This is a social thinking triggered by obscuring the number plate_ Chinese Football Association

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(Zhang Xiuwei was investigated for drunk driving in 2017)

On September 18, 2019, Tianjin Tianhai team goalkeeper Zhang Lu had a blood alcohol count of drunk driving 253.3mg/100ml, was suspected of dangerous driving and was detained by Tianjin Public Security Hedong Branch in accordance with law. On September 26, the Tianjin Hedong Court opened a trial in the case of Zhang Lu’s driving, and imposed a four-month detention in the case of Zhang Lu’s driving. On the same day, the Chinese Football Association announced the penalty decision, canceling Zhang Lu's enlistment to enter the Chinese national men's football team for 12 months. Canceled Zhang Lu's participation in a game organized by the Chinese Football Association for 12 months. Subsequently, the Chinese men's football team leader Liu Dianqiu issued a letter of apology, publicly expressing deep guilt and introspection. One sentence is thought-provoking: We will draw inferences about the Zhang Lu incident, repeatedly alert, strengthen education and guidance, strengthen system construction, establish a sense of rules, and urge every international player to truly promote the Chinese spirit and cohesive The power of China is a role model for young people.

We don’t know how the national team followed up on the vigilance education of the players and the process by analogy, but it is a real fact that Yu Hanchao did not learn the lesson. Waiting for Yu Hanchao will be detention and fines on the 15th, as well as an uncertain future. The repeated emergence of motor vehicle issues in Chinese football has also exposed some of the shortcomings of Chinese football in management. Regardless of whether it is a club or a national team, the promotion of comprehensive and strict management should not be just a slogan, it should be a practical action. At the beginning of the 2019 season, Evergrande Club issued the "Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club Players "Three Nine" Team Regulations", in which the ninth article of "Nine Expulsion" is: Anyone who violates the law or commits a crime shall be expelled.

( Zheng Zhi seems to have seen through everything)

Without the rules of Lou Zhiming and the cleverness of losing his son, he cannot form a square.

Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club is worthy of the title of Asian giants.

Public figures should cultivate correct socialist core values

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In recent years, Chinese society's actions to rectify the bad styles of public figures have won unanimous praise from the masses. From film and television entertainment to network anchors, if a public figure cannot guide the correct value orientation, it will only be a matter of time before it is blocked. As a public figure, you should first cultivate correct socialist core values. Compared with ordinary people, public figures have greater voice and influence.

In the minds of many people, public figures represent social customs, and their words and deeds affect society. To a certain extent, take the lead in demonstrating. Because of this, public figures must maintain their own social image and strive to be a vane of social value. To quote a comment from the People’s Daily: If values ​​are the beliefs deep in people’s hearts, then public figures are their expressions. Making good use of its influence is essential for cultivating and practicing the core values ​​of socialism.

The same is true in the world of football. Wu Lei’s refusal to sign the national flag has attracted many netizens. Like; the former main goalkeeper of the national football teamLiu Yunfei sticks to the community's epidemic prevention gate, and uses practical actions to do his best for the community. During the epidemic, Chinese footballers donated money and materials and conveyed the positive energy of the football world. While criticizing, we must also reflect and be vigilant. A public figure's huge value deviation is not only caused by the individual. The lack of education may be a deeper answer to this question.

"Chinese-style parents" and "Chinese-style children"

Excluding these three motor vehicle incidents, the last time there was a heated discussion in the community due to off-site events The incident is a tattoo. In March 2018, the Chinese team performed extremely poorly in the "China Cup", and was criticized by the media and fans. Subsequently, the Chinese Football Association issued a clear provision, conveying the restrictions on rectifying the tattoos of players to the national teams at all levels and at the same time notified the clubs. Today, many players have to choose to hide their tattoos to play games.

Suddenly it seems that the Chinese Football Association hopes to solve the tattoo incident, but it actually covers a lot of social problems. Now let’s put another way. Maybe you can understand this decision a little bit more.

The student Xiao Ming did not perform well at school, and his studies were always distracted. The parents were very anxious. Therefore, parents do not look pleasing to the eyes of all things Xiaoming does except learning. In the eyes of parents, the essence of students should be learning. Other behaviors that are not related to learning will inevitably cause parents' dissatisfaction. A series of restraint behaviors and actions.

It is true that this kind of one-size-fits-all behavior is slightly overkill, but it also reflects the “Chinese The helplessness of the "style parents". Chinese football is like our children. All of us are anxious if our children do not perform well, but what we should do more is to solve the problem instead of solving all problems through online violence. Everyone knows that the problem of Chinese football lies in the insufficient reserve of reserve talents. At present, some Chinese people still have many prejudices against sports and football. Perhaps this is the problem we need to face and solve. The creation of negative energy will only breed more dissatisfaction, and the growth of Chinese football in such an environment may repeat the tragedies of "Chinese-style parents" and "Chinese-style children" countless times.

The people of Qin have no time to mourn for themselves, and later generations mourn for them; later generations mourn for them but do not learn from them, which also makes future generations mourn for future generations again.

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