary ranks sixth in the world, far exceeding the level of excitement of the Super League in the world's major leagues.

In addition to the players, including Lippi’s astronomical annual salary of 24 million euros, the rest The cost of recruiting foreign coaches is also quite high. From Schrappner in 1991 to Lippi this year, the money we spent on foreign teachers, even if not counting inflation, was close to 700 million yuan. And all the rewards we got were a second place in the Asian Cup and a qualifying for the World Cup.

The flowing silver watered out this flower of evil.

After a FA Cup semi-final in 1998, Wang Jianlin withdrew from the football circle because of his dissatisfaction with the black whistle of the game. Before leaving, he said, "There are a lot of dark things on the football field." Two years later, Wanda completely transferred Dalian Wanda Football Club to Dalian Shide Group.

Wanda first entered the Chinese football world in 1994 when it reorganized Dalian Football Club into "Dalian Wanda Football Club." In the year Wanda took over, the club won the first professional League A championship. But Wang Jianlin chose to abandon the land of football.

The rumors of gambling and black whistle are not just rumors. Anti-gambling in football around 2010, along with the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Director of the Foot Management Center Nan Yong, former Vice Chairman of the Chinese Football Association Yang Yimin, former Director of the Women’s Department of the Chinese Football Association Zhang Jianqiang, former National Youth Coach Jia Xiuquan, former Shaanxi Guoli, Shanxi Land Rover Club General Manager Wang Po and other "big fish" took the bait. In this anti-gambling storm, nearly 20 people involved in the case were brought out.

The energy of Chinese football seems to be rarely used on the right path.


The player's personal ability is like a weasel with a cub, one generation is not as good as one generation.

On the 15th, in the Chongqing "Dazu Rock Carving Cup" International Football Championship, the Olympic team lost 1:5 again and the Australian fans were no longer angry. Prior to the evening of September 8, the National Olympics of China had a 0:2 defeat in a warm-up match against the Olympics of Vietnam at home and had already given the fans an immunization shot.

A few years ago, Fan Zhiyi was responsible forHe said, "Going down will lose Vietnam, Thailand will lose Vietnam, and then Myanmar. Then no one will lose." General Fan Dae never dreamed that the Olympic teenagers realized his dream so quickly. .

The "Qian Jing" of Chinese football is very good. The players are full of fat horses and light fur. Naturally, it doesn't matter if they lose. It seems impossible to count on the Chinese Football Association. After this defeat, the Football Association issued a short 100-character statement expressing its apologies. However, the day after the statement was issued, the netizen "High School Language Online" on today's headline carefully discovered that five language problems could be identified in this one-hundred-word statement.

Even the "apology" is so perfunctory, it’s hard to imagine that the Football Association can serve the sad fans Do something.

Please beg Zhuye if you are not polite. Football commentator Huang Jianxiang once asked on Weibo: "In China today, what are the positive factors that are conducive to the development of football and encourage more children to want to play?" In order to attract talents; some said that they should be included in the college entrance examination and popularized in a way with Chinese characteristics; some said that they should follow the example of the Northern Dynasties and collectively allocate allotments to dig coal after losing. But almost no one mentions the two points of honor and interest.

At the two sessions in March this year, the director of the State Sports General Administration Gou Zhongwen was also anxious, "Chinese football has been hovering at a low level. We are also very anxious. The reason for this is related to the stubborn problems of our football management system. "But half a year has passed, and the national football record is still so bad. Whose fault is this?


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