7. The defeat of the AFC will tear off the fig leaf of the Chinese football youth training

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In the 2021 AFC Champions League, due to the new crown epidemic and the World Preliminaries, the AFC Champions League start time conflicts with the Chinese Super League schedule. As a result, the AFC Champions League participating teams of the Chinese Super League can only send young players from the team. Going to the AFC Champions League. The performance of Beijing Guoan, Guangzhou team and Shanghai Haigang in the AFC Champions League can only be described as a rout.

First Shanghai Haigang faced the Philippine team Kaya in the AFC qualifier. , The audience actually did not have a shot, and was humiliated out.

The total worth of the young players of the Guangzhou team for the AFC Champions League is only 250,000 euros, but in In the three group matches that have ended, the Guangzhou team has lost all three games, conceded 6 goals without scoring 1 goal, and only scored 2 goals per game in the 3 games, creating the worst start for the Guangzhou team to participate in the AFC Champions League. In the first half of the Guangzhou team's Hong Kong Jiezhi's game, the Guangzhou team had only 26% of the ball possession and 0 shots in the half.

Beijing Guoan's first match against United City FC in the Philippines, teenager Liang Shaowen scored a wonderful free ball The ball scored, and at 19 years and 14 days, he became the first post-00 player of the Chinese Super League to score in the AFC Champions League. However, in the second round, they faced a 0-7 defeat against the Japanese J-League overlord Kawasaki Frontale.

The defeat of the Chinese Super League team in the AFC cannot simply make excuses that the players are too Young and inexperienced, most of the players on the three teams are 18 to 19 years old. Players of this age group, some players in the Euroleague have been able to play the full game and decide the direction of the game,

Not to mention, taking neighboring Japan as an example, Kubo Jianying, known as "Little Messi" in Japan, is only 18 years old and has already played many games in La Liga. In the 2018 U23 Asian Cup, the Japanese team played a big game with U19 players in the U23 Asian Cup, and finally lost to Uzbekistan in the final.

Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing are the teams that have done well in the Chinese Super League. However, the players who went to the AFC Champions League have no physical confrontation, dare not confront, and have no fighting spirit. It is normal to play against the adult team, but the basic skills of passing the ball in the game are not in place, the body is thin, and the ball possession rate is less than 30%. The most important thing is that there is no technical and tactical content at all. This kind of performance makes the fans completely give up on China's youth training.

On the occasion of the draw for the top 12 of the national football preliminaries, I saw the Chinese football youth training The rout made fans worry, even if this national football team rushes into the World Cup, there is no systematic youth training, no football future, and no football talents constantly pouring out. The phenomenon of chicken feathers in the latter place will likely be repeated.

I hope that the senior management of the Football Association and the chairman of the Football Association Chen Xuyuan can see the crux of Chinese football in time, and then Learn from the Japanese football youth training and do a good job in the youth training of Chinese football, so that there is hope for the future of Chinese football!


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