The 77-year-old continues the hope of Chinese football! To bring out a better player than Wu Lei, another ten years of hard work!

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As we all know, Chinese football has fallen into an unprecedented low in recent years. In the past three years, they have not won a game against the top ten teams in Asia, and the home scene can't win against the big teams like India and Palestine. The top 40 players can't even break the goal of the Philippines in the away game. It can be said that Chinese football has fallen to Asia's third-rate, more and more teams see the hope of winning the national football, and the national football can win fewer and fewer opponents. This also makes our fans who have always supported the national football disappointed, even desperate.

But in fact, many fans who watched the game early can predict To this day, because of the big environment of fake gambling in football more than ten years ago, it directly led to a large loss of Chinese football population, and even the original Del Youth training system directly collapsed. So starting from the players born in the 90s, the players have always been sharply reduced, the number is less, and the good players are naturally fewer. So we see that starting from the players born in the 90s, the Chinese National Youth Team has never entered the top 4 of the Asian Youth Championship, and even reached the 01 National Youth Championship, and even the main match tickets for the Asian Youth Championship were not available.

It can be said that the current dilemma of the national football team was actually more than ten years ago. Foreshadowing has been laid. However, it is reasonable to say that the situation of Chinese football talents being cut off and not picking up should have been revealed long ago, but why has it really happened in the last two years? One person played a very crucial role. Because of his delinquent salary and ten years of hard work, he has cultivated a group of outstanding players and delayed the fall of the national football team for a long time. And this person is the 77-year-old coach Xu Genbao.

Xu Genbao, famous as a coach, has been Decided to withdraw from the front line. He chose to go to Chongming Island, where he founded the Genbao football base, and proposed "a sword in ten years" to build a "Chinese Manchester United". This wish of Genbao finally came true. In the 2018 season, the Shanghai SIPG team with Chongming Phase I as the team finally broke Guangzhou Evergrande’s monopoly on the Chinese Super League champions and achieved the Chinese Super League championship. Among them, the outstanding striker Wu Lei of Genbao Football School also won the top scorer and best player of the Chinese Super League with 27 goals. In recent years, a large number of Genbao disciples have entered the national team, from goalkeeper to striker, almost created a national team. Before this, his disciples also took the mvp of Middle A and the mvp of Middle B. It can be said that Xu Genbao is now full of peaches and plums.

These disciples of Genbao, help Chinese football It lasted for a few years, and also trained a forward Wu Lei who can score in La Liga for Chinese football. However, 20 years later, Xu Genbao is now a 77-year-old man. If it is an elderly person from another family, he has already retired and will be able to take care of him forever. But Xu Genbao did not, he still chose to stick to it, he also has to cultivate talents for Chinese football.

Xu Genbao said in the interview: "I am not a successful coach. It's a coach who continues to work hard. If we train players that can represent Chinese football out of Asia, it is considered a success. Now even if I train so many Chinese Super players, even if I train Wu Lei, it is not a success. Just like me When I got the Best Local Coach Award of the China Golden Globe Award in 2017, he said, “This award is an encouragement award, not the best award. I encourage me to keep working hard.” Now it’s time to keep our feet on the ground. Do something down-to-earth. I don’t decide whether to do it or not. I have to follow the trend and fortune. If I continue to do it, I may be able to produce another group of people. I will be 87 years old after another 10 years."

So now Xu Genbao devotes all his energy toHe said: "I asked our old coach Wang Zhongchun in the past two days. The children of 06 and 07 are now better than Wu Lei and Zhang Linpeng. A wave? Coach Wang said that these children are stronger. Because I was busy with the base, I started to bring Wu Lei and other players on my own in 2007, and now these children are brought up by me as a coach on the sidelines."

In fact, it can be seen that the 77-year-old man is real He loves Chinese football and is willing to put in action and effort to do something for Chinese football. Only when more people like Xu Genbao Xu appear, can Chinese football continue to hope and develop better in the future. What do you thnk? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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