Lyon continues to lead with 6 consecutive victories, Evergrande's former Ligue 1 cap

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Netease Sports reported on January 19:

In the early morning of January 19, Beijing time, all 10 matches in the 21st round of Ligue 1 ended. Lyon continued its winning streak and led by 1 point. Rising star Lacazette scored 7 consecutive games; Marseille and Paris also returned to victory track, ranking second and third respectively; Montpellier's former Evergrande player Barrios staged a hat-trick.

Bordeaux 1-2 Nice

In the 33rd minute, Hasen brought Bailey down in the penalty area, Nice was sentenced to death, Roland hit a penalty kick, 1- 0; In the 66th minute, Amavi unloaded the ball with his header, turned and volleyed and scored 1-1; in the 90th minute, Botea made a low pass from the right, and Plea made a shot with his left foot, 1-2. Bordeaux won 4 rounds, 1 draw and 3 losses, falling to 7th; Nice had two consecutive victories and rose to 10th.

Lens 0-2 Lyon

In the 21st minute, Lens young player Gerbaming gave an oolong gift, 0-1; 5 minutes later, Lang Sri Lanka's defense made a mistake again. Sheila made a handball in the penalty area and Lacaze made a special ball. He scored in 7 consecutive games and scored 11 goals in total. Lens lost two games in a row and still ranked second in the standings; Lyon continued to lead the standings with 6 consecutive victories.

Monaco 1-0 Nantes

In the 73rd minute, Fabinho cut into the penalty area from the right to shoot, and Leo crossed the ball to block the ball. , Bernardo Silva scored a supplementary shot, 1-0. Monaco has been unbeaten in the past seven rounds and won six and is firmly in fifth place; Nantes has lost two rounds and dropped to eighth.

Caen 4-1 Reims

In the 3rd minute, Reims defender Roberge gave an oolong gift, 1-0; in the 8th minute, Privat shot at close range to play the opponent's goalkeeper, 2-0; in the 27th minute, Chabonier scored a point from a penalty kick, 2-1; in the 29th minute, Nanji made a free kick and Priva outflanked the goal. Blocked, Yaxia followed up and scored 3-1; in the 76th minute, Koita's penalty kicked the score to lock the score, 4-1. Although Caen was still at the bottom, but with this victory, the difference with the penultimate was reduced to 1 point, and at the same time given to Lance two consecutive defeats, Lance fell to 11th.

Lorient 1-0 Lille

In the 59th minute, Otley made a cross from the right, causing chaos in the opponent's penalty area, allowing No and Otto Ray's two shots were blocked by the defender, and Guerrero made a strong shot from the far post, 1-0. Lorient ended his two losing streak and was temporarily ranked 14th; Lille was ranked 12th.

Metz 2-3 Saint-Etienne

In the 17th minute, Barrios scored the first penalty for the away team; 3 minutes later, Engel Bakoto's penalty kicked back, 1-1; in the 38th minute, Boothman took advantage of a corner kick to score the goal, 2-1; in the 53rd minute, Dubbo tore through the defense of Metz and Barrios right footed A rub shot scored to help Montpellier equalize, 2-2; in the 69th minute, Barrios wore a cap, Sanson's long shot was blocked, Barrios followed up with a supplementary shot, 2-3, Montpellier finally win. Metz was unbeaten in 10 rounds and still ranked 4th from the bottom, sharing the same points as Evian, who was 3rd from the bottom; Montpellier was unbeaten in 5 rounds, winning two games in a row and rising to 6th.

Toulouse 1-1 Bastia

In the 48th minute, Toulouse goalkeeper Ahmad Oolong gave a gift, 0 -1; In the 77th minute, Brethwaite, who had just debuted on the field, made a steal from the front and scored 1-1 with a low shot from 20 yards. Toulouse lost five rounds and fell to 16th; Bastia scored with the same score, but ranked 15th with a goal difference.

Rennes 0-0 Saint-Etienne

Rennes tied for two straight, temporarily ranked 9th; Saint-Etienne ended two consecutive victories, Dropped to fourth place.

Marseille 2-1 Guingamp

In the 84th minute, Le Mina headed for the first goal, 1-0; in the 89th minute , Payette free kick inIn the penalty area, Gignac scored a header, 2-0; in the 92nd minute, Bove scored a penalty kick back, 2-1. Marseille is still second in Ligue 1, 1 point behind Lyon; just now it was ranked 13th.

Paris Saint-Germain 4-2 Evian


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