Chinese football is at its most dangerous time again

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The national football team defeated Tashkent, Gao Hongbo left, the new coach will be produced before the 20th; the 97-year-old U19 national youth team will soon usher in the Asian Youth Championship , In order to compete for tickets for next year's World Youth Championship in South Korea. Chinese football seems to have reached its most dangerous time again.

The national football team is waiting for a new coach

In Tashkent on October 11, there is no excuse for the Chinese team to lose From the use of personnel to tactical play, the Uzbekistans fully exploited their weaknesses. This is a game that does not require analysis. The comparison of 2 to 19 shots reflects the huge gap between the two sides on the field.

Ren Hang, who easily lost the ball, Sun Ke who was injured for his replacement, Dewey who lost the ball because of a mistake, Jiang Zhipeng, who was replaced and replaced in a game, replaced Gu Chao and started many times. Yang Zhi from the door line rescue...This scene makes us feel the impact of employment. Gao Hongbo's insistence on his own opinion and state theory 48 hours before the game proved inappropriate.

In the most difficult time of the national football team, Gao Hongbo stepped forward and led the team to two consecutive victories to enter the top 12 competition after 15 years; before the start of the top 12 competition, it was Gao Hongbo who made a careful decision. Use the 5-3-2 formation to deal with the two big enemies; after only scoring 2 goals in four rounds, Gao Hongbo chose to leave.

People who work hard should not be cast aside if they fail, but people who work hard need to take responsibility for making mistakes. The departure of the high-level coach is a relief to himself, and it also raises the question to the next coach: Are there any more suitable players? Can there be better tactical arrangements? In five days, the new head coach of the National Football Team will be announced. Judging from such a short time as promised by the Football Association, the next term is bound to have a certain understanding of Chinese football. From the Manzano who broke out on the night of the defeat to Tashkent, to the "Li Tie + Lippi" model hyped by the media, or Fu Bo as the acting coach to complete the game against Qatar in mid-November, the range of candidates will not be particularly large. .

We hope that a coach with strong abilities and qualifications will take over. We hope that this coach has a clear understanding of the Super League and Chinese players, and that this coach has strong management skills and voice. But in the short term, Chinese football cannot be saved by a top coach. For the remaining six world preliminaries, we will not expect a six-game winning streak. We just look forward to better use of personnel and a more complete tactical system. As for the problems of the Football Association, youth training, and foreign aid dominance in the league, which many fans start to complain about every time they lose in the national football, it is difficult to see any changes in the short term.

If you support Weibo's jokes to ridicule Chinese football, if you don’t even watch the game, you open your mouth to scold the national football team if you don’t even know the players, and if you don’t think about it, you can compare the long-term impact with the short-term status quo If you mix up and talk about it, you can only say that you are not a supporter of Chinese football and you are not qualified to share the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys of Chinese football.

I never thought that we only scored 1 point in four games, and we also threw away that little bit of reverie in advance. I witnessed the last minute cheering of fans in Xi'an during the battle with Syria, and witnessed the helplessness and sadness of fans from all over the world. I have followed Chinese football for more than ten years and only enjoyed a handful of surprises. I will continue and hope to contribute my meager strength to Chinese football in the future.

The National Youth Championships ushered in the Asian Youth Championship When the fans’ focus is still on the difficult national football, China’s U19 countries The team is ready in Bahrain and is about to start the U19 Asian Youth Championship. Most of the players in this 97-year-old age group are from overseas. Although they generally play in low-level leagues, the number of games and the level of reliable training allow them to grow rapidly.

Former international Li Ming has served as the head coach of this team for more than one and a half years. The team's record is quite satisfactory. The biggest problem is that the personnel come and go too frequently. For example, starting from January this yearThe team organized a total of 7 training camps, but due to the large number of players playing overseas, the team training is rarely conducted in a neatly organized situation. Now there are only 3 players in the 23-man roster who have participated in all 7 training camps. The degree of running-in of the team and the players' understanding of the coach's intentions are facing greater challenges.

The lack of clarity in team play is also a major problem. The tactics are relatively poor, and there are often scenes of individuals fighting alone, and the core of the team has never been determined. In the Asian Youth Championship, Zhang Yuning was determined to be absent due to Waiters' unwillingness to release, and Guoan's large center Shan Huanhuan was also absent due to injury. Lin Liangming, who plays for the Real Madrid echelon, will become a key player of the opponent's attention.

The Chinese team has been away from the U20 World Youth Championship for 11 years. The goal of this campaign is to get the top four to qualify for the South Korea World Youth Championship next year. Of course, if the host South Korea is in the top four, then The fifth place in Asia is also eligible to participate.

Judging from the big roster, the team’s starting lineup has not been implemented. Many players that have been used before have been unsuccessful for various reasons. Fresh blood has been temporarily drawn this time. The team’s integrity is indeed Can't flatter me. It is almost impossible for the team's domestic players to play as substitutes in the Super League, while overseas players generally play in low-level leagues, and there are doubts about the intensity of the game.

Although Li Ming has repeatedly emphasized that the team’s goal is to enter the semi-finals, the team’s opponents Australia and Uzbekistan are even better. The Chinese team needs to win the game against Tajikistan and fight for the top two. The strong enemy strives to qualify. As far as the current team integration is concerned, it is not very optimistic. Attachment: The full list of 23 Chinese U19 national football players:

Goalkeepers: 1-Zhang Yan (Beijing Guoan), 12-Li Zheng (Gondomar Star Fund ), 22-Shi Xiaodong (Shanghai SIPG)

Defenders: 2-Wei Lai (Shanghai SIPG), 3-Wei Zhen (Shanghai SIPG), 4-Guo Tianyu (Shandong Luneng), 5-Huang Chuang (Gondomar Star Fund), 8-Deng Yubiao (Torish), 15- Yao Daogang (Gondomar Star Fund), 21-Liu Boyang (Beijing Renhe)

Midfield: 6 Cong Zhen (Shanghai Greenland Shenhua), 7-Liu Yue (Zhejiang Yiteng), 10-Zhang Yuan (Loris Athletics), 11-Lin Liangming (Real Madrid Castilla), 13-Huang Cong (Trenxin), 14-Gao Huaze (Hangzhou Greentown), 16-Feng Boxuan (Torish), 18-Hu Jinghang (Shanghai SIPG), 19-Cao Yongjing (Beijing Renhe), Zhang Hongjiang (Dalian Albin)

Forwards: 17-Yang Liyu (Gondomar Star Fund), 20-Huang Zhengyu (Guangzhou R&F), 23-Ning Weichen (Kovabi Dadi) from top to bottom The strong support of the Chinese Super League, the Chinese Super League has received widespread attention. When the overall level seems to be improving, the poor performance of the national team and the uncertain future of the national youth team make Chinese football seem to have reached the most dangerous time again. This time, compared to The past violent anger may be extremely disappointing and unspeakable.

Is it eager for the next national football coach to regroup the team, or do you expect Li Ming to make the national youth bloom on the Asian stage? When Chinese football is unable to achieve continuous success or completely turn over in a short period of time, there is a single point of stimulation and change, which is also a relief.

I am still here to support you who are most familiar.

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