Lippi talks about Chinese football again: the level has fallen for 20 years, the salary of coaches has shrunk, and the great stars are reluctant to go

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According to a report by the famous football magazine "goal", not long ago, three famous Italian coaches had a meeting at the Modern di Fusignano Theater in Fusignano. Coaching career, and one of them is an old friend who can be called a Chinese, he is the "Silver Fox" Lippi who has coached in China for a long time.

In 2012, Lippi became associated with China for the first time. At that time, the energetic Guangzhou Evergrande contracted with a sky-high price. The Silver Fox, who had been idle for two years, was brought to the Super League, and for the first time a world-class coach appeared in Chinese football. Lippi also repaid the club's trust with his outstanding record. In the two and a half years leading the team, Lippi led the Evergrande team to 3 Super League championships, 1 FA Cup championship and 1 AFC Champions League! At the end of 2016, Lippi returned to China, this time he was ordered to take over the coach of the Chinese national team. In the subsequent 6 top 12 matches, he led the Chinese team to achieve 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, once allowing the national football team to see the hope of reaching the World Cup! Unfortunately, due to the fact that the first 4 rounds of digging were too big, the Chinese team eventually missed the play-offs by 1 point and failed to create a miracle. After that, Lippi resigned and took up his post. After losing to Syria in the top 40 game, the frustrated Lippi resigned for the second time. The fate between him and Chinese football came to an end.

Although it has been two years since leaving China, the Italian coach still seems to be very concerned about Chinese football. During the three-person meeting, Lippi said: "The current Chinese football seems to have gone back 20 years ago. Everything there has shrunk, including the salary of the head coach. Many great stars are reluctant to go anymore." /p>

Although Lippi's remarks are true, they also show that he does not seem to understand the current situation of Chinese football. Affected by the epidemic and various factors, the gold owners behind the Chinese Super League teams have more or less encountered some difficulties in their operations. In the case of corporate losses, they can naturally no longer inject large amounts of capital into the club. The team’s signings As well as the selection of coaches, it is bound to be greatly affected.

In addition, in order to wipe out the "bubble" in the league, the Chinese Football Association has issued two versions of the "salary limit order". The salaries of local players and foreign players are strictly controlled within a certain range. In addition, the Football Association has also imposed some restrictions on the signings of various clubs and season investment. The era of tens of millions of euros in signings and annual salary of hundreds of millions of dollars is gone forever. Affected by this, a wave of top foreign players such as Paulinho, Hulk, Talisca, Teixeira, etc., have left the Super League. After all, their original intention to play in the Super League is to make money. Now "money" The road has been blocked, and there is no point in staying.

Although these measures will temporarily affect the level of competition and viewing of the league, from a long-term perspective, a If the professional league wants to operate stably for a long time, financial health is undoubtedly the top priority, so we should agree with the decision of the Football Association. However, the consequence is that for a long period of time in the future, there will probably be no more coaches and foreign aids like Lippi in Chinese football. At least the Chinese league, as Lippi said, has returned to the level of 20 years ago.

I don’t know when will the "spring" of Chinese football come?

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