Powerful! Analysis of the strength of France in the 2021 European Cup _ World Cup

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Original title: Powerful! Analysis of France's strength in the 2021 European Cup

After the sudden rise of the French team in Russia's 2018 FIFA World Cup, even if a powerful enemy wins the World Cup, it has once again witnessed a powerful team. France is one of the favorites to win this European Cup. When winning the World Cup goalkeeper and captain Lori, central defender Varane, bilateral defenders Lucas Hernandez and Pawar, core midfielder Pogba, defender Titan Kanter, striker Trident Griezmann , Mbappe and Giroud are still the French team, the French team still retains the home team. Member of the national team.

In recent years, the French team has been so talented and the talent pool has made the European team envious. Kim Pompeii, Zuma, Upamecano and Langley competed for three central defenders. Dini performed well at Everton, while Real Madrid's new favorite Flander Mendy competed for the left-back position. Juventus's fierce player Rabiot was at the same level as coach Deschamps because he refused to participate in the World Cup waiting list. After returning, he gradually became an indispensable member of the national team. On the front line, Wushu, Kingsley Koman and Benjad will compete fiercely in a few places. It can be said that the French team's substitute lineup can reach the European Cup.

As the distance of the European Cup is getting closer, the main lineup of the French team during the European Cup has long been revealed. Because according to the analysis of "French Football", there is no doubt that the appearance of 12 players means that the French team will participate in the European Cup. The 12 players are Lori, Lucas-Hernandez, Umtiti and Gimpen. Gulf, Varane, Kanter, Lacazette, Dybala, Koman, Manzukic, Griezmann and Menion.

The French team is really scary. After all, compared with the main force of the European Cup, the French team has once again been promoted to the main force of the football team. Now, with the addition of two superstars Kim Pompeii and Umtiti, the French team has become even stronger.

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