2021 Korea K-League standings complete ranking list

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Complete ranking list of the 2021 Korea K-League standings

The K-League has always been loved by fans. Now the official has announced the start time of the 2021 K-League, which will be ushered in on February 27. In the opening match, Jeonbuk Hyundai and Seoul FC were faced by both sides. I believe that many fans are very concerned about the ranking of their home team in the standings. Sports will bring you the latest league standings. The following is the latest standings of the 2021 Korea K-League standings.

The Korean Professional Football League’s board of directors of the 2021 Korean K-League on April 24 determined that under the current circumstances, the opening day of the K-League is May 8, and the opening match is Jeonbuk. Hyundai’s pair

Suwon Samsung, but the specific schedule has not yet been determined, and Daegu and Gyeongbuk, the most severely affected areas, will not start the season. Arrange home games. The schedule of the K-League this season may shrink significantly, and it is expected that the K-League will modify the schedule. At present, the Korean media believes that the schedule is changed to a double loop and 5 playoff games, a total of 27 rounds is reasonable, reducing the 11 rounds of league delayed due to the epidemic. Scoreboard: (click to view the full scores)

Review of the 2020 Korean K-League scoreboard:

Gwangju FC, which was promoted to the K-League as a champion and conceded a goal and conceded, will definitely make every effort in the first season. The fighting spirit cannot be underestimated. In Korea’s K League last season, Gwangju FC performed extremely well. 36 league rounds had a record of 21 wins, 10 draws and 5 losses. Only one defeat came from the home court. The unbeaten ability at home is quite excellent, and both offensive and defensive ends are at home. Both have better performance. As for the Seongnam Football Club, the results have not been satisfactory in recent years. Last season, the K-League only ranked 4th from the bottom in the standings with 10 wins, 8 draws and 15 losses, and was able to stay in the relegation playoffs. Offensive weakness is the goal of this team. Last season, there were only 25 goals in the 33 rounds of the league last season, making it the weakest in the league. However, the team's defensive end is still commendable and its defensive ability ranks in the forefront. The goal difference per goal scored on the court is 1 Ulsan Hyundai 22155245153020.7502 Jeonbuk Hyundai 2215343819191.70.9483 Pohang Steel 22 believes that for Chinese fans, the delay of many Serie A games will not be unfamiliar. After all, it is now domestic In the Chinese Super League, the first 6 rounds of matches have been clearly postponed. In addition, the Korean K-League, which is close to us, has also been confirmed. Some games will be postponed, and it may even affect the normal holding of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But even if they are psychologically prepared, when Serie A fans know that the epidemic has spread to Serie A, they are still a little worried, because this shows that European football has also been affected by the epidemic. 11564128131.91.3384 Sangju Sangmu 221156292721.31.2385 There is also event development. Now all events may be relatively pure commercial competitions. This is the characteristics of e-sports itself derived from the commercial body, but the development of e-sports in the future will definitely need more The display of multi-platform, the increase of business events in more segmented fields. Take European football matches as an example. Each country has its own league, but e-sports

can’t do it yet. For example, League of Legends, the whole of Europe may be a region, in Asia it is impossible to have one region in China and one region in South Korea. These are already the two most developed regions for e-sports. So now for the overall e-sports, although the traffic behind it is very large, I personally feel that the development of the current overall event system is relatively simple, so this is also relatively limited for the sponsorship system. Daegu FC22877363151.61.4316 Gwangju Citizen 226792832-41.31.5257 FC Seoul 2274111937-180.91.7258 FC Gangwon 2266102736-91.21.6249 Seongnam FC2257101926-70.91.22210 Suwon Samsung 2256112026-60.91.22111 Busan idol 224992 Affected by the new crown epidemic, Asian sports events have been severely affected as a whole. On the afternoon of February 27, the AFC officially announced that the Olympic qualifying matches of the Chinese women's football and the Korean women's football have been postponed. In addition, the AFC Champions League has also been postponed generally. 131-10

11.42112 Incheon United, in view of the fact that the extraordinary period is not over yet, the Korean Football Association and the professional league have issued many escort regulations while determining the return of the league. : For example, spitting by players will be prohibited, and handshake and high-five before and after the game will also be cancelled. 2246121530-150.71.418


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