The full version of the European Cup 2020 Group F schedule, France, Germany, Portugal, three teams fighting

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The full version of the 2020 European Cup Group F schedule

With the end of the European Cup qualifiers, the 2020 European Cup draw ceremony Followed by. At the beginning of December, did UEFA conduct the European Cup draw ceremony. Among them, F is formed as a real death group. The group includes 18 World Cup champion France, 14 World Cup champion Germany, 16 European Cup champion Portugal, and play-off A. Group or Group D teams. France, Germany, and Portugal will fight each other for qualifying, and then the editor will bring you the specific schedule of Group F.

The schedule of Group F is as follows: (

Live broadcast address)

Match time




Location6.15 FPoD(A)—Budapest, Portugal 6.15 F France—Munich, Germany 6.19FPoD(A)—Budapest, France 6.19F Portugal—Munich, Germany 6.23F Portugal— Budapest, France, 6.23F, Germany—PoD(A)Munich

According to the rules of the European Cup, the second in each group plus the third of the four best-performing groups will qualify. Which two teams in Group F can qualify directly is also a big thing. Fans and friends are more optimistic about which two teams will directly qualify for the qualifying?

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European Cup 2020

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