[South Korea vs Lebanon] Carrizo scored a header in the second half of the NBA championship ring, Gao Xiang was sent off with a red card, Zall 2-Headline

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At 10:30, Beijing time, China, the 17th round of the 2020 Super League schedule kicks off. Wuhan Zall vs. Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang . In the first half, Evra scored a goal in the back pocket after two consecutive shots, and Nahor element was injured and retired. In the second half, Carneso scored a free kick and Gao Peng was sent off with a red card. Alessandrini immediately scored a corner kick to win a point. Zall defeated Huang Hai 2-1.

In the first round of the second stage, Wuhan Zall defeated Henan Jianye 1-2 with two consecutive strikes, and Qingdao Huanghai also defeated Beijing Guoan 1-2 with a score of 1-2. The team will once again fight for promotion. At the starting level, Evra and Baptis Tangjia selected Zall's main lineup, with Hu Jinghang and Niu Junfeng playing. Alessandrini at the Yellow Sea level played, Radonizi played first, and Zou Zheng played.

In the 8th minute of the first half of the match, Wuhan Zall got rid of the predicament in the field. The right midfielder Li Xu sent a cross from the top to the bottom and Evra entered the minefield with the ball. With a buckle and a sudden, Wang Hao was knocked down at first, and then another defensive staff member was dealt with. Liu Zhenli successfully hit the goalkeeper at the close corner, and Zall led the Yellow Sea 1-0.

In the 14th minute, Zou Zheng made a pass from the left to Dong Chunyu and struck out the ball, and then Minara volleyed and failed to kick the energy and Dong Chunyu took away. In the 18th minute, right midfielder Li Xu's wing pass was saved and the minefield midfielder Hu Jinghang got the ball back and was blocked from the moral baseline. In the 21st minute, the foreign player Nahor Element of Zall fell without physical contact and was treated by team doctors. More than ten minutes later, the Nahor element fell down again, and then was carried by a stretcher out of the field, unable to persevere and was replaced by Zhou Tong.

In the 32nd minute, the Qingdao team got the opportunity. Alessandrini’s wing pass was blocked. Yin Yaji’s free kick ferry Radonizi made a free kick, and Alessandrini basketball turned and volleyed vigorously. Higher than the load-bearing beam, Huang Hai missed the opportunity. In the 33rd minute, the wing passed to the minefield tomorrow, and Hu Jinghang got the ball back and stole the ball and was saved. In the 35th minute, Niu Junfeng got a yellow plate for an offensive foul. In the 40th minute, the right side of the penalty area got the ball back tomorrow, Hu Jinghang passed from the side, Zhou Tong attacked the goal and blocked the goal. In the 42nd minute, Zall free kicked Baptistan free kick ferry, Evra nodded and shook his head and missed the pole. After 2 minutes of stoppage time, Zall led the Yellow Sea 1-0 temporarily.

In the second half, in the 46th minute, Yin Yaji passed the ball into the minefield, and Radonic ferryed it. Alessandrini followed a small angle and hit the goal. Dong Chunyu put the ball in the minefield. The ball missed. In the 54th minute, Baptistan got a yellow plate for an offensive foul. In the 55th minute, Evra's promotion was brought down by Liu Yun. Zall got the opportunity of a corner kick in the minefield. Liu Yun passed into the minefield and Carneso scored a free kick. Liu Zhenli did not make any response. Zall 2-0 Qingdao City.

In the 63rd minute, Gao Peng would light up his studs when stealing the ball and immediately kicked Zhou Tong's ankle, and the referee immediately provided a red card. In the 70th minute, Baptistan immediately drew a

nba championship ring before pushing the minefield and hit Dong Xuesheng. In the 72nd minute, Zhu Jianrong turned his back to protect the ball and was knocked over by Carneso. Huang Hai got a free kick opportunity. Alessandrini immediately scored a corner kick and Huang Hai 1-2 Zall pulled back one city.

In the 73rd minute, Li Xu's midfielder got a yellow license for an offensive foul. In the 83rd minute, Zall's pass from the right side of the penalty area was pushed out by the defensive football player. Liu Yun intercepted the ball and was blocked from the moral bottom line without anyone watching. Zall missed a good time to score. In the 89th minute, Zall grabbed a rebound. Dong Xuesheng broke into the minefield and intercepted the ball from a small angle, but was saved by the defending footballer. The injury time was five minutes. In the 93rd minute, Popovich dribbled the ball forward to the minefield, and Zhu Jianrong intercepted the ball. At the end of the whole match, Zall defeated Huang Hai 2-1.

The first goal: Wuhan Zall: In the 8th minute, Evra got out of the predicament;

The second goal:Wuhan Zall: In the 65th minute, Carneso scored a free kick;

The third goal: Qingdao Huanghai: In the 72nd minute, Alexandrini scored a corner kick.

Huang Hai starts: 7-Gao Peng (63 minutes)

Wuhan Zall: 24-Niu Junfeng (34 minutes), 10-Baptistang (54 minutes), 3-Li Xu (74 minutes)

Qingdao Huanghai: 24-Radonic (24 minutes)

Wuhan City starter: 16-Dong Chunyu, 3-Li Xu , 10-Baptistan, 15-Tomorrow, 17-Evra (67'31-Dong Xuesheng), 19-Hu Jinghang (U23), 22-Liao Junjian, 24-Niu Junfeng, 25-Nahor Element (30' 11-Zhou Tong), 26-Liu Yun, 30-Caneso (86'5-Han Pengfei)

Non-played substitutes: 23-Sun Shoubo, 4-Ai Zhibo, 6-Li Chao , 7-Luo Yi, 8-Yao Hanlin, 21-Jiang Zilei (U23), 29-Zhang Chenglin, 32-Martins, 39-Cong Zhen (U23)

Qingdao City first mover: 22-Liu Zhenli , 2-Jiang Weipeng, 4-Yin Yaji, 7-Gao Peng, 10-Alessandrini, 14-Wang Hao, 19-Minara, 24-Radonic (61'27-Zhu Jianrong), 25-Zou Zheng( 73'21-Zhang Yong), 26-Wu Mikhailovich, 30-Mahmet Abdullah-Azmet (U23) (46'17-Zhou Junchen (U23)) (83'58- Fang Xinfeng (U23))

Non-playing substitutes: 18-Zhao Shi, 11-Bali, 20-Wang Fei, 29-Ruan Zhexiang, 33-Shi Zhe, 37-Yao Heshan, 40-Popovich, 50-Liu Haochen (U23)



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