2021 Uruguay national football team squad-Uruguay announced the 23-man squad: Salah Jimenez in the defense

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On June 2, Beijing time, Uruguay announced the 23-man roster for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Suarez and Cavani led the latest national football team lineup, and Godin and Jimenez were in the defense.

At 20:00 on June 15th, Beijing time, the group of the top 32 of the 2018 Russia World Cup: Uruguay will first compete with Egypt, which belongs to Group A, but the latter’s star Salah is injured due to injury. The battle was suspicious. On June 20 and 25, Uruguay will play against Saudi Arabia and host Russia respectively.

The 23-man roster for the 2018 Uruguay World Cup:

Goalkeepers: Mouslera (Galatasaray), M-Silva (Vasco da Gama), Campa (Argentina independence)

Defenders: Godin (Atletico Madrid), Coates (Portuguese Sports), Jimenez (Atletico Madrid), Pereira (Porto), Gaston Silva (Argentina independence), Cáceres (Lazio), Varela (Penarol)

Midfielder: N-Nandez (Boca Juniors), Torreira (Sampdoli Asia), Vecino (Inter Milan), Bentancur (Juventus), Carlos Sanchez (Monterrey), C-Rodriguez (Penarrol), Alasketa (Cru Cerro), Laxalt (Seattle Gulfers), Uretavskaya (Monterey)

Forwards: Stujani (Girona), Maxi Gomez (Celta), Cavani (Paris Saint-Germain), Suarez (Barcelona)

Uruguay's main lineup forecast:

Forecast of Uruguay’s main lineup:

Goalkeeper: Mouslera

Defenders (from left to right): Cáceres, Jimenez, Godin, Maxi Pereira

Midfielder (from left to right): C-Rodriguez, Bentancur, Vecino, Nandes

Forwards (from left to right): Suarez, Cavani

Uruguayan group schedule" "2018 Russia World Cup full schedule time

June 15th at 20:00 Egypt vs. Uruguay

June 20, 23:00 Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia

June 25, 22: 00 Uruguay vs Russia

The list of the same group of national teams in the group stage:

Uruguay world history record

World ranking: 17

Best record in World Cup history: Champion (1930, 1950)

The team participated in the 13th World Cup

Last World Cup result: Round of 16

The first record of the last five World Cups: Uruguay 1:1 Federal Germany in 1986, Spain 0:0 Uruguay in 1990, Uruguay 1:2 Denmark in 2002, France 0:0 Uruguay in 2010, Uruguay 1:3 Costa Rica in 2014

History of Uruguay World Cup Qualifiers

(Uruguay World Cup qualifiers schedule and results)

History of the Uruguay team and the group opponents

Russia VS Uruguay

There have been 8 games in history. The Russian team has 5 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. The Russian team has the advantage, scoring 14 goals and conceding 5 goals. The two teams have fought 2 games in World Cup history. ball. The two teams have fought 6 games in friendly matches. The Russian team has 4 wins and 2 draws to maintain an unbeaten record and occupy an absolute advantage, scoring 12 goals and conceding 3 goals.

sandSpecial team VS Uruguay

The two teams have fought 2 games in history. The Saudi team has 1 win and 1 tie, maintaining the same record and dominating, scoring 4 goals and conceding 3 goals;

Egypt Team VS Uruguay

The two teams have fought once in history. The Egyptian team only lost to Uruguay 0-2 in a friendly match in August 2006.

This World Cup can be described as the last pinnacle of Suarez’s golden generation. In this World Cup draw, the team was assigned the easiest group. There won’t be much problem in qualifying for the group, but it’s done. The relatively weak team is not all good. In recent years, Uruguay has performed poorly in the strong dialogue. Even if Italy missed the World Cup, it lost 0-3. Even if it faced the second-tier European teams, Czech Republic and Wales, it was both small. Win. Uruguay, which lacks group stage training by then, will be extremely dangerous to face the strong team in the knockout stage.

More World Cup match schedule information:


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